Treatment of joints with salt

The treatment of various diseases salt practiced since ancient times. Traditional practitioners actively apply salt for health purposes and gave the product a mystical meaning in the rites of the conspiracy to health. An important role was given saline treatments for diseases of the joints. They were made for getting rid of gout, arthritis, osteochondrosis. When severe injury or dislocation of the knee joint was applied saline compresses to reduce pain.Лечение суставов солью

High efficiency salt treatment showed in the 40s, the war years. Sanitary practice has shown that salt is suitable not only to eliminate gout, osteochondrosis, arthritis, but also to rescue a seriously wounded man from imminent amputation in difficult field conditions. Using saline solution for gadgets, the doctors at the field hospital could in the absence of medicines disinfectant to clean the wound festered, infected lesions of the skin. It was used by saturated saline solution and gauze. Salt treatment took no more than three days, after which the infection has subsided, the temperature is lowered. When the risk of gas gangrene were behind him, the warrior could safely send at the military hospital where he received proper treatment.

How to cure different diseases

Reference books on folk and home medicine describes the many strengths of sodium chloride and sea salt, are time-tested recipes for getting rid of various ailments. Now salt to treat skin infections, fungal infections. This substance has a stimulating effect on the human body, therefore, do procedures in the morning and not the evening before bedtime.

Treatment of the knee joint, arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis of the spine can be performed with both regular and sea salt. Recipe with table salt to eliminate problems of the knee joint is extremely simple.

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  • Poured salt in cotton bag and tie.
  • Within 15 minutes of salt «ball» hold it over the steam.
  • After warming to 60 degrees, the pouch is applied to the painful area of the joint.
  • The «ball» holding a sick place to cool.
  • This recipe helps to relieve uncomfortable symptoms of arthritis, gout, osteochondrosis. It is also effective against injuries of the knee joint. But dry heat does not need to be applied immediately after injury.

    Often together with the salt in a compress or «warmer» and put other ingredients in addition. To enhance the effect, use the oil, honey, sodium bicarbonate, herbs, mustard.

    Recipe against arthritis or gout

    Лечение суставов сольюFor the relief of chronic pain need to do saline compress. It’s familiar to all substance included in the composition of another recipe – ambulance bruised joints. This short-term treatment gives a good result.




    A poultice is effective against gout, osteochondrosis and radiculitis. Equal proportions of take an integral part of the common or sea salt, buckwheat or Linden honey. The ingredients are mixed, applied to the fabric. A compress applied to the painful joint area, cover with cellophane wrap and a piece of wool cloth. Bandage make the night and hot compress operates continuously until the morning. After lifting the remains of the washed masses. If there are skin irritation, is used for cleaning and softening peach kernel oil.
    Short-term pain in the knee joint injury or sprain will provide a compress with a saturated salt solution. In one liter of water dissolve 500 g of salt or sea coarse. Carefully stir the contents of the tank, then dipped in a concentrate piece of clean cloth made of natural cotton fiber. Well wetted fabric need to press and apply to the location of the source of pain. The duration of the procedure should not exceed five minutes. After this time the leg should be free from bandage.
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    The symptoms of gout, osteoarthritis, hernias are found not only among the older generation. Today’s young people are also prone to bone problems as their grandparents. Powerful drugs many can not afford, their effectiveness, too, is not absolute.

    Treatment means at hand, such as salt crystals, butter, honey, is a less expensive alternative drugs.

    Medical dressings with multiple components

    Various salt compresses, baths, bandages are extremely useful due to its healing properties of salt crystals. Their composition can include two or more components.

    Treatment with salt and mustard

    This warm dry compress can be used as a means of supplementing the treatment of arthritis, gout, osteochondrosis. He quickly resolves a nagging pain that accompanies these diseases. You will need mustard powder and salt very finely.Лечение суставов солью

  • Components are mixed in equal proportions.
  • The mixture is spread on a cloth.
  • The diseased joint is wrapped with fabric and tied the top with a warm scarf.
  • Leave the poultice until the skin will not occur burning.
  • After removal of the dressing may be a slight skin irritation. To eliminate it will help peach oil.

    Dip in a mixture of bran

    To run the procedure, you will need rye bran. Salt can be sodium chloride or sea. The procedure is effective for gout. The ingredients are mixed in equal parts, the crystals become heated to 65 degrees. The problem area is immersed in the mixture and keep to cool. Then wrap the limb with a warm scarf and so go to sleep.

    Cold pad

    This method is effective for removing tumors. The sodium chloride crystals mixed with snow in the ratio of 200 g to 400 g. the resulting slurry was gently placed on the injured area. The top is covered with warm material and keep it for 5 minutes. Prescription second option involves not laying pulp on the skin, and the room is in a waterproof bag. The proportions of the components change to a tablespoon of crystals to 1 Cup of snow.

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    These measures should not be used on persons with skin lesions, hypertension, metabolic disorders, renal pathologies. In order to avoid unexpected adverse reactions should consult a doctor before taking home treatments.