Treatment of knee joint: what to do

Лечение коленного сустава: что нужно делатьDiseases of the musculoskeletal system are the most common ones. Diseases of the knee joints are divided into post-traumatic, inflammatory and degenerative. Post-traumatic diseases occur after injuries or injuries resulting in disruption of metabolic processes within the joint and surrounding tissues.

Disease of the knee joints of an inflammatory nature are the result of infections in various human organs. Infection through the blood or lymph penetrates into the tissues around the joint or in the joint, hitting it. Degenerative diseases occur on the background of genetic disorders or metabolic disorders on the causes of chronic diseases or aging of the human body.

A group of inflammatory diseases of the knees

The group of inflammatory diseases of the joints is headed by arthritis as the most common disease. This group includes bursitis, periarthritis and a number of lesser-known diseases. Arthritis — the illness of one (monoartrit) or several joints (polyarthritis), which occurs as a result of inflammatory processes in the human body. Arthritis of the knee joint (drive) appears after the systemic diseases of the human body, infection which penetrates the tissues of the knee joint or in it directly.

Arthritis may occur as a result of the failure of the immune system or external influences of non-traumatic nature that violates the processes of regeneration of tissues of the knee.

Лечение коленного сустава: что нужно делать

Arthritis experience severe pain due to the depletion of the cartilage connective tissue and bone injury

Arthritis without treatment becomes chronic, for example, in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other diseases of dystrophic character. Bursitis affects the periarticular bag, which has an extensive network of blood vessels. The infection is brought into it the blood of the infected organs. Periarthritis — inflammation of the tendon in the area of attachment of thigh muscles to the tibia, the knee joint itself is not inflamed.

Degenerative disease of knee joints

Arthrosis — degeneration of the cartilage and surrounding tissues of the knee joint. In osteoarthritis the cartilage tissue splits in it and ceases to function as a shock absorber when the load on it. With age, the processes of tissue regeneration slow down or even stop. Arthrosis affects people of heavy physical labor, athletes and representatives of some professions that are experiencing a large static load on the legs (sellers, hairdressers, etc.)

Tendonitis — inflammation of the articular ligaments. This disease is also called «jumper’s knee» because it often develops in athletes and jumpers on inching my leg when popping up the knee joint. As a result, regular overloads in the tendon tissue and cartilage is formed the necrosis of some of their plots. A progressive increase in the tissue necrosis is called tendinosis.

Chondromatous — a disease of unknown nature, in which the synovium periarticular bags are formed cartilaginous nodules of different diameter.

Their number varies in number from one to several dozen. These nodes can be attached to a bag or to be in it, moving freely (joint mouse). The disease is accompanied by pain, crunching in my knees and limitation of motion.

How to treat inflammatory diseases

How to treat arthritis? For the treatment of knee arthritis, you need to set the type of infection and lesion distribution, so the doctor offers to the patient to conduct a survey on the subject of finding infecting the body. At the same time are assigned to anti-inflammatory drugs of the local destination and anesthetics (only after inspection).

After identifying the infection, the doctor will determine how to treat knee joints. He assigns specific antibiotics to eliminate the infection. In the early stages this method of treatment gives good results. Chronic arthritis requires the use of potent drugs injected directly into the knee. They can be anti-inflammatory, hormonal and chondroprotectors.

What should be the treatment of bursitis? To treat the knee with bursitis should be comprehensive, starting with bed rest and applying cold compressors on the inflamed area. Inflammation of periarticular bags associated with increases in the synovial fluid. Analysis of this liquid gives the answer about the nature of the disease and allows the physician to prescribe medications for treatment.

Лечение коленного сустава: что нужно делать

Inflammation of the synovial Bursa of the joint leads to effusion of fluid in there

If the disease is infectious in nature, antibiotics are appointed. To help with swelling is used to puncture the synovial fluid, which reduces pain of the patient. It is useful to apply physical therapy procedures, but not in the period of exacerbation of the disease.

What to do in the treatment of periarthritis? When periarthritis of the knee treatment should be the same as arthritis. To cure periarthritis possible, as the joint is not inflamed, and not broken its structure.

Treatment of arthritis and periarthritis are aimed at removing inflammation and increased metabolism in the tissues of the joint and surrounding muscles.

Help in diseases of dystrophic character

What is the treatment of the knee joint in osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive destruction of the cartilage, and the main task is to halt this process and to promote active regeneration of cartilage. But because osteoarthritis causes severe pain to the patient, first prescribed analgesics and anti-inflammatories. Regeneration of cartilage is achieved by the adoption of the chondro — drugs of natural origin produced from animal cartilage and crustacean shells.

Use in the treatment of osteoarthritis corticosteroid injection is recommended in exceptional cases, to relieve the acute pain. These drugs produce serious complications and are not recommended by doctors in many countries. In this situation, only the doctor decides how to treat.

What is the treatment of tendinitis? In the early stage of the disease with detection of inflammation of the tendons of the knee it is important to provide rest and apply cold compresses on the inflamed area. Further treatment of the knee should engage a doctor who will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and injections of painkillers. Only in case of rupture of the ligaments is prescribed operably events.

Need to pay attention to and treatment of chondromatosis. For treatment of joints in chondromatosis therapy is not applied. Only shows surgery.

In diseases of the knee joint you should avoid self-medication, which in most cases leads to irreversible consequences, disability and immobilization of the patient.

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