Treatment of acute and chronic bursitis folk remedies

Treatment of all forms of bursitis folk remedies

Frequent injury of major joint infection or inflammation leads to the accumulation of excessive amounts of exudate.

This disease is termed as bursitis, it is expressed by pain, limitation of motion, swelling above the joint.

The disease may be acute and chronic, treatment uses the therapeutic and surgical methods of treatment.

Methods of treatment of the disease

The main goal of treating bursitis is the elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and return the joints of the physiological mobility. In the treatment of the disease, it is important to follow a few steps:

  • the affected joint is necessary to ensure the peace, for which, apply bandages, in some cases a plaster splint;
  • if the bursitis is caused by an infection, then prescribe a course of antibiotics;
  • pain relief is achieved by taking pills or by injection into the joint of corticosteroids with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties;
  • physiotherapeutic methods are resolving, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • physiotherapy and massage is prescribed to restore the mobility of the joint;
  • in chronic course of bursitis in the joint cavity inevitably accumulate calcium deposits to remove them suggested surgery.

Bursitis treatment of folk remedies should always be combined with a course of treatment prescribed by the doctor. Use only the people’s way, it could lead to the intensification of all symptoms.

External and internal medicines prepared from the herbs and ingredients you must use and those with bursitis turned into a chronic form, it helps to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Forms and types of disease

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The disease is subdivided according to their localization and clinical pattern. On localization distinguish bursitis:

  • shoulder joint;
  • arthroplasty of the elbow;
  • hip joint;
  • of the knee joint;
  • ankle (Achilles bursitis, heel bursitis).

In the course of illness bursitis is divided into acute and chronic

  1. Acute bursitis begins suddenly with sharp pain in the projection of the affected joint. Over the area of inflammation, you may notice a swelling of tissues and redness.
  2. In the chronic form of the disease the pain is much weaker, but it is a constant nagging. The skin over the joint is sealed, on the radiograph visible calcium deposits.

Treatment depends not only on the form of the disease, but also on the precipitating cause.

Bursitis treatment of folk remedies

Folk methods of treatment refer to ancillary therapies, that is, they alone will not be able to completely eliminate the disease, but can have a positive impact on General health of the patient.

The use of traditional medicine allows to achieve the following results:

  • reduction of pain in the inflamed joint;
  • reduce inflammatory reaction;
  • the General boost immunity;
  • preventing transition from acute to chronic bursitis.
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In order to reduce all of the symptoms of the disease must always traditional medicine to combine with the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor after diagnosis.

Independent selection of treatment method can lead to serious complication, because inflammation in the joint may not be bursitis, and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Best recipes

For the treatment of bursitis using external tools – compresses, ointments, solutions for rubbing and internal concoctions of herbs to relieve inflammation and improve the condition of the joint:

  1. The use of cabbage will help with any localization of bursitis. Sheet from fresh cabbage you need to release from the dense lived and beat with a rolling pin until the juice. The diseased joint is lubricated with vegetable oil, after which it is applied on top of the prepared sheet. Top is fixed with polyethylene and warm woolen bandage. To change the sheet to a new one every four hours, a few days of treatment puffiness disappears and are in pain.
  2. Warm it in the oven Cup of sugar and pour it in the fabric pouch. Hot pouch to be fixed on the joint, it is best to do in evening hours, i.e. overnight.
  3. Bath with pine extract. For its preparation you will need needles, twigs and cones from trees, they pour cold water, boil and infuse for about 12 hours. For the whole bath will need to brew half a kilogram of twigs and needles. If you make a separate bath for hands and feet, enough 300 grams. The water temperature should be warm, and the time spent in the bathroom for about 20 minutes.
  4. Along with the General treatment you need to drink herbal anti-inflammatory herbs – burdock, yarrow, St. John’s wort. One to two tablespoons of raw pour boiling water, leave for half an hour, strain and dilute with boiled water in the ratio 1:1. Infusion drink half a Cup 3 times a day for two weeks. These infusions can be prepared compresses.

Treatment using these recipes helps with all forms of illness from bursitis to the heel bursitis of the elbow.

