Treatment of folk remedies and techniques at home

Treatment of folk remedies: the experience of centuries in the service of medicine

For the normal functioning of the bones need calcium. This chemical element is responsible for strong bones, as for the human skeleton the main building material.

The ill person the bone becomes rarefied, the spongy body of the bone begins to resemble a sieve. They become brittle, subject to fracture, have pain.

The disease has a complex nature with multiple causative factors, but all triggers ultimately lead to metabolic disorders. There is an imbalance between intake and output metal.

What caused the pathology?

Among the causes of osteoporosis are highlighted in the main:

  • age-related changes;
  • vitamin D deficiency;
  • small motor activity;
  • the disorder with the thyroid gland;
  • the toxic effects of ethanol and nicotine;
  • the abuse of corticosteroids.

The disease progresses gradually, often learn about it after a severe, sudden fracture, that is, on level ground. Treatment is long and complex, but a positive result is achievable.

For getting rid of osteoporosis with combined methods, applied and alternative therapies that have proven effective for a long time.

The principles of traditional medicine

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In his approach the popular treatment close to the philosophy of Oriental medicine. A person is considered as a single entity, included in the total world of nature.

Therefore preference is given to complex effects on the organism as a whole. The aim of treatment is achievement of harmonious existence with nature, to get to work internal, immanent forces of the body.

On this view, it is important to consider the peculiarities of the psyche, the personal characteristics of the patient. Healers try to see the big picture, help make the body in its undivided wholeness.

You should start with power adjustments

Folk healers use the tools that nature has given. First studied and mastered the healing capabilities of the green world.

To combat disease you must stop the destruction of bone tissue.

More than 80% of patients are women of retirement age who have lost their ability of procreation. Their body doesn’t produce estrogen, lack of substance leads to an imbalance of calcium metabolism.

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Therefore, treatment of folk remedies in women starts with the addition in the diet of plants containing a natural substitute for the hormone (phytoestrogen):

  • soybeans, beans, beans, alfalfa;
  • cereals, especially wheat and oats, rice;
  • apples, pomegranate seeds, red grape varieties;
  • dry red wine, beer.

Herbs useful types of hop, licorice.

Necessary food of animal origin, particularly dairy such as cottage cheese, cheese. You should drink herbal teas, which includes phytoestrogen. Useful nuts.

The specified diet is invaluable for the purpose of prevention of osteoporosis. When a person closely confronted with the disease, traditional medicine has developed effective methods of treatment.

Grandma’s recipes

For the treatment of osteoporosis in the home healers are widely practiced herbal teas, they are applied in the form of decoctions and compresses:

  1. Among the grasses there are, as those should be brewed with boiling water, and requiring cold water. The first is St. John’s wort, dandelion roots and sweet flag, cress. The cooking mode is the same for them. Tablespoon chopped plants are placed in a glass of hot water temperature 70─75 degrees. Wait an hour, then take a tablespoon throughout the day.
  2. Trust the results are mixtures of several herbs. For the preparation of the drug from alfalfa, cinquefoil, add the root of comfrey, juniper cones used boiled water at room temperature. Dessert spoon of mixture on 200 ml of liquid. Drink insist 2 hours and used within 24 hours. This medicine prescribed for osteoporosis of the spine.
  3. If the attack is associated with dysfunction of the thyroid gland healers suggest the decoction of alder cones or imported from America cocklebur. A small amount (dessert spoon) goes to 50 ml chilled after boiling water. Wait and drink half a Cup after meals.
  4. Distributed recipe when in a ratio of 1:1:2 mix sleep-grass, the odorous Woodruff, wormwood. For the preparation of the elixir 4 teaspoons collection pour a liter of heated, not to boiling water. Wait 60 minutes, tsedyat, drink 50 mm a day. Treatment course continues 3─6 months.
  5. On the recommendations of the healers can use the medicine of the other three ingredients. Knotweed, nettle, horsetail. Mixed extracts of these herbs 400 ml of horsetail and half a Cup of other components. About a month need to take the potion a tablespoon before meals.
  6. Osteoporosis of the spine alternative medicine has developed an effective solution. Does 100 grams of sweet clover and as many daisies, to put in half-liter capacity, emptying her bottle of vodka. To withstand 3days. Before bedtime to put a compress, a minimum of 14 days.
  7. One more purpose. Take 250 grams of birch buds, mix with half a liter of vodka, insist 7 days. To put compresses at least a month on all night.
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The Arsenal herbalists also includes herbal baths. Recommended horsetails, willow bark, bird Highlander, hops.

With the shortage of flint — a recipe

In addition to calcium the bones hurts the shortage of silicon. For this case, folk healers have their own instructions.

Shown decoction of the flowers of geranium, avian knotweed, horsetail. Herbal drink, used for compresses.

Prescribe these funds and fractures. Properties, regenerating the spine, possess, nettle. They flavor food.

Herbs have strong effects on the body, require caution. Some, on the contrary, slow the influx of calcium into bone. Contraindications primarily relate to plants containing oxalic acid.

The salvation is in your vegetable garden

In diseases of the bone are widely used gifts from the garden:

  1. Among them the undisputed favorites parsley and dill. It is necessary to take 200 of these plants pour boiled water, again heated to 90 degrees. After 3 hours from starting of 100 ml. Taken three times a day for about six months. The infusion should not be consumed in the last trimester of pregnancy.
  2. In folk treatment, it is important to use a bow. In case of lack of calcium in the bones many prescribe to take the 2 onions, peel chop and fry in sunflower oil until Golden brown. Boil half a liter of water, load the onion, cook for 20 minutes. Insist broth for 25-30 minutes, remove the husk, split into three equal portions. To drink the soup one part daily. Treatment continues for a month.
  3. Healers know how many nutrients contains peel different vegetables. They use multi-component stocks on that basis. The recipe instructs you to boil peel the potatoes, beetroot, peel garlic, peel carrots. Put shredded roast unpeeled onions.
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Other recipes alternative medicine

Incomparable source of calcium to help suffering from bone fragility ─ eggshell.

Released from the inner layer, dried, sterilized walnut shell is ground to powder. Squeeze the juice of several lemons.

Mix in equal parts of the components, the pharmacist gets a medicine. A few weeks the patient takes it to lunch without missing a single day, at a quarter teaspoon. The drug will increase the healing effect, if you add the honey.

Compress on the basis of Cahors

In severe pain, fracture of affected bones prescribe original compress. Heated 30─40 of Cahors, lightly RUB the liquid in a disturbing place.

Put on the parcel leaves of burdock, bandage feather shawl. On top put a hot water bottle. The course lasts for 2 months 2 times a week.

The use of Shilajit

Not paid attention to the healers Shilajit. Does a ball with a diameter of 2─3 mm, is taken twice a day before meals. Duration 3 weeks. After 4 days, repeat the treatment.

In the healing practice of the presence of mineral substance. Edible white clay softened in water, consume a teaspoon once a day for a week and a half.

Used magnetic therapy. In water drive 20 minutes to a large magnet over a sore spot, not touching it.

A brief summary

Osteoporosis occurs due to imbalance of calcium in the bones. Necessary diet for recovery lack of this element.

Traditional medicine uses a wide range of remedies to cure osteoporosis:

  • the infusions;
  • compresses and baths based on plants;
  • vegetable soups;
  • egg shells;
  • Shilajit;
  • minerals;
  • other methods.

Treatment must is a comprehensive, systematic.