Treatment of scoliosis of the spine at home: gymnastics, exercises for cakeday stage and type of curvature

Getting rid of scoliosis at home: a complete set of measures

Scoliosis today is not uncommon. As a rule, the disease makes itself felt in the transition to adulthood. In the future it progresses.

The development of scoliosis contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. As a result of a person overcome persistent pain, a failure occurs in the internal organs. The third and fourth stages violations can be corrected only through surgery.

Scoliosis treatment at home effective for prompt initiation of therapy.

Principles of therapy of the warp at home

To start an independent treatment of scoliosis is only recommended after examination by a specialist. After establishing the degree of spinal curvature are assigned to certain procedures and activities.

Their objectives are:

  • the relief of the disease;
  • the strengthening of the vertebral muscles;
  • correction of the spine subjected to deformation.

Treatment of scoliosis by massage, exercises must be complemented by such treatments:

  • walks in the fresh air;
  • eating foods rich in proteins minerals and vitamins;
  • active lifestyle;
  • standing posture control.

How to fix scoliosis home?

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To get rid of the curvature in the home using the following measures:

  • the complex of gymnastic exercises;
  • physiotherapy (physical therapy);
  • massage;
  • yoga;
  • compresses;
  • traditional methods etc.

Principles of execution of gymnastic exercises

When using gymnastic exercises should be guided by certain principles:

  1. Exercises are performed slowly and with fluidity. Loading the body should only be in good General health and without serious comorbidities.
  2. Exercise begin with less strain. Increasing it gradually.
  3. Before exercise should be pre-workout.
  4. Do not expose the load is back. When training should be involved shoulders, lower back and legs. Each exercise is performed at least 5 times.

The selection of the most effective and safe exercises

The best exercises in scoliosis any part of the spine available to perform at home:

  1. A beneficial effect on the condition of the spine has a regular horizontal bar. You should throw your hands, relax your body and hang for 30 seconds. In this case the body must be rotated in one direction and then the other.
  2. Relax the back helps another. Hands up, head thrown back. It should be pulled. Further, the hand-shaped circumference, and the patient is gently lowered by bending the knees. Then gently rises.
  3. The patient should lie on a hard surface. Face while looking up. Hands are placed along the body. In this position, start rocking and snaking. This exercise lasts for a minute. Doing it in the mornings and evenings daily. After a week the duration can be doubled.
  4. The patient needs to lie on a hard surface. The face looks up. Placed under the neck cushion. Hands and feet drawn towards the body at a right angle. Within 1 minute it is necessary to make the shaking and vibrating movements of the extremities.
  5. Need to lie on your back to hold your hand. Then start simultaneous stretching of the hands up and legs down. Stretching is based on the principle of an accordion. The exercise is conducted every day. Its duration is 1 minute. This method helps to stop spine pain.
  6. Straightening back systematically runs a well-known exercise «Bicycle».
  7. Very useful squats. You should catch hold of something with your hands and produce from 5 to 20 squats twice a day. After waking up or before going to sleep you should bend your knee and clasp his hands to the castle. Raising his head and pulling the knee itself, try touching it to his chin. The same is done with the other leg.
  8. This gymnastic exercise is effective when the lesions of the upper spinal cord. You should lie on your back and begin to swing in different directions. Then you have to clasp the knees and sway back and forth. You can also with bent knees to move through the blades up and down.

It is necessary to note that there are different types of scoliosis: S-shaped and S-shaped. Each of them developed its own complex of exercises.

Exercising with a C-shaped curvature

This set of exercises will help to get rid of deformation of the spine in a C-shaped form of the disease:

  1. Exercise # 1.Feet located at shoulder width. Put hands on shoulder and start rotating the elbows. Exercise is done three times for 8 times back and forth.
  2. Exercise # 2. The position of the body is maintained. Is a deep breath and when you exhale the shoulder we need to get as far forward as possible. With the next breath return to its original position. You can’t turn your back. The same is with the back shoulder abduction.
  3. Exercise # 3. Lower the arms along the body and head to pull up. The body is stretched like a spring. Try best to rise without lifting your heels off the floor. Abstain in an elongated position to 7 seconds.
  4. Exercise # 4. Should lie on the floor face down. Hands should be stretched along the body, to raise his head up. The chest and shoulders should touch the floor. Need to stretch your hands to the floor and repeat the previous movements.
  5. Exercise # 5. You should return to the starting position and produce an alternate lifting of the feet.
  6. Exercise # 6. For exercise boat at the same time raise the hands, stretching his legs forward.
  7. Exercise No. 7. In conclusion, it is necessary to walk on the heels. My hands are on the waist. With five moving on your toes and step on them.
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Gymnastic complex with an S-shaped deformation

