Treatment with clay joints

Among a rich Arsenal of traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases of the joints treatment of their clay is one of the most effective. And this is not surprising. Traditional medicine, in contrast to the official, specializiruetsya on the use for the treatment of diseases of all that surrounds human: animals, plants, minerals.Лечение глиной суставов

The healing power of clay

Rasciesa after heavy rains and a lot of hassle travelers, the clay is a unique substance, one of the best created by nature sorbents. She has the ability to absorb almost all known today harmful toxins, pulling them from the cells of the body.

It is believed that the ancestor of pinolene was a famous medieval Persian scientist Avicenna. But, probably, people used the treatment of clay before him, and the merit of Avicenna that he systematized the knowledge into a coherent doctrine. Under this system, modified and improved by his followers, the healing power of clay depend on its color, since color is the easiest way to determine its composition. It is:

  • white, light blue;
  • green, yellow, red.

In addition to sorbing properties, clay has analgesic and wound healing properties, so it is used instead of a bandage for getting rid of shallow scratches or cracks, just hiding her damaged skin. Also various different types and other useful, and often unique properties. For example, blue has the ability to regenerate cartilaginous tissues, so the clay arthritis or arthrosis is often even better than advertised on TV gels and ointments.

However, it should be noted that raw materials for treatment of any disease is better to buy in pharmacies, and not to use is taken from clay pits, which, in addition to minerals, large quantities are present impurities. If you decide to save and get raw materials from the quarry, it must literally pass through his fingers, crushing all the lumps and as ridding it of impurities.

Backed by the name of the famous Avicenna, the practice of pinolene found support and official medicine. Doctors have confirmed that the treatment with the clay is particularly effective at the initial stage of diseases of the joints, as sciatica, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, herniated spine.

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How to choose clay for the joints

The color of the clay indicates the predominance in its composition of a specific mineral. On this basis, and determine its medicinal properties. Rich in aluminum white clay used for stimulation of blood circulation, for the treatment of various skin diseases.

The clay for the joints or for treatment of a herniated disc it is better to take blue. Among all types of blue most full of vital for our body minerals: magnesium, manganese, silver, phosphorus, cobalt, copper and radium. Blue clay, in addition to diseases of the joints, cures diseases of the thyroid gland and is even capable of in the initial stages to stop the development of cancer.

Also effective is the treatment of joints and spinal hernia yellow clay, rich in iron, sodium and sulphur. In addition, it can relieve a person from severe migraines. Green clay is rich in iron and copper, therefore, stimulates the heart, strengthening the heart muscle.Лечение глиной суставов

Red clay is rich in iron and potassium. It has excellent tonic properties, so it is often used to relieve stress, get rid of fatigue or depression.

How to use natural remedy to treat

Of these the most popular in the treatment of joints and spinal hernia blue clay. But the effectiveness of pinolene not only depends on raw material color, but also on the correct and thorough preparation. Before you start treatment, the clay need grind to it was not even small lumps, and knead thoroughly, gradually adding the warm water until the prepared mixture is similar to a thick porridge.

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The clay for the joints most often used in the form of compresses. The diseased joint or the manifestations of a herniated disc is first disinfected with alcohol, then it falls on 2-3 layers of gauze lining, and on it place a layer of softened and warmed up to 45 degrees of clay. The thickness of the layer is approximately 1 cm Diseased joint wrapped with cellophane, and then wrap a woolen scarf or wrap a woolen blanket. Keep the compress for 30-40 minutes, until the clay has cooled. After that, the compress is removed, and its remains wash with warm water.
Good effect and treatment of the joints with clay baths. Clay baths are often added other components, most often honey, or sea salt, as well as various extracts of medicinal herbs. Good effect and add olive or camphor oil, and Apple cider vinegar. To prepare a clay bath you need to use only purified water. Clay is recommended to cook in an enamel, wooden or earthenware vessel. A metal utensil for this purpose it is better not to use, like a metal spatula for mixing of the prepared solution. Prepare the bath just 1 tablespoon of clay pour 1 liter of boiling water, stir to avoid lumps, and allow time to cool to acceptable skin temperature. Then in the prepared solution are immersed for 15-20 min the patient’s joint. Then for a few hours wrapped in his woolen blanket or shawl.

Clay treatment of joints or the herniated disc – effective and affordable, but even it has its contraindications. First of all, it’s an allergic reaction, a severe form of oncologic diseases, and chronic forms of tuberculosis and osteoporosis. Even with the common cold if it is accompanied by increased body temperature, pinolene better to abstain. So before you start this treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor.