Treatment of cysts Becker knee arthroplasty: techniques

Лечение кисты Беккера коленного сустава: методыDisease of the knee joint called a cyst Becker (by the name of the doctor who discovered the disease) is a benign tumor located in the popliteal fossa. The cyst is formed by the development of the inflammatory process in miahailovich bags and is an accumulation of synovial fluid.

The size of the cyst Becker ranges from 1 to 7 see, It looks like mild swelling and is best visible when extension of the knee. Treatment should begin at the first signs of symptoms, although in the initial stage the cyst causes no pain and may not even be noticed. Early detection of the disease allows him to fully heal.

In most cases, the occurrence of cysts Becker associated with existing diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, chronic synovitis), in which there is inflammation of the knee joint, accompanied by an increase in the number of synovial fluid. This leads to a flow of fluid into mishail bag.
Another common cause of the cysts are sporting or home with a knee injury. Large loads on the knee in athletes lead to repeated sprains, and sometimes to their rupture, which causes the appearance of cysts, which is also sometimes called a hernia Becker.

Sometimes the disease develops for no apparent reason, for example, in children of 3-7 years.

Symptoms and diagnosis of disease

Small tumor below the knee may not be detected even with careful polerowanie. The patient in this case complains of some discomfort in the joint or pain in the popliteal fossa.
Лечение кисты Беккера коленного сустава: методы Pressure on the tumor does not always cause pain. In this case, the patient complains of pain around the knee, aggravated by fully unbending.

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A large tumor does not give the knee joint to fully bend and straighten. Having difficulty walking. Possible swelling of tissues of the knee joint. Prolonged painful as fever or chills occur. First the doctor finds out whether the patient’s recent injuries and diseases of the joints, which can lead to herniation Becker.

To determine the exact size of the tumor resorted to ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging. The nature of the liquid filling the tumor is determined using a puncture. Taken liquid investigated in the laboratory and finding it infection. Very often in the study of the disease overlap with the symptoms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

The treatment of the disease

In the initial phase of development of the cyst Becker under the knee enough to take anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal better), and in the presence of pain – painkillers. Call or doctor’s visit required. Self-treatment is absolutely contraindicated.

At this stage of the disease, hold the puncture of the tumor, taking with a syringe, the excess liquid, and then introduced into the cavity anti-inflammatory drugs. Relief of the patient occurs very rapidly, but there may be relapses, that is, the tumor may reappear after a while.

The occurrence of cysts Becker knee joint is often the consequence of some diseases of the knee, so the physician should determine the source of its origin. Large tumors are almost not cured with therapeutic methods. Them removed surgically, but, in practice, they often re-emerge, so the main task – the definition and treatment of the primary disease.

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The disease, if left untreated, can cause serious complications. The most frequently occurring complication is rupture of the tumor. Fluid from mishails bags follows, causing swelling of the calf and inflammation of the surrounding muscles.

Under diagnostics there is a risk of incorrect acceptance for a cyst Becker DVT. Error in diagnosis may lead to wrong treatments, and deep vein thrombosis – more formidable disease.

Cyst Becker on the knee joint can be treated at home, this will not preclude treatment of folk remedies. They are used as an additional treatment aimed at reduction of the inflammatory process in the joint. The basis of folk remedies are packs of plants and berries applied to sore knee. It can be compresses from the leaves of viburnum, elderberry, burdock, celandine and cabbage.

Treatment of the disease can be varied, the main thing – the treatment results that are achieved with timely treatment to the doctor and compliance with all medical recommendations.