Bursitis of the heel

Treatment of heel bursitis involves the use of these recipes:

  1. To eliminate the symptoms of bursitis of the heel helps the foot bath prepared with hay dust. This will need to brew four to a handful of fresh hay dust 3-5 liters of water, after insisting for half an hour in the solution to immerse the affected leg. The temperature of the bath should be 37 degrees, the diseased joint should be covered with water, exposure time 15 minutes. From the hot hay dust, you can prepare and compress.
  2. Flax seeds must be well heated and folded in the linen bag. Warm compress is fixed to the area of inflammation and leave for a few hours.
  3. With very strong pain helps to ease the pain ice is applied to the heel in the bottle or package. Keep the ice compress, do not need more than 40 minutes.
  4. You need to chop the leaves from the plant Golden mustache. Shredded leaves will need one spoon, they poured a glass of water and boil for approximately 8 minutes. Then the liquid is infused for at least one hour, to use it for lotions. Gauze moistened in broth and applied to the heel is applied on top of the polyethylene and then put on woolen socks.
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Calcaneal bursitis responds well to treatment with folk remedies.

Recipes for the elbow form of the disease

Elbow bursitis more severe disease and its treatment of folk remedies occurs by other methods:

  1. You will need a tablespoon of grated soap, melted teaspoon of honey, a spoonful of chopped onions. All components are mixed and then placed on the fabric, and then tie at the elbow joint with polyethylene and insulated dressing. The compress is kept on the elbow three to four hours, applying it twice a day, total treatment one week.
  2. Propolis in an amount of 15 grams, you need to mix with 100 grams of unsalted butter. Cooked eat inside one teaspoon three to four times per day.
  3. To the inflamed elbow joint need to fix fresh leaves from the lilac Bush. The leaves change every six hours.

If disease struck the knee

Recipes for the treatment of knee bursitis:

  1. Three fleshy leaf from the aloe and three horse chestnut need a good chop and pour a bottle of pharmacy of bile and half a liter of alcohol. The prepared composition is infused for weeks and then used as a compress.
  2. Celery seeds at the rate of one teaspoon per Cup of boiling water, brewed and infused. Cup of infusion is distributed into two doses per day, the total course of treatment is two weeks. A decoction of celery has anti-inflammatory properties, well eliminates infection.
  3. One hundred grams of Indian onions it is necessary to insist during the week on the floor of liter of vodka. The prepared liquid is used for grinding in the knee joint.

If the affected hip joint

Treatment of hip bursitis folk remedies suggests these methods:

  1. Need to grind the dry herb St. John’s wort and yarrow, after which the mixture is mixed with ordinary petroleum jelly. The prepared ointment is rubbed into the hip joint.
  2. To prepare the cake of powdered sugar, rye flour and honey. Pellet fixing to the hip joint at night, after removing the skin is wiped with cider vinegar.

The best recipes for treatment of shoulder bursitis

Use these recipes and methods:

  1. To the affected joint is recommended to apply a compress made from honey, juice from the aloe leaf and good vodka. All the ingredients are mixed in the ratio of 2:1:3, the compress can be kept on the joint for more than one hour.
  2. Leaves plant Kalanchoe need to disrupt and freeze. For one procedure, you will need 5 leaves, beat them with a rolling pin and apply to the area of the patient’s shoulder. On top of the plant is fixed with a woolen scarf. The course of treatment lasts for 7 days.
  3. Useful to drink with bursitis the grapefruit juice half a Cup twice a day.
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In the acute stage of the disease

The acute phase of the disease manifests with sharp pain, swelling, restriction of mobility in the joint.

In order to prevent increased pain and inflammation of the joints is necessary to ensure peace. The elbow is fixed on the scarf or get a special bandage. You can purchase a pressure bandage on the knee and the shoulder joint.

When bursitis of the ankle is frequently used plaster Longuet, its imposition in the first few days allows you to completely offload the foot.

Acute bursitis should be treated in accordance with his course of medical drugs. Traditional recipes are used only as helper methods.

The treatment of the disease in the chronic stage

Chronic bursitis occurs with periods of remission and exacerbation.

Folk methods of treatment help to prevent inflammation, reduce pain. If chronic form of the disease causes a lot of unpleasant symptoms, the decision about surgical intervention.

The danger of self-medication

Any inflammation of the joints should be treated under the guidance of a doctor, and bursitis is no exception.

Cause of bursitis may be external or internal infection and if you do not use drugs, it can lead to abscesses, purulent arthritis, lymphadenitis, and dissemination of microorganisms through the blood throughout the body.

Specific treatment is used, and if the bursitis is due to trauma.

Full recovery of the joint capsule and the absence of transition of the disease into the chronic stage depends on early detection of the disease and assign timely treatment. Therefore, any functional disturbance in the joint, you need to consult a doctor.

The disease can be treated with folk ways and in many cases this treatment leads to positive results. But before using «grandmother’s recipes» it is necessary to accurately establish the diagnosis, determine the cause and consult a doctor.

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