Treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip: drugs

Лечение артроза тазобедренного сустава: лекарственные средства

The diseased joint is devoid of cartilage pads

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip joint can be implemented by various methods. This does not mean that it is possible for any patient to self-medicate: this may lead to serious consequences. As recommended to treat arthritis of the hip joint? It all depends on the extent of damage.

When the first and second stage of the disease the therapy is carried out in a more gentle manner, and further degradation is required treatment by surgical intervention which is performed using the endoprosthesis. This is the replacement of the damaged bone of the hip joint the artificial joint. This operation is technically difficult, as one part of the prosthesis should be implanted to the patient in the thigh and another in the pelvis. Their shape and quality synthetic analogue replicates the properties of natural bone.

Symptoms and ways of treatment first stage of the disease

The disease can begin after age 35 both men and women. It affects one or two joints. The main symptom of the disease is considered pain in the groin, which is given down the front and lateral surfaces of the thigh and may spread to the buttock (the first stage). Pain occur when walking and vertical movements of the body (for example, when trying to get up). Then there is the limitation of the feet of the patient, there is a crunch in joints at movement (the second stage). Can occur shortening of the lower limb and sometimes the reverse process is the lengthening of the affected leg. This leads to lameness — can manifest atrophy of the hip muscles — and the occurrence of acute pain (third stage).

To cope with osteoarthritis of the hip joint in the first stage of development, doctors usually apply the conservative medication.

Лечение артроза тазобедренного сустава: лекарственные средства

The cure-cartilage to restore cartilage

For this purpose, various medications in the form of tablets, injections and ointments are drugs of the following groups:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • vasodilator drugs;
  • muscle relaxants are used to relax the muscles of the patient;
  • chondro — drugs that are used to restore cartilaginous tissue;
  • steroids (hormones) are used in the form of injections inside the joint;
  • drugs for local use (compresses, lotions, ointments).

What to use for pain relief

The first group of drugs includes drugs that can be used when the patient discovered osteoarthritis of the hip joint of the first stage:

  • piroxicam;
  • indomethacin;
  • brufen;
  • diclofenac etc.

They eliminate pain in the joints, reduce inflammation and swelling. But these drugs during long-term exposure have a negative impact on the cartilage tissue of the thigh, and side side effects can damage the internal organs of the patient. So if you want long-term therapy, it is better to use such a drug as active ingredient. It is important to remember that it is impossible in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip joint to use multiple drugs at the same time.

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The second group includes the following tools:

  • trental;
  • teohnical;
  • Cinnarizine, etc.

These drugs are used for expanding the lumen of blood vessels and relaxation of smooth muscle. When you use have few side effects and by improving blood supply of the joints and relieve spasms lead to the restoration of bone and cartilage. Their effectiveness depends on individual tolerance of drugs.

Medications-antispasmodics should be used with extreme caution. They relieve muscle spasms and greatly improve the conditions of supply of the joints blood. The disadvantage is the possibility of exposure to components of drugs on the nervous system of the patient. Can be fixed dizziness, inhibition of consciousness and signs of intoxication.

Medicinal products for cartilage regeneration

Drugs that restore cartilage

  • rumalon;
  • don structum;
  • arteparon;
  • glucosamine;
  • chondroitin sulfate.

They are used for the treatment of deforming arthrosis of the hip joint. Drugs nourish the cartilage with nutrients and greatly improve its structure. Regular use of these funds can inhibit the development of the disease. Have virtually no contraindications, but they are not recommended for individual intolerance, inflammation of the joints and pregnancy.

The following drugs groups are injections (shots), which the treating doctor issues to the patient. This form is easy to use. Such means include:Лечение артроза тазобедренного сустава: лекарственные средства

  • hydrocortisone;
  • metipred;
  • kenalog.

Is injections (shots) that you can use with concomitant diseases such as, inflammation of the tendons of the hip. Their weaknesses: have a lot of contraindications and side effects, infrequently give good results. When using them we must remember that the injections can not be done in one hip more than 3 times, and the interval between each should be no less than 14 days.

The next group of drugs, which is treatment of arthrosis of the hip joints, it ointments, compresses, lotions. They improve blood flow and can relieve pain or muscle spasm. But these funds do not have a significant effect on stopping development of the disease.

Non-drug methods of dealing with the disease

In addition to the use of medicines and doctors recommend non-drug methods of dealing with illness. These include the following methods of treatment of this disease:

  • physiotherapy;
  • massage;
  • breeding of the joints;
  • diet.

