Treatment of joint magnet at home: equipment and tips

Joints treatment at home with the help of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is a modern treatment option magnetic field. It represents the latest direction of physical therapy.

The essence of the work is the impact generated by the device magnetic field directed to the body ill in General, or specific therapy area.

The magnetization of the tissue under the influence is not observed. A special case is the transmission of the magnetic properties of water and components of blood.

The health of the joints by magnetic

Improvement of magnetic therapy has gained popularity due to the ease, safety and efficiency of treatment. Effective treatment of the joints the magnet can be done at home.

Magnetic fields are characterized by narrow activities. When performing the treatment of patients with various diseases of the joints noted a significant improvement in the patient’s condition.

Magnetotherapy great fights arthritis, osteoporosis, arthritis and many other diseases of the joints.

Therapeutic magnets for the joints are used in the form of accessories:

  • neck rollers;
  • collars;
  • tapes;
  • belts;
  • knee pads and elbow pads;
  • roller massagers.

For the treatment of patients of the joints and weak use permanent magnets that adjusts from the different parties in the affected joint.

The best effect of treatment is achieved by using more magnets.

Magnetic therapy joints promotes:

  • achieving relaxation of the muscles;
  • the regeneration of the damaged tissues;
  • excretion from the tissues of toxic substances.

Independently, it is desirable to conduct short courses of treatment with magnetic therapy. There is a fine variety of instruments that are recommended for the treatment of patients with joints in the home.

Designed for such treatment, the magnets are fixed with adhesive to the skin. That facilitates a long and continuous treatment.

Magnetic therapy effective in the treatment of diseases:

  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • arthritis;
  • deforming osteoarthritis.

Terms of use

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Under the influence of a magnet change chemical reactions and accelerate biophysical processes.

Magnetic fields have a wide range of actions:

  • the expansion of narrowed blood vessels;
  • the decrease in blood viscosity;
  • improving the process of gas exchange;
  • acceleration of regeneration;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • anti-edema effect;
  • analgesic effect.

The goal of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is aimed at eliminating pain. Generated magnetic field is able to relieve the pain caused by various severe injuries and ailments, which involve arthritis and arthrosis.

Noted the successful application of the methods to relieve inflammation, and for treatment of hematoma.

The main advantage of this method is the ease of transferring disease disempowered people (in the age). It promotes well-being.

The therapeutic effect

Among the effects achieved by the use of magnet release:

  • a significant increase of immunity;
  • improving the quality of sleep;
  • reduction of pain syndrome;
  • normalization of blood;
  • restoring mobility in the joints;
  • reducing the inflammation of lymph nodes;
  • temperature stabilization;
  • pressure equalization;
  • cleaning the urinary channels;
  • stabilization of blood sugar levels.

What instruments are used?

Overview of professional equipment, which is used for treatment of joints and in the basis of the work which uses the power of therapeutic magnets.


Most of the diseases of musculoskeletal system is used to treat device MAG-30. Magnetic field, which appears during operation «AMO-ATOS» is commonly used in hospitals, in inpatient and outpatient treatment.

The device is used to treat:

  • injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • recovery operations;
  • cerebral palsy (child);
  • resulting sciatica;
  • manifested degenerative disc disease of the vertebrae;
  • lumbalgia.


«Alimp-1» is the device, conductive magnetic therapy pulsed magnetic field.

He was recommended for the treatment of complex diseases:

  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic or lumbar vertebrae.
  • deforming osteoarthritis of the knee or hip joints;
  • periarthrosis of the shoulder joint.

The essence of the work

Magnetotherapy is performed through the use of special apparatus apparatus. This device creates a magnetic field capable of moving in space.

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The field produced is capable of increasing the sensitivity of each of the treated to the ongoing procedure. The magnetic field maintains brain excitability at the required level, it is possible to support the aftereffect.

When using magnetic therapy achieved a response of the organism, which is similar to the response obtained after consumption of such components: ginseng, Shilajit, adrenaline.

Thanks to the magnetic therapy is stimulation of blood circulation.

Its action contributes to:

  • eliminating swelling;
  • immunity;
  • recovery of diseased joints and periarticular tissues;
  • to speed up recovery.

When use is prohibited?

Indications for treatment with magnetic therapy are many, but there are also contraindications.

These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the presence of angina, arrhythmia;
  • bleeding;
  • purulent processes;
  • post-infarction condition.

Self-treatment — a new approach

For home treatment using such devices:

  • ALMAG;
  • MAG;

Additionally used:

  1. Medical elastic belt with magnets is used to treat arthritis of the Sacro-vertebral plexus and knee joint, algomenoree, osteochondrosis, radiculitis.
  2. Magnetic bracelets, which are commonly used for adjustments of the cardiovascular system, to improve the functioning of the respiratory system, as well as highly effective in the treatment of intoxication.

To perform the treatment with magnets at home you need to consult with the doctor about the indications and contraindications of this method of treatment.

Buyers opinion

Devices that use therapeutic magnets are very popular for the treatment of joints.

I bought the unit for MAG-30-3 mA but originally tried on myself. After working at woodworking machines appeared severe pain in the elbow.

After carrying out 15 procedures pain is gone (but not immediately, but after some time). Hand at work and no longer worried. But after year 2 or 3 again repeated course of treatments because the pain appeared again.

Many years have passed, and the pain renewed. The device is extremely effective, but the effect is not immediate.

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Andrew, 39 years

Use the Almag-1 for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee 2 degrees. To use the MAG for about 10 years. Almag-1, in my opinion, more convenient to use.

I began to use less painkillers. Also, there is no deterioration or complications. The main act according to the instructions.

Irina, 41

I bought the unit AMT. I use magnetic therapy for the treatment of acute psoriasis. Completely can not be cured, but with the worsening of the apparatus of AMT helps; rashes become less pronounced and disappear much faster.

Recommend this device. It is capable of still and nervous system to calm down. AMT is a great choice!

Larissa, 53

The cost of the devices

Price devices depends on the model and manufacturer.

The average prices for the different models:

  • MAGNITER AMT-02 – 2879 RUB;
  • MAG-30-04 – 1600 RUB;
  • MAG-30 – 3410 rubles;
  • ALMAG-01 – 7150 rubles;
  • ALMAG-02 version 1 – 40530 RUB;
  • POLYUS-2D – 3000 RUB.

To buy this simple to use and effective in the treatment technique of magnetic therapy can medical supply store or in online store.

Devices for treatment with magnetic therapy you must buy only in specialty stores or pharmacies.

The selling point of such device must have a license and a certificate for the sale of the corresponding equipment.