Treatment of rhizarthrosis thumb folk & traditional methods

The symptoms and treatment of rhizarthrosis joint of the thumb

Our hands help us to deal with any most difficult work, and it is primarily due to the mobility of the finger joints.

But, unfortunately, they very often exposed to various injuries and diseases.

Of the diseases most often affect the joints of the fingers osteoarthritis and arthritis, these pathologies are quite serious illnesses that delivers a lot of suffering patients.

What is resorters?

A type of arthrosis of the fingers is resorters.

Resorters is osteoarthritis affecting the joint of the thumb, which is at the base of the finger and unifying the wrist joint with the metacarpal bone.

This pathology is characterized by rapid progression, severe pain, and further deformity of the bones and joints, and also their thickening. In many cases the disease is accompanied by frequent exacerbations.

Often the disease affects elderly people and women after the age of 40 who are affected by the hormonal disruptions.

Researchers can be primary and secondary, that is, to develop in a healthy joint, or injured. If the treatment is not started promptly, the disease can progress and lead to a serious restriction of motor activity of the fingers.

Anatomy of a joint

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The hand consists of five tubular metacarpal bones. Bone big toe bigger than all the others, although shorter. Thumb all different from the other two phalanges, and the presence of a carpometacarpal joint.

This joint is flat, located between the 2 bones near the wrist and 2-4 near the metacarpal bones. Formed by the distal saddle-shaped articular surface of the trapezoid bone and saddle-shaped articular surface of the base of the first metacarpal bone.

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Is the joint of sustainableuse bones, joint capsule and cavity, which is located in the bag, outside is reinforced by ligaments.

Causes of pathology

Today there are a lot of reasons ristras thumb. In most cases, the disease occurs in those who are at work is a heavy load on the thumb.

Also the cause of the disease can be heredity, metabolic process in the body, a period of hormonal changes in women. When the disease occurs at a young age, generally are the cause of autoimmune disorders or injuries, such as fractures, torn ligaments, etc.

Cause resorters can and hypothermia of the hands, frequent respiratory diseases, allergic processes, problems with the thyroid gland.


The first signs of rhizarthrosis is pain in the thumb that appear at high loads. Eventually, when the disease begins to progress, the symptoms of this disease begin to appear more pronounced.

There is pain inside the wrist and with a slight movement of the finger, can occur not only under load and at rest.

The joint is flowing, the skin reddens, sometimes it can itch. Also, there is the crunch when you slide your nger, the feeling of stiffness in the joint, often the numbness. Patients often occurs malaise, chills.

When viewed noticeable deformation of the bones of the affected joint, and if an x-ray, it can be seen clearly.

On a more severe stage the finger is deformed, sharply restricted the movement, there is muscle atrophy, all of which can lead to complete disability.

Diagnostic methods

Primary diagnosis of rhizarthrosis thumb usually put on the basis of the medical examination and the testimony of the patient.

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For a more accurate diagnosis carried out x-ray examination of a joint, and also appoint the clinical blood test and a blood test for rheumatology test. Typically, in x-rays, visible deformity of the bones of the thumb and narrowing of the joint space.

The complex of therapeutic measures

During exacerbation of the disease the initial treatment of rhizarthrosis thumb consists of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs which help to stop pain and reduce inflammation.

If necessary, the specialists prescribe drugs that stimulate cartilage tissue, thanks to which stops joint destruction.

Favorably affect the joints of the fingers in regular massage, it improves blood circulation and relieves spasms.

In addition, it is possible to achieve good results with the physical therapy, which includes:

  • the use of various baths;
  • compresses;
  • of laser therapy;
  • electrophoresis, etc.

Sometimes to achieve a more quickly effect the doctor may prescribe intra-articular and periarticular injection. It should be remembered that the treatment should be complex and lengthy.

In severe cases, when drug treatment is ineffective, seek the help of surgeons, they performed surgery on the affected joint.

Folk medicine to help

Proved its worth and treatment of rhizarthrosis traditional methods.

Particularly noteworthy compresses, rubbing and lotions on the aching joint. In addition, the popular treatment offers a variety of herbal teas and tinctures on the basis of marsh cinquefoil, birch leaves, ferns, horseradish, etc.

Over the past few years is widely used in the treatment of therapy, hirudotherapy, thanks to which you can almost completely cure the disease.

Also an effective therapy and with the help of mud. This method allows you to remove the inflammation of the joint, reduce pain and return mobility. Do not forget that along with the treatment of folk remedies you must follow a diet to eliminate salty, spicy, fatty various meats.

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Preventive measures

In order to avoid diseases you must follow some preventive measures. First and foremost, you should avoid various injuries and damage, try not to load the joints of the thumb, to avoid hypothermia of the hands.

Also a good preventive measure is considered a regular exercises for the hands and massage. Great importance should be paid to nutrition, it must include a number of vitamins, minerals, nutrients that strengthen the joints.

It must be remembered that suspicious pain in thumb is alarming, because in this place can form inflammatory processes.

Therefore, discovering any symptoms of rhizarthrosis should immediately contact the doctor in order to perform timely diagnosis and, if necessary, begin treatment. Earlier the treatment can minimize the progression of the disease, and sometimes completely stop it.