Treatment with horseradish joints

Out stepped a half-century age line around 80% to a greater or lesser extent, suffer from any diseases of the joints. But even among quite young people today increases the number of those who joint disease prevent to move, to work, to enjoy life. Paradox: modern medicine develops and produces more improved and effective means for treatment diseases of the joints, but they do not what to fight disease – and even stop a clear trend towards the rejuvenation of cases not.

Лечение хреном суставов

The main diseases of the joints

Diseases of the joints, different between the way of destruction, the flow rate and pain, a great many. But conventionally, all of the disease can be divided into two groups:

  • Degenerative (arthritis and its variants: gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, etc.).
  • Inflammatory (arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, etc.).
  • The vast majority of degenerative diseases is a violation of proper metabolism, resulting in interarticular cartilage layer becomes thinner and partially destroyed. As a result, joints lose their elasticity, and the split weakened the cartilage cushioning the bones begin to RUB against each other. This is partly (and in the later stages of the disease and completely) limits the mobility of the affected joint and cause a person excruciating pain. Especially these symptoms are felt after the considerable physical loadings, and in the evenings.

    Causes inflammation of the joints can be varied, but the mechanism of inflammation is the same. Due to the increase in the articular capsule of the volume of synovial fluid in the joint increases in size. Skin due to swelling stretches and reddens.

    Patient articom and other diseases is in constant aching pain, which is particularly felt in the morning, with severe weather changes or in strong hypothermia.

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    Hell guarding the health of the joints

    People have long used the horseradish for the treatment of various diseases. Traditional healers and to this day is successfully used horseradish for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the kidneys, liver and joints, as well as a powerful analgesic, antiseptic and a means of immune protection.

    Hell is a real pantry is vital to the human body minerals:

    • sodium;
    • iron;
    • phosphorus;
    • potassium;
    • copper;
    • sulphur etc.

    Hell is considered one of the top leaders in content of vitamin C. Also it contains a lot of vitamins A, PP and group B. the Leaves and roots of horseradish are rich in carbohydrates and essential oils. They consist of many active components that can easily pass through the skin, mucous membranes and enter the bloodstream.

    Unlike most drugs of conventional medicine, the action of which is directed to the treatment of one disease of the joints, in the best case for treatment of one group of diseases, hell – a versatile therapeutic tool that can effectively help almost any disease with arthritis, and various inflammatory processes. If you have arthritis it greatly reduces the stiffness of the joints and in inflammatory diseases – reduces inflammation and swelling, restoring joint mobility. And in both cases, relieves the patient.

    Hell significantly reduces pain and showed good analgesic properties.

    How to treat the joints horseradish

    Traditional medicine has developed many effective recipes using this plant for the treatment of various diseases of the joints. For treatment use as the leaves and horseradish root. But still need to keep in mind that the leaves are not so pronounced healing properties as the roots.

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    For the treatment of lumbar sciatica, as well as to bring settled in the joints of salt, fresh horseradish leaves, pre-rinsing it with boiling water, privinchivayut to the affected area, the opposite side to the skin. On top of the leaves put a plastic bag, fix all Baikova wool or cloth. A poultice usually applied at night and in the morning, the skin beneath appears white bloom: leaves, like a magnet being pulled out through the pores of the skin small salt crystals. Released from the leaves juice penetrates deep, warming the affected area. Sometimes the overlay compress you can even notice some minor burns, but they quickly disappear.

    In winter the leaves of horseradish to successfully replace his roots. The grated root is mixed with kerosene and this slurry is applied on the aching joint. Treatments need to be repeated through the day, their number in the course should not exceed ten.

    There are other effective prescriptions.

    Лечение хреном суставов

    Composition Cooking Application
    To relieve pain and inflammation of the joints will need fresh horseradish root and Apple. The root of the plant is ground in a meat grinder or blender, then RUB on a fine grater Apple and mix the pulp together in equal proportions. The resulting mixture is used as a compress on inflamed joints, applying it at night before bed.
    For the treatment of deforming arthrosis will need 1 tablespoon of crushed root to 2 cups of water. The root should be crushed on a grater, then add water in the specified proportion. To steam on low heat in a water bath. As soon as the water boils, the pot with roots, you should immediately remove from heat. Steaming fuck shift in a canvas bag and applied to the affected joint, fixing bandage.
    Mix thoroughly equal parts of the crushed roots of horseradish, radish and turnip. If the pain is very strong, the turnips can replace the mustard powder, but if you use this mixture, you need to carefully monitor the health of patients, since the composition of the bags has a strong irritant effect on the skin. The resulting slurry is applied to the affected area, changing the poultice every 5-6 hours. To do it during the week.
    For the prevention of diseases of the joints, you can use a decoction of the roots of horseradish with honey. 1 kg of horseradish grind through a meat grinder, put in a saucepan and pour 4 liters of water. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 5 mins Then give the broth to cool slightly, add 0.5 kg of honey and mix thoroughly so that the honey dissolved. You need to drink a glass of morning and evening until the prepared broth is not over. For effective prevention we need to conduct two courses a year: early spring and early fall.

    We must not forget that before beginning any treatment of joints be sure to consult a doctor.