For correction of deformation resort to performing exercises that promote alignment of the lumbar and the thoracic and strengthening dorsal muscles:

  1. Exercise # 1. Take wide high bench, hands to make a head, leaving your feet to give the case back.
  2. Exercise # 2. Next is to lie down on the bench to her side reached the blades. Tilt the body back and hang in a relaxed state for a few seconds.
  3. Exercise # 3. Need to lie down on a firm surface, on your back and produce the body rolling motion.
  4. Exercise # 4. You need to lie on the bench belly. The side edge of the bench should be near the waist. The trunk descends at a right angle. Then it is necessary to lift without lifting feet.
  5. Exercise # 5. Standing to raise the arm up from the side of the curvature in the thoracic region, the second arm pull to the side. On the inhale, the body should rise. Leg from the warp hung to the side, hands are on the nape. Elbows up side, and bends the body on the inhale.
  6. Exercise # 6. You want to get on all fours. To produce inhale, and you exhale to sit down on your heels. Hands do not change their positions. On the inhale take the starting position.
  7. Exercise No. 7. Standing on all fours, arch and SAG your back.
  8. Exercise No. 8. The following exercise is performed lying down. Hands pull along the body. Inspiratory socks feet to pull at the same time to catch up with chin to chest Department.
  9. Exercise No. 9. You should lie on your back and extend hands along the body. The leg opposite the curve in the lower back, bend at the knee and hip joint angle of 90 degrees. Knee pulled up to her stomach.


Therapeutic exercise is carried out only on order of the attending physician with the presentation of the degree of lesions of the spine.

On the appointment LFK decides it, but need a selection of exercises is pursuing another specialist in the field of physiotherapy.

Stages of physical therapy:

  1. Preparatory stage, during which the body adapts to physical stress. Is working out certain muscle groups.
  2. The basic exercises. As a rule, they are performed lying on your back or standing. There are symmetrical and asymmetrical. The latter is recommended only under the supervision of a specialist in a clinic or hospital.
  3. The final stage is based on the exercises for breathing and walking.

The technique of symmetrical exercises

Step-by-step exercise:

  1. Should lean against the wall and rests his heels, calves and buttocks in it. His back to straighten. Then take a few steps forward, keeping the correct posture. The breathing should be smooth.
  2. Their feet shoulder width apart. We need to start squatting. With hands drawn forward and back straight. The exercise is done smoothly. On inhale is the squat, and exhale lifting.
  3. Feet are placed shoulder-width apart, and arms are in a free position. Count to three. At the expense of time, make a breath and lift your arms up-pull, and on the count of three, make exhale and lower your arms.
  4. It is necessary to put feet on width apart, hands down. The back is in an erect condition. Made four circular movements with your shoulders towards back, and then the same moving forward.
  5. Standing it is necessary to lift the leg and bend the knee. The leg is raised as high as possible. Stand maintained for a short time. The same exercise with the other leg.
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Each exercise should be done 5-10 times.

Massage: if really, the benefit

Massage for scoliosis starts with kneading the leg muscles. Then move on to hips and stomach and then include the dorsal division.

The aim of the massage is to strengthen weak muscles and relax tense.

Massage with S-shaped curvature

S-shaped scoliosis affects the lumbar and thoracic. Thoracic curvature manipulations begin with a light stroking of the back. First massaged concave region, and then convex.

Gradually moving to the long and broad dorsal muscles. The intercostal muscles are massaged in a straight line. Then connect the neck and trapeze muscle. The massage is followed by stroking.

Massage for lumbar scoliosis starts similar to the previous, then proceed to the «squeezing». Massage first concave region, and then convex.

After the warm-up part begin to massage the pelvic region. Then move to the leg muscles. The emphasis is on the other foot, which is on the convex side.

Massage with S-shaped scoliosis

Massage in this type of scoliosis is carried out in parallel on the lower back and thoracic spine. Apply the same techniques.

Wearing a corset

Many people wonder whether this method has a high level of efficiency?

The corset is undoubtedly useful, as the patient’s muscles are in a relaxed state and lose its full functionality.

The device helps to maintain the spine in the desired position, which after some time is aligned.

