Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies at home

Treatment of degenerative disc disease at home: exercises and traditional recipes

Pain, irradiiruet in the head, ribs or leg due to the pinching of nerve roots vertebral discs.

In medicine such a manifestation has an official name – osteochondrosis, which is divided into divisions depending on localization that leads to distinctive symptoms, treatment.

The concept and characteristics

Osteochondrosis is a degenerative lesion of the articular cartilage and the adjacent bone tissue.

In Russian medicine, the term refers to a characteristic depletion and degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs.

Depending on the extent of the disease the person may suffer from pain caused by a pinched nerve root and protrusion of nucleus pulposus from the rupture of the fibrous ring that is referred to as herniated discs.

Disease presents several «rejuvenated». If even 10-20 years ago, the majority of patients were elderly or persons over 50 years, and the causes of degenerative disc disease was caused by age-erasing of the intervertebral disc and loss of elasticity of the former, to date the disease is diagnosed in young people because of their sedentary lifestyle.

Osteochondrosis can rightly be called the scourge of our times as the office work and long pastime behind the computer leads to «stagnation» of the locomotor apparatus.

If time does not pay attention to back pain, often pronounced in the morning, you may bring the situation before the occurrence of such unpleasant phenomena as disease of the spine, the entire musculoskeletal system and nervous system. Advanced cases lead to paralysis of the limbs, and partial or complete immobility of a person.

Variety of diseases depending on localization

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The human spine consists of vertebrae, each of which relates to a particular Department. Here there are:

  • cervical – 7 vertebrae;
  • thoracic – 12 vertebrae;
  • lumbar – 5 vertebrae;
  • sacral region – 5 vertebrae;
  • Department coccygeal – 3-5 vertebrae.

In turn, low back pain can be classified according to the localization of its occurrence, where there are:

  1. Cervical – attack of the presence of degenerative changes begins after a prolonged static position. The pain increases each time the movement of the head or sneezing. The signs are pain in the neck, shoulders, migraine, high blood pressure and dizziness.
  2. Thoracic – lesion in this area is rare because the thoracic vertebrae are almost not stand the pressure. Pain often perceived in diseases of the heart and other internal organs. Typical girdle pain in his ribs and abdomen, which subside by changing position.
  3. Lumbar – shooting pain lead to the characteristic immobility due to degenerative disc disease in the lumbar region. Delayed treatment leads to numbness and paralysis of the legs, disturbance of function of the genitourinary system, are often diagnosed with urinary incontinence.
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Aggravation of degenerative disc disease of any Department can be caused by physical exercise, inflammatory process in the human body, hypothermia. Recovery time can take from a few weeks to a year.

Methods of folk medicine for the treatment of disease

Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies at home is not the last role.

So, for example, pain that may occur suddenly, perfectly removes various effective methods of folk medicine.

It should also be noted that low back pain is an inflammatory nerve roots to the spinal cord and muscles located near the affected area.

Jamming leads to disruption of blood flow, and therefore lack of nutrients. The main objective of any method of traditional medicine is to relieve pain and inflammation, thereby restoring circulation.

In addition to the tasks described in the treatment of folk medicine can be identified and the following positive aspects:

  1. The composition of any of the funds contains only natural ingredients that do not lead to side effects.
  2. Some herbs have a more beneficial effect than a drug with a high content of chemicals.
  3. Traditional medicine is available to any citizen as a result of low cost medicines.

If we talk about the negative aspects of folk medicine, it should be noted the sluggishness of the patients who began self-treatment, without a full and thorough diagnosis to identify the causes of back pain.

For precautions one should consult the doctor about the use of the selected method as a treatment.

Treatment of the cervical spine

Office workers and drivers, experts recommend to regularly do exercises to improve blood circulation and prevention of osteoarthritis.

There is suitable short turns head to the side, tilt the head back and forth. All movements are done smoothly.

To increase efficiency, create a kind of stress on the muscles of the neck: tilt your head to the side, and hand create an obstacle to the implementation of the movement.

Circular motion and sharp tilting his head back with cervical osteochondrosis is strictly prohibited. This may cause injury and herniated disc of the cervical vertebra.

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With cervical osteochondrosis in addition to the exercises recommended for the night to make compresses, which perfectly eliminates the pain and inflammation.

Here are the recipes:

  1. A compress of potato and honey. For the preparation of a therapeutic composition of boiled potatoes. Hot tubers knead and add a little melted honey in the ratio 1:1. The composition is thoroughly mixed and molded him a cake. It is applied to the painful area, cover with polythene and wrap a woolen scarf for the night.
  2. A compress of leaves of horseradish. Sheet hell scalded with boiling water and apply to the damaged vertebrae of the cervical. Cover the sheet with plastic and a wool scarf. To leave for the night. The method cannot be used if one feels a burning sensation of the skin.
  3. To resolve the inflammatory process using a tincture of herbs. The same amounts of mixed dried and ground hops, chamomile and oregano. Spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, poured into the dark vessel and leave for three days. After the time the infusion take a tablespoon twice a day.

All of these methods are also suitable for the treatment of osteochondrosis of other departments. Any of the methods should be used only after consulting a doctor.

Treatment lumbar

Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis in the home should be dealt with immediately after waking up.

Lying on the bed, it is necessary to carry out some exercise. Immediately after waking up, lie on your back and stretch your legs straight and toes.

Lock in this position for a minute. Then you can do several exercises:

  1. The leg is pre-bent at the knee and pull to chest. Do a few repetitions with one leg, then switch and repeat the exercise.
  2. Raise the leg at a right angle a few times. Change leg and do the same number of repetitions.
  3. Bend both knees and lift the pelvis for a few seconds.

At night for treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis in house conditions you can use a compress or ointment. To prepare the compress, you take 700 grams of butter and two cups of birch buds.

Components of the mix and RUB on the night. Tie the cling film and woolen scarf. To leave for the night.

For the preparation of ointments mixed scrolled through a meat grinder garlic 1 tablespoon with two tablespoons of lard. Ointment is rubbed over the loins.

For the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar used a decoction of cranberries. Tablespoon of crushed leaves of bilberry pour a glass of boiling water in an enamelled saucepan over a slow fire, bring to the boil.

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Boiling for 15 minutes, the decoction is filtered and used for ingestion. Strained broth drink two tablespoons three times a day.

If the affected thoracic

Treatment of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic based on gymnastic exercises, therapeutic baths, and applying ointments independently prepared at home. You can use the following methods:

  1. For therapeutic baths to add to 5 liters of boiling water 400 grams of celandine or dandelion flowers. Cover the tank with a blanket for two hours. To drain the composition into the prepared bath with a temperature of 38-39 degrees Celsius. Session bathing procedures takes only 15 minutes. Treatment lasts 15-20 days.
  2. For the preparation of an ointment mixed in equal quantities crushed leaves of ficus and butter. The composition is kept in a warm oven for two hours. Strained and cooled composition is rubbed into the affected area at night.
  3. For grinding it is possible to prepare the composition of 100 grams of crushed petals and cloves 200 grams of olive oil. Components allowed to stand for half an hour in a water bath. Pociano and the cooled mixture is applied to the thoracic spine and triturated.

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As gymnastics it is possible to use exercises with bowing. For deflections should sit on a chair and hold your palm on the nape, to bend back on the exhale. Do a few repetitions.

The same exercise done on all fours. Exhale back bend back and held in this position for a few seconds.

With timely treatment the consequences and complications of degenerative disc disease of man is not terrible. But before applying any method you should undergo a complete and thorough diagnosis, and consult with your doctor.