Лечение артроза тазобедренного сустава: лекарственные средства

Physiotherapy helps to strengthen the effect of medical treatment

To physical therapy used for osteoarthritis include the following treatments:

  • magnetic therapy;
  • UHF and ultrasonic therapy;
  • aeroionic, and electrotherapy;
  • inductothermy;
  • phototherapy;
  • the use of laser technology.

All these methods can only be used to improve the blood supply to the joints and relieve spasms. A more positive outcome depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. These methods can be applied in complex with medicinal agents. For this suitable preparations in the form of injections (shots).

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Massage gives good results in deforming arthrosis: strengthens the muscles, relieves pain, eliminates spasms, swelling. Also relieves stress and improves blood flow to joints. Massage can be done independently. It is manual or using different devices. There is a method of use of water jets. Massage is effective and harmless, does not cause complications if it is done correctly.

Лечение артроза тазобедренного сустава: лекарственные средстваBreeding of joints — another method of dealing with illness. It is done with a traction machine, you can run it manually. This procedure separates the connected bones and can dramatically reduce the load on the joints. The lack of application of the apparatus is as follows:

  • breeding can only be done vertically;
  • it is impossible to make the hood sideways or outward — this will lead to the destruction of bone.

The advantage of this method is the ease of breeding of the joints. When using the manual method, the above drawbacks are not observed. Traction is a doctor that allows you to accurately calculate the load, depending on weight, muscle tone and personality of the patient. The disadvantages of this procedure:

  • the large complexity of implementation;
  • possible miscalculation that will lead to serious consequences;
  • success very much depends on the skill of the doctor;
  • using this method is equivalent to carrying out surgical operations, what it is necessary to inform the patient before treatment.

Diet in this disease is assigned to the attending physician. It is used to reduce the weight of the patient, which leads to a considerable reduction in the load on the bones of the hip joint, but for the disease itself can not affect.

Arthroplasty as a treatment of osteoarthritis

Surgical intervention used in the third stage of development of disease when the patient a deformed femoral head, thinning of cartilage tissue. Surgery is done by the method of arthroplasty. The damaged joint is completely replaced with an artificial. Cut the portion of the femur, which is attached to the head. In the cavity of the thigh exercises pin (usually made from titanium, but may use other materials). On his end made the prosthesis, the shape of the femoral head of the patient. The rod is fixed in the femur with a special adhesive or a composition similar to cement.

Лечение артроза тазобедренного сустава: лекарственные средстваParallel conduct surgical procedures on articulated surfaces of the hip and pelvis:

  • remove the area of the acetabulum;
  • this place set the concave bed of polyethylene;
  • this design of hinge attach an artificial crown, it will rotate when pressure on the joints.

After the operation usually returns mobility and eliminated the pain. People can virtually return to normal life. But this method has its drawbacks:

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  • When there is an error during the operation, and imprecise articulation of the joints may be in breach of the fixation of the main shaft, the prosthesis quickly fails, and after six months may require a new surgical intervention.
  • A very high percentage of different kinds of complications and infection of the operated place, which will turn the patient a long course of therapy and lead to the need for re-operation.
  • This type of surgery is time consuming and technically complicated.
  • Unfortunately, even with the full success of the operation the patient is not immune from new operations in the next 12 years, as during this time the prosthesis loses its properties and must be replaced with a new one. Artificial femoral head is in this period, under constant pressure and shaken. Glue-cement loses its properties. The stem of the artificial joint can, in an unsuccessful movement to break away from the walls of the thigh bone that disrupts the efficient work of the whole structure. The patient again pain, and need to start all over again.

    Other types of surgery

    Another type of arthrosis treatment by surgery is the application of methods of arthrodesis. They are divided into 4 main groups:

    • compression methods open or closed;
    • intra-articular surgery;
    • extra-articular surgery;
    • combined methods.

    When performing arthrodesis of the ends of the connecting joints are cut and then connected so that in the future could happen to their splicing. Thus the patient disappear pain, but there is a loss of mobility. This reduces the disabled person after discharge from the hospital. As the main overload is transferred in his knees and lower back, changes may occur in the spine and there is a pain in the back, which can take injections of the appropriate drugs. It’s hard to move up the stairs and sit on a flat surface. In any case, the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the hip joint must immediately contact a specialist.

    The sooner you start the healing process, the more likely it is to get rid of the disease. Can you cure arthritis completely? Experts say that it is only the first stage of the disease.