Treatment of bursitis of the knee joint folk remedies

Лечение бурсита коленного сустава народными средствами

In the diseased joint periarticular bag increased in size and inflamed

Often the result of trauma or heavy physical exertion synovium of the knee joints starts to produce excessive amount of synovial fluid. This is a protective reaction of the body which helps to relieve joint strain and minimize the negative impact of traumatic factor. However, at some point, the synovial fluid becomes so much that it is not processed by the body and begins to accumulate in the cavities of the synovial membrane that leads to bursitis.

Bursitis is a disease arising from inflammation of the joint capsule. Bursitis of the knee manifested by swelling and severe pain in the knee. Traditional medicine offers many simple, but very effective ways to treat bursitis of the knee by various means.

Use cabbage leaves to treat bursitis

The first thing to mention about the treatment of bursitis of the knee joint folk remedies, it’s about the wonderful healing properties possessed by the cabbage. Its leaves allow you to quickly and effectively relieve pain and inflammation in the knees. To make a cabbage poultice, take 1-2 cabbage leaf and with a knife remove all the big veins running down the middle of the leaves.

Then slightly potrivite cabbage leaves with a small hammer or the back of a knife, so they gave the juice. This is very important because cabbage juice has a strong healing effect that can help you beat bursitis of the knee. Now repulsed wrap with cabbage leaves diseased joint from all sides, and then carefully secure the compress with an elastic bandage or a regular.

Further, it is necessary carefully to insulate the patient’s joint. With this purpose wind knee warm towel or natural cotton cloth. If you suffer from bursitis the small joints of upper or lower limbs, then put on the affected leg or arm woolen socks or warm mittens.

With poultices of cabbage leaves to treat bursitis of the knee or elbow joints. For best effect cabbage compress should be worn all the time, changing old leaves for new every 4-5 hours for one week. During this time, the disease usually disappears.

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How to apply a decoction of burdock root

Лечение бурсита коленного сустава народными средствами

Treatment burdock root

We all know the kind of grass like a ordinary mug, because this plant is in a large number grows in almost all expanses of our country. However, despite this, the mug is a very valuable medicinal plant which is widely used in folk medicine. Particularly strong healing properties is the root of this plant, which is simply irreplaceable in the treatment of bursitis.

Decoction of burdock root make a very effective compress. They must be regularly used to relieve the discomfort in the diseased joint. Packs of this medicinal plant have strong anti-inflammatory effect.

This recipe is especially well suited for the treatment running acute bursitis when there is a risk of its transition into the chronic form. To prevent this, take the chopped burdock root, pour clean cold water in the proportions of 2 tablespoons of plant in 1 liter of water and put on fire. When the water boils, reduce the heat and leave the broth to boil for 5 min.

Ready broth before eating should infuse for at least 15 min, after which it is necessary to make compresses on the joints affected by bursitis. To do this, soak in the broth a clean cotton cloth and wrap it around the knee, elbow or any other joint of the patient. Top wrap a warm woolen scarf and keep at least 2 hours.

To cure bursitis of the knee healing decoction of burdock root, usually it takes about three weeks, during which the patient must do daily therapeutic compresses on the aching joint.

Therapeutic baths with bursitis

A very important element in the treatment of inflammation of the joint capsule of the knee joint folk remedies are medicinal baths of different medicinal plants that help to quickly relieve even the most severe inflammation and pain associated with bursitis. The strongest healing effect have pine baths and baths with hay dust. Healing bath will also become a real salvation for people with a diagnosis of bursitis of the elbow joint, treatment which usually takes less time.

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Bath with pine needles are incredibly useful and very enjoyable way to treat bursitis. For this people’s method you will need a fresh spruce or pine needles. And you can take as branches of pine tree and its needles and green cones. To start, soak them in clean cold water, then put on fire and bring to a boil. For the broth you need to boil the needles at least an hour.

Лечение бурсита коленного сустава народными средствами

Ready broth cover and leave to infuse for 12 hours or overnight. If everything was done correctly, then after the required time pine broth will have a rich brown color. If you need to prepare healing softwood bath for the whole body, then you will need to take at least 1.5 kg of pine needles. But for making small coniferous baths, designed to treat bursitis of joints of the foot or the hand, just enough for about 500 g of the branches of pine or spruce. Pour coniferous concentrate is a bath (or small basin). Drug take coniferous baths with water temperature from 37 to 40 degrees for 15-20 minutes daily until the bursitis of the knee is not fully take place.

To cook a great healing bath with hay dust, you will need about 1 kg of grass. For a small pharmaceutical trays, designed for small joints of the upper and lower limbs, just enough 4 handfuls of the healing agent. Pour hay dust clean cold water, put on the stove and bring to a boil. When the water boils, leave the broth to boil for about half an hour. Further, when the prepared medicament is slightly cool, pour it into a large tub or a small bath.

The water temperature in the hot tub with hay dust should be 37 °C. to be in such a bath requires about 5-10 min.

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How to treat bursitis of the knee propolis

A great remedy for treating bursitis of the knee and elbow joints is propolis. To prepare a medicinal paste of honey and take about 15 grams of this useful product of beekeeping and thoroughly mix it with 100 g of natural butter. To interfere will be very long until both components of the paste will not turn into a homogeneous mass. Obtained the medicine you must take daily 1 teaspoon 3 times daily, approximately 1 hour before meals.

In addition, propolis can also be used for the preparation of lotions on the aching joint. To do this, take 20 g of propolis and dissolve it in a glass of very high quality vodka. Then mix well and leave to infuse in a cool dark place for 7 days. When the lotion is fully ready, moisten it a piece of clean gauze cloth or medical bandage and apply it to the affected joint for about 5-10 min.

Traditional medicines — teas, infusions, compresses, baths — usually easy to prepare and use, but it is very effective in treating bursitis of the knee. And yet before applying it is better to consult a doctor who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and give necessary recommendations.