Treatment of osteoarthritis with numbness of the fingers hips feet

Numbness of the tips of the fingers or toes – symptoms of various diseases. In a broad list of possible reasons for this phenomenon occupies a special place osteochondrosis. If the paresthesia (sensation of numbness, etc.) began to occur regularly, it is necessary without delay to find out its source and begin to heal pathology. The seriousness of the situation is that running low back pain or incorrectly chosen treatment can lead to disability of the patient, and diagnostic mistake can cost the patient life.

When the numbness of the thigh, the fingers of the hands or feet symptoms point how degenerative disc disease and thrombosis, stroke, and diabetes. Therefore, it is important to make an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment. In addition, when the numbness of the fingers, feet almost always occur related subsequent sensations: tingling, aching pain. This indicates impaired blood flow, which requires immediate medical intervention. These symptoms are in any case can not be ignored, because you can lose a limb.Лечение остеохондроза при онемении пальцев рук бедра ног

Possible diagnosis

To judge the presence of the disease only one symptom of paresthesia is impossible. Multiple possible development of the condition of the patient numbing. The paresthesia thumb and index finger on the hand are often referred to as the signs of cervical osteochondrosis. Periodically numb index and middle finger may indicate inflammatory process region of the elbow joint or recent trauma. Paresthesia, tingling of the little finger and ring finger – a common symptoms of cardiac pathologies. The generalization of such cases is not justified. Accurate diagnosis can only be done by an experienced doctor after a thorough research.

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Possible diseases with numb extremities:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • the lack of microelements, vitamins;
  • the presence of multiple sclerosis;
  • disorders of the spine;
  • Raynaud’s syndrome;
  • poor blood circulation of blood vessels of the arms, legs;
  • hereditary damage to the nervous system;
  • flattened nerve endings in lodygensky, wrist, elbow area;
  • trauma;
  • pathological articular deformation;
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine;
  • blood clots in arms, legs;
  • disc herniation;
  • stroke;
  • diabetes.

Diagnostic procedures are aimed at the consistent exception of possible options, establishing the type of pathology. Only after identifying the exact causes numbness treatment.

To prevent severe circulatory disorders of the brain paresthesia of the fingers should be carefully explored. Disregards recurrent uncomfortable sensations. The result of irresponsible use of such symptoms may be muscle atrophy or other serious illness.

Diagnostic methods

If the patient complains of numbness of fingers, it is advisable to conduct some research to confirm the alleged low back pain. To optimal diagnostic methods include:

  • computer scanning of the brain;
  • MRI of the cervical spine Department;
  • echoencephalography;
  • electroencephalography;
  • the study of the brain and vertebral-basilar zone by magnetic resonance angiography;
  • dopplerography of arteries of the neck and spine;
  • the x-rays.

Лечение остеохондроза при онемении пальцев рук бедра ногThese methods will help to determine the presence or absence of pathology of the Central nervous system. If the Central nervous system does not have pathological disorders, to continue research and to begin detailed diagnostic procedures. Research found by the exact cause of paresthesia determine further treatment.

X-rays should be done in different projections. The obtained images clearly demonstrate the localization of vascular or nerve compression. A Doppler study will help to determine the degree of patency of blood vessels located in the neck and spine.

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The choice of optimal therapeutic agents

If numbness in hands, tingling fingers, aching pain – regularly recurring symptoms, you should determine the optimal treatment for each patient individually. These symptoms may reflect a set of disorders of different systems including low back pain. To treat certain disorders should take into account the possible other pathologies, not to cause harm to the patient.


Therapeutic measures

When Raynaud’s disease. Planned treatment can increase the numbness of fingers, seriously degrade the condition of the patient. Treatment of degenerative disc disease is also incompatible with the tactics of elimination of Raynaud’s syndrome.
Upon detection of diabetes. In this case individual comprehensive therapy. Such patients should be transferred to special institutions, to treat inpatient or out-patient, conduct periodic hospitalization for observation.
If diagnostics showed serious blood disorder. Necessary medical treatment and patient referral to a specialist.
If the paresthesia is caused by degenerative disc disease.


For fingers upper limb treatment massage, electrophoresis, acupuncture, special exercises for the development of the brush. When your toes go numb also require active physiotherapy. After consultation with a specialist is acceptable to use the effects with home remedies.

If paresthesia of the legs, the patient should immediately quit Smoking if he was exposed to this harmful habit. He also prescribed a special diet, the complex of gymnastic exercises. It is necessary to develop leg muscles, not let them atrophy.

Daily exercise, avoiding harmful habits, timely screening for genetic factors is the best prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Elderly you should be very careful to treat the joints of hands and feet, to protect them from possible injuries, to do an evening bath of healing herbs, to use the night creams and serums.