Treatment of leg joints.

Poor environmental conditions, stuffed with nitrates, pesticides, dyes and preservatives foods, a sedentary lifestyle, permanent residence in the premises where generated instruments of the electromagnetic field by several orders of magnitude exceeds the natural electromagnetic background – everything is literally ruining our health. And one of the first of these changes experienced by our joints. Not accidentally, in recent decades, the number of joint diseases is rapidly increasing, and the age of the patients is getting younger. According to who statistics, about 30% of people today have problems with their joints – i.e. almost every third inhabitant of our planet.Лечение суставов ног народными методами

The main symptoms of diseases of the joints of the feet

Despite the fact that diseases of the joints of the legs a great many, the vast majority of them can be divided into two types: bearing inflammatory in nature and occurs due to degenerative processes in the affected joints.

Today, the most common are diseases of the joints:

  • arthritis;
  • gout;
  • arthritis;
  • bursitis;
  • a heel spur.

Each of them has its own «bouquet» of symptoms, but there are common, signaling that our joints are not all right and it’s time to visit a doctor. First of all, it appeared in the joint pain. It can be temporary, appearing after exercise and disappears after a long rest and constant, not passing.

About the problems with the leg joints, also indicates clearly audible to them when the crunch movement or clicks. Also for all diseases of the joints of the feet is characteristic to a greater or lesser extent, a decrease in the amplitude of their movements, appeared the feeling of stiffness. Finally, telltale signs of the disease of the joints of the feet are the visible changes: swelling, redness, and in some diseases, and deformity of the joint.

Accurate definition of the disease should give the doctor based on the unique symptoms and the results of the survey. But in practice, it often happens that, feeling the discomfort and pain in the joints of the feet, we are trying to eliminate them yourself. And the cause is not only a notorious human carelessness, but the aggressive marketing of various «miracle» pills and ointments that can, according to her statement, to deliver us from problems with the joints once and for all.

It often happens that the advertised funds do reduce pain and stiffness in the joints of the feet, but their effectiveness is limited and the cause of the disease, they do not eliminate.

Folk remedies for the treatment of joints

Eliminate the pain in the joints of the feet can be no less effective, but much cheaper – using folk remedies and methods. Often the effect of the treatment folk remedies is even more stable, but the treatment will be much longer time. Especially notable is their efficiency if you use folk remedies is not «in General» – from pain or to relieve inflammation in the joints of the legs, and for the treatment of a specific disease.

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In this case, consultation with an experienced healer and in consultation with the attending physician, combining medication and folk remedies in a single treatment strategy, not just to get rid of the symptoms. It often helps to eliminate the root cause of the disease of the joints of the feet. Folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases of the joints of the feet uses:Лечение суставов ног народными методами

  • therapeutic baths – mud, salt, alkaline;
  • compresses alcohol, oil, honey, propolis and other bee products;
  • various ointments and herbal tinctures;
  • medical diet.

The self-understanding of the rich Arsenal of folk remedies is quite difficult, so consultation with an experienced healer will help save you a lot of time and will save from fatal errors.

Recipes therapeutic baths

To prepare therapeutic baths just. For example, for the preparation of the salt bath is enough to dissolve in accumulated water 2-4 kg of sea salt. The hardest part of this procedure is to find in pharmacies clean, free of impurities and flavorings, sea salt. It is the same with a mud bath: immediately before bathing in accumulated water dissolve 4 kg of marine mud. No problems and the preparation of herbal baths: the water simply add herbal teas or alcoholic extracts.

For the preparation of alkaline baths require advanced training. First you need to prepare lye. For this you first need to burn the tree bark and collect the ash. Ash poured into the container, pour the same amount of water, cover, put on stove and bring to a boil. After this, the tank is removed from the plate and leave for a day to infuse. After the ash cools, on top of the water formed lye, which is used for preparation of alkaline baths.

A little harder to prepare a turpentine bath. In this case, you first need to prepare a turpentine emulsion. This will require: — liter bottle, turpentine, camphor, alcohol, 1.5 liter plastic bottle. First, in a jar, pour 300 ml of turpentine and 40 ml of camphor oil and stirred until the mixture is smooth whitish. Then to the mixture was added water, bringing the volume to 1 l, poured into a plastic bottle.

