Treatment of styloiditis radius of folk and traditional media

Steroidit painful wrist joint

Steroidit is one of the types of dystrophic process, which is characterized by damage to the joints of the wrist.

There is steroidit radial bone at the site of attachment of the tendon to styloid process of the radius or ulna.

Disease is fraught with serious consequences.

Why is there inflammation

The main cause of inflammation in the tendons is a long-lasting strain of the joint, which occurs due to mikrotravmatizatsii and increased physical activity.

If the load is of a permanent nature, in the tissue of cartilage and tendon changes are observed, resulting in salt deposits. Appear in place of microreserve tendon fibers.

A hard growth that damage the soft tissue; a plot with a modified tendon tissue and cartilage; areas of necrosis of individual tissues.

Also because of the long load on the tendon tissue that is between them, could ossify a result there are osteophytes, spikes and other bony growths causing to Mendoza.

Pathology can facilitate:

  • dislocations;
  • stretching;
  • gout;
  • arthritis;
  • reactive arthritis;
  • The activities related to the tension of the tendons of the wrist.


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Inflammation can develop in such places:

  • from the back carpal ligament in the course of the I channel;
  • from transverse carpal ligament;
  • from the back ligament in the course of the VI channel;
  • near the annular ligaments of the fingers.

The symptoms and signs of disease

Radiation steroidit has specific symptoms:

  • pain in the tendons of the wrist during probing or movement;
  • swelling at the site of the affected joint;
  • redness and local temperature rise in the area of inflammation;
  • during movement in the brush paralyzed hand can be heard crunching;
  • contraction or stiffness of the tendon, leading to impairment of joint mobility;
  • the difficulty of grasping movements.
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Diagnostic methods

The difficulty of identifying violations is the absence of any special manifestations, which would have a contrast to the other lesions of the joint and its tissues.

In addition, during the surveys it is possible to identify only some signs of inflammation of the tendons.

That is why an important part of the violation is a differential diagnosis, which will help to distinguish steroidit from other lesions surlily and joints.

So, the main ways to determine lesions of the wrist are:

  • inspection;
  • radiography;
  • Ultrasound;
  • laboratory research;
  • back;
  • magnetic imaging and computed tomography.

Treatment of styloiditis

At the initial stage of treatment for inflammation of the wrist joint is possible by the use of conservative methods.

These include:

  • the rest of the patient’s joint;
  • the application of cold, 3-4 times daily in the form of various packs;
  • the use of the tire and splints made from plaster;
  • wearing any means with the effect of the tire;
  • the use of drugs.

From prescription medications worth mentioning are:

  • Hydrocortisone (injection into the sheath surrounding the tendons);
  • Piroxicam;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Methylprednisol with 1% lidocaine;
  • Motrin.

In some cases, a doctor may prescribe antimicrobial treatment.

After the occurred subsidence of the acute process, should proceed to conduct a special physical training, which should consist of stretching exercises and strengthening the muscles of the hands.

If the disease passed into a chronic form, it is necessary to undergo a course of massage. It enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby improving nutrition of tissues.

One of the main ways to treat disorders that have not yet taken a chronic shape and has no complications, is physical therapy.

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Procedures that can help you cope with the abuse:

  • magnetic therapy;
  • laser treatment;
  • mud and paraffin compresses;
  • electrophoresis with lydasum;
  • shock-wave therapy.

Disease treatment folk remedies

In milder forms of the disease, you can use the popular recipes, whose action is aimed at eliminating the inflammation in the affected area, and to reduce or neutralize the pain.

Some proven methods:

  1. Curcumin is used as a seasoning 0.5 g per day.
  2. The roots of ginger and sarsaparilla: cut, mix, pour 1 teaspoon mixture Cup boiling water and drink twice a day. Can be used instead of tea.
  3. Fresh cherry: 3 tbsp raw materials pour boiling water, infuse on a water bath and drink several times a day.

Another excellent remedy to relieve pain in the tendons, is salt water.

For its manufacturing it is necessary to dissolve in a glass of water, spoon of salt, mix and moisten in this solution a piece of gauze; after her a little squeeze, put them in the bag, and then in the freezer for a few minutes; remove wipe from pack and apply on the affected area, it is well pribinova. Keep to dry.


If conservative treatment does not help, and the patient has signs of tear or changes of the tendon, it is reasonable to undertake surgery.

It consists in the excision of the diseased tissue. After the surgery recovery time will be up to 3 months.

People associated with the sport, to come back in 3-4 months.

Preventive measures

To prevent this loss it is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. It should not be for a long period to perform monotonous work, you need to take a break, giving the hands a rest.
  2. Before training you should warm up your muscles to avoid damage and overload.
  3. The intensity and duration of the load should be increased gradually. The main complication of the disease is a tendon rupture, but with proper treatment violations of this trouble can be prevented.
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