Treatment of epicondylitis of the elbow of all forms. Symptoms and types

Treatment techniques lateral and medial epicondylitis of the elbow

Epicondylitis of the elbow joint is considered a pathology bearing inflammatory in nature. It affects the area of the elbow, where the muscles are attached to bones of the forearm. Depending on the area of inflammation, the disease is divided into external and internal.

External epicondylitis of the elbow is characterized by inflammation in the tendons, which are located on the outer side of the elbow.

Internal epicondylitis involves the development of inflammation in the muscles that contribute to flexion and extension brush.

The causes of disease

Presents inflammation may not arise suddenly, as epicondylitis refers to secondary diseases. To determine the exact causes of this disease is not yet possible.

The team was able to determine what groups of people most susceptible to this disease. These include:

  • people working in the construction industry (plasterers, painters, bricklayers);
  • people working in agriculture (tractor drivers, milkmaids, handymen);
  • athletes (weightlifters, wrestlers, weightlifters, boxers) .

By themselves, the presented activities do not contribute to the development of epicondylitis.

This disease occurs in the case of constant repetitive extension and flexion of the elbow joint, when the load on the hand.

Most goes to the dominant hand. Therefore, the main reason for the development of epicondylitis is an overload of the tendon, microtrauma of the tissues, causing the development of inflammatory processes.


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The main manifestations of the disease should include pain and difficulty active movements in the wrist and elbow joint. Passive movements in this pathology is not painful and not difficult.

The nature of pain nagging, may be given in the middle third of the forearm and the outer part of the shoulder . Pain in region of lateral epicondyle. Epicondylus hurt in his feeling.

Painful feelings can become stronger when such simple movements, such as shaking hands, compress brushes in a fist. The pain may worsen even with a slight resistance to supination and extension.

At first she disappears at rest. But later it becomes constant and intense. In connection with the defeat ligaments limit the range of motion to occur, or abnormal mobility of the joint.

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Types of epicondylitis

Epicondylitis distinguish the two types.

Lateral epicondylitis (outer)

The disease is characterized by a development of inflammation at the site of attachment of muscles to the lateral bone namesake.

As a rule, this pathology is called «tennis elbow», because this problem occurs in people who are engaged in the sport. However, this kind of epicondylitis can develop not only in athletes.

The main factor in the development of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow joint consists of the muscle tension in the place of their attachment to namesake bones of the shoulder.

This strain often occurs while playing tennis or performing other repetitive work (sawing wood, painting walls and so on). This pathology occurs in humans aged 30 to 50 years.

Medial epicondylitis (inner)

The disease is often called «golfer’s elbow». But this does not mean that only people who play Golf , can suffer on this disease. Simple Golf belongs to frequent causes of medial epicondylitis.

Also, this disease can cause other repetitive movements.

Such movements include: playing sports, throwing, consequences of injuries, using different type of hand tools.

The treatment of the disease

Treatment of lateral and medial epicondylitis of the elbow are very similar.

Treatment of epicondylitis is complex, depending on the duration of the disease, changes of tendons and muscles in the area of hand and forearm, as well as violations of the joint.

Conservative impact

Treatment of external and internal epicondylitis of the elbow is conservative. Only in case of prolonged and persistent course of the disease, if not managed to achieve recovery of the used surgery.

Therapeutic measures contribute to unloading of the muscles, relieve pain and suppress inflammation. The localization process to determine the preferred method of treatment, principle does not matter.

For relief of muscles you can use the following methods:

  1. Wearing braces, fastened in the upper part of the forearm. These orthopaedic clamps to «turn off» the sore area of the muscle, not allowing it to shrink. Such devices should be applied in the moment of wakefulness in the night orthoses should be removed.
  2. Gentle treatment. If human labor activity is accompanied by constant movements in the wrist joint ( painters, obalsti, mechanics), then it is extremely important during treatment to refuse from employment.
  3. Immobilization of the upper extremities using splints. By fixing the wrist joint with the aim of immobilization of the brush. This is necessary in advanced processes, which are accompanied by severe pain.
  4. Special gymnastics. For these purposes, use of static exercises that promote stretching of the tendon. To perform necessary with the greatest possible abstraction and bring the brush to the arm formed a 90 degree angle. In this position, the brush should be held for 10-15 seconds. The number of repetitions-7-10, 2 times a day.
  5. The use of the wrist exercisers to perform three-dimensional exercises. Classes begin to perform with trainers that have minimal stiffness. Duration of training should increase gradually. Recruitment exercises should be carried out so that the muscles don’t exert yourself.
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With the aim of eliminating pain and inflammation you need to use:

  1. Medications. In most cases, the doctor appoints to the patient taking anti-inflammatory drugs. In the treatment of epicondylitis of the elbow ointments, on the skin at the site of pain applied ointment, which include indomethacin, ibuprofen, diclofenac and other nonsteroidal funds. Apply 3-4 times a day. Besides, I can use dimexide in the form of compresses or lotions. It is diluted in the ratio 1:3 with the addition of a solution of hydrocortisone and an anesthetic. Make lotions 1 time at night. To achieve fast and long-lasting effect of the inflammation is treated with diprospan.
  2. Physiotherapy, which includes iontophoresis with the use of anti-inflammatory agents, galvanization, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy, paraffin therapy, application of therapeutic mud.
  3. The cooling phase of the elbow joint with the use of devices, accumulating cold or spraying ethyl chloride. You can replace ice cubes wrapped in a towel. To do such manipulation need 1-2 times a day.
  4. Massage should be performed directly on the site, where there is pain. You should stretch the point where you can test the seal muscle. Duration of massage for 10-15 minutes. Massage movements should not cause patient discomfort. Massage is performed 1-2 times daily, duration is 10-12 days.
  5. Shock-wave effects based on the effect of infrasound directly on the inflamed tissue. We present a modern method gives very good results, restoring the microcirculation in the inflamed muscle tissue. You need to carry 5-7 sessions. After there has been a marked positive trend.

In most cases for the healing of the epicondylitis you don’t need to resort to complex manipulations.

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If you use above recommendation, then the disease retreats. If a positive effect is not observed and it is not clear how to treat epicondylitis of the elbow with conservative methods, doctors resort to surgery.

Surgical impact

Surgery is used in case of failure of conservative therapy. In most cases, this applies to those people whose work is accompanied by a daily exercise on the muscles of the forearm.

Surgical treatment includes the following methods:

  • dissection of the tendon of the extensor gentle brush;
  • andoperational;
  • arthroscopic exposure.
  • lengthening of the tendon of the short extensor of the brush

The last method of surgical intervention have recently become very popular.

Its main advantage, compared to the rest-low invasiveness. After arthroscopic surgery, patients, after 2 weeks you can do light work.

Prevention of the disease

Any disorder is always better to prevent than to cure. It just refers to such disease as epicondylitis of the elbow.

Basic prevention methods include:

  • before carrying out a physical activity should perform a warm-up, which focuses on warming up muscles and tendons;
  • to efficiently distribute the load, not perenapravit muscles;
  • locking elbow joints with an elastic bandage during heavy physical exertion;
  • long monotonous training or undertaking repetitive work to take breaks.

Epicondylitis of the elbow joint is much less dangerous disease. But this does not mean that it needs to run. Therefore, if you have the slightest of symptoms, immediately consult a specialist for proper treatment.

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