Immediately before use, the emulsion is intensively stirred, as she quickly stratified. Begin treatment by adding 10 ml of emulsion on the tub, with each subsequent reception by increasing the concentration to 1-2 ml. In contrast to other types of baths, to be in turpentine should not take more than 15-20 min. During the reception, turpentine and alkaline baths need to listen carefully to your personal wellbeing, when it worsens, immediately stop procedure and notify the physician.

At the end of the procedure, regardless of the type of bath, should be thoroughly wiped with a towel and lie down for a few hours under the warm blanket.

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Honey and other types of compresses

There are many recipes of compresses for the treatment of joints of the feet, but efficiency has little to compete with conventional natural honey. The most easy to prepare and use – honey massage. The patient’s joint first heat hot warmer, to maximize the widened the pores of the skin, and then 5-6 minutes of rubbing it in the honey, massaging at the same time.

Then to the affected joint put honey soaked cotton cloth on the top wrapped with plastic film and wrap a warm scarf or shawl. After 3 hours the dressing is removed, and the remnants of honey wash off with warm water. The course of treatment – 10 procedures. The treatment is carried out according to the scheme: the first 3 compress put on a daily basis, and the remaining 7 days.

Лечение суставов ног народными методамиOften honey is used in combination with other products, which enhance and complement the healing properties of honey. Especially effective is the combination of honey and cinnamon. Honey and cinnamon powder thoroughly mixed in the ratio of 1:1 until a homogeneous mass. Method of use is almost identical to honey massage, only massage is performed not 5-6, and 15 min.

Also in the preparation of compresses to the joints of the feet often use propolis. Very easy to prepare recipe: 10 g propolis pour 100 ml of water, put in a water bath and boil for one hour, then filtered through a folded in several layers of cheesecloth. A freshly prepared solution (it very quickly loses its medicinal properties) lubricate the painful joints of the feet, wrap them with plastic wrap, wrapped a warm scarf and leave it for 30 min. the Procedure should be repeated daily for 14 days.

For long-term storage, prepare a tincture of propolis on alcohol. To prepare 20 g of propolis put in a glass jar, pour 80 ml of 96% alcohol and infused for weeks in a dark warm place. The infusion should be every day intensively shake. A week later, the tincture is filtered and used for compresses. Due to the presence of alcohol, this tincture can be stored without losing its properties during the month.

Often compresses against pain and inflammation of the joints of the feet are used as the means at hand the leaves of burdock, horseradish or cabbage leaves. First, the leaves need a little bruise in the hands, so they let the juice, then they wrapped the patient’s joint. For greater efficiency the side of the leaves, which will come into contact with the body, can be lubricated with a thin layer of honey. The leaves on top of impose cellophane wrap and fix a bandage.

Compresses using leaves of burdock, horseradish or cabbage better at night during the month.

Лечение суставов ног народными методами

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Simple recipes treatment of folk remedies

In addition to baths and compresses for the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis have used a variety of medicinal mixtures and tinctures for oral administration. Among them are complex multi-component tools, the preparation of which requires knowledge and experience. A lot of preparation is simple, but effective tools that anyone can prepare at home.

Composition and preparation


You need to mix together a Cup of melted honey, half a Cup of radish juice, half a Cup of vodka and 1 tablespoon salt. Take the mixture orally before bedtime for 3 tablespoons, until it’s over.
A teaspoon of gelatin to pour 0.5 cups of cold water and leave for 12 hours to dissolve the gelatin. In the resulting mass add 1 teaspoon of honey and 0.5 cups of warm water and mix everything carefully. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day before meals. Usually is carried out 2 courses of treatment for 10 days with a ten-day break between them.
1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey diluted in a glass of warm water. To the resulting mixture add 1tbsp. teaspoon of Apple vinegar and mix thoroughly. The healing part to do and to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, for 2 months.
A quart jar one-third to fill the young shoots and leaves, cranberries, pour the brim with medical alcohol, close the lid and put in the morning in the sun. Finished tincture, take 1 glass to do this morning and evening.
100 grams of celery, pour 0.5 liters of water, put on small fire and boil until you get a glass of liquid. The resulting liquid must be filtered, cooled, divide into 3 parts. To drink during the day. Course of treatment: 2-3 months, and every day you need to prepare fresh liquid.

People are so accustomed to consider himself the king of nature, which sometimes forgets that it is its integral part. Nature, as a caring mother, gave man all the necessary tools for long life and good health. And only laziness and impenetrable stubbornness prevented him to live happily ever after.