The healing compresses

Compresses are to folk treatments. They can reduce the pain, but to correct the posture not. Use them in combination with the main treatment.

Well-proven recipes:

  1. Dandelion or chestnut. For cooking, you should take a two-liter jar. One-third fill with flowers or fruits of chestnut and pour 2 cups of vodka. A cure should insist on протяжении10 days in a warm place. Bank vzbaltyvayut daily. Before applying the tincture is filtered, but is diluted with water and heated. Solution wet the gauze. A compress applied to the affected area for whole night.
  2. On the basis of salt. Taken 25 g of sea salt, which is diluted in a glass of boiling water. Moistened gauze and applied to the painful area for a few hours. Then the skin applied ointment Menovazin.
  3. On the basis of potatoes and horseradish. Potatoes and horseradish are ground on a grater. The components are mixed and wrapped in gauze. Should be applied to the sore area over and tied a woolen scarf or kerchief. Compress lasts until the beginning of noticeable burning.
  4. Aloe Vera and honey. The aloe leaves are crushed and mixed with 100 g of honey and half a Cup of vodka. A mixture of impregnated cotton cloth. The compress should keep the night.
  5. You can knead turpentine-based dough of rye flour, roll it into a pellet and applied to the affected area.

The use of coniferous baths

One of the good folk remedies is a bath on the basis of needles. For its preparation it takes a 10-litre bucket of water to which is added pine branches.

They should be crushed. The bucket is placed on the fire and the water brought to the boil. It needs to boil for 10 minutes. The tool then for 4 hours is infused.

The bath of the infusion is filtered. It is important that the heart area was not submerged in water. In the bath it is necessary to sit half an hour.

Application of yoga

The use of yoga asanas has a beneficial effect on the patient’s condition. For the development of different areas of the affected spine, there are different sets of exercises.

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It is very important that at first stayed with you so specialist in the field of yoga or physical therapy.

Exercises for convex back

In this case, fit the following exercises:

  1. You should sit on a chair and direct the convexity of the vertebrae to the back. One hand is on the back of the chair, the other on her hip.
  2. If you are in need of straightening in the lumbar spine, it is necessary to put pressure on the back of the chair and thigh. Waist and lower abdomen go back.
  3. If the curvature is in the cervical spine or in the chest, then gently push the back of the chair, leading edges and upper area of the body. Feel the inner alignment on the medial side.

Exercise for the concave side of the back

You need to stand sideways with the concave side against the wall. Hands are alongside your hips and the palms touch the wall. Feet are placed shoulder-width apart, the body takes a straight position.

The back of your hand is pressing on the wall. The body moves in response to movement of the hand.

Pressure on the wall continues, but the body parts must not move. Involved only the muscles located on the far side of the wall. The exercise is performed to muscle fatigue. It can take between 30 seconds and 65 minutes. All very individually.

Required some experience to learn how to hold the body still. First push on the wall slightly. After 2 weeks, the power should be increased.

Curvature treatment depending on the stage

Scoliosis treatment is not always possible at home, all depends on the stage of the warp:

  1. In the treatment of the first stages of the disease, the focus is on muscle strengthening, formulation of correct posture. Everyday the morning exercises, physical therapy, massage and swimming are fundamental methods.
  2. In the treatment of second-degree resort to physical therapy, gymnastics and massage. It is necessary to wear a corset.
  3. In the third degree use wearing a corset. If the angle of the curvature is above 45 degrees, surgery on the vertebrae of the system, correcting their position.
  4. At 4 degrees also resort to surgical intervention. It is assigned only in extreme cases when other methods have shown their low efficiency.

What dangers lurk that you need to consider?

When properly selected set of exercises can only worsen the situation. Nalasopara the load on the muscles is a provocateur of the transition of the disease from 1 in 2 and even 3 stage.

Surgical intervention is indicated for pinched spinal nerves and a prolapsed intervertebral disc.

This operation belongs to the category of very difficult. It requires error free manipulation, as any error can turn the patient into an invalid.

When you to the doctor?

The contact must be immediate, if you notice that one shoulder was higher than the other, or on the back there was a small dent. In particular, you should not hesitate, if the deformation is fast.

Another major reason of going to the doctor can be a tingling in the back.

To correct the scoliosis at home is not so easy. Success is in direct proportion to the degree of curvature of the spine and knowledge of a doctor, taking an active part in the treatment. The patient must exercise patience and perseverance.