Treatment with turpentine joints

Treatment with turpentine widely used today both in traditional and in folk medicine for combating various diseases of the joints. Turpentine – natural essential oil. It is obtained by processing the resin of coniferous trees – the gum, the healing properties of which were known to our ancestors. Like turpentine, the turpentine has a number of unique properties that are beneficial to the human body.

Лечение скипидаром суставов

The benefit and danger of turpentine

Turpentine has almost all the medicinal properties of turpentine, primarily anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Turpentine also stimulates great blood flow. Due to these properties, the treatment with turpentine diseases of the joints very effectively.

Although turpentine and belongs to the group of essential oils, but is composed of toxic substances, capable when ingested, can cause lead poisoning, and in large quantities – and to death. Therefore be used for the treatment of industrial turpentine, well known as a solvent for paints, absolutely not. For therapeutic purposes, using only a well-cleaned turpentine is called turpentine oil. Externally is a clear light liquid with a pungent odor.

Now available medical facilities on the basis of turpentine for compresses, injections and even for indoor use. However, never forget that even after a thorough cleaning of turpentine oil has a poisonous taste and may have toxic effects on the body. So before you start treatment with the use of such funds, it is necessary to consult a doctor, and during the course of treatment to strictly adhere to precautions.

Turpentine, used for medical purposes is called turpentine oil.

Treatment turpentine baths

For treatment of joints is most often used turpentine baths. This procedure has a complex effect on the sore joints. Due to its properties such baths promote rapid removal of pain, have a powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Dissolved in warm water turpentine oil stimulates blood circulation, and its annoying properties open the pores of the skin, contributing to the rapid conclusion of toxins. All together contributes to the rapid restoration of elasticity and mobility of joints.

Given the characteristics of impact on the body turpentine oil, before treatment you need to test it on a small area of the body to protect the patient from severe allergic reactions. It is enough to lubricate the skin in area of elbow bend. If during the day any allergic reactions will manifest themselves, it is possible to proceed to a full course of treatment.

In the preparation of turpentine baths is necessary to observe some rules. To start the procedure with water temperature 37 degrees, and during the procedure to gradually increase to 39 degrees. If at this temperature the patient is not experiencing any negative feelings, then the temperature of the water in the tub you can still slightly improve. Maximum of 42 degrees.

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Similar procedure should be performed directly under the supervision of a physician, because during bathing may be hidden problems with your heart or blood pressure. The concentration of turpentine oil in the bath should be increased gradually to give the body time to get used to. Start the procedure from the calculation of 1-2 ml per 25 l water and gradually in the course of bring the concentration to 6-7 ml.

To quickly remove the inflammation, you cannot rely on turpentine baths and to abandon prescribed by a doctor anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Comprehensive treatment much more effective.

The effect of turpentine on the skin and the impact of oral drugs reinforce the effectiveness of each other.

Лечение скипидаром суставов

How to prepare and take a turpentine bath

To turpentine bath has had the expected effect, it is important to properly prepare. The problem is that turpentine is practically insoluble in water. So you have to resort to such tricks.

Process Proportions and preparation
Breeding of turpentine and camphor. 300 ml of turpentine (1.5 cups) pour into a 1.5 litre plastic bottle. There was added 40 ml (2 tablespoons) and camphor alcohol and stirred until the mixture is smooth whitish. Then fill the bath, controlling the temperature of the water in it.
The decrease in the concentration of the solution. Cast a little of the solution in a glass quart jar and topped it to the brim with water. The jar closed with the lid and again intensively stirred. During the first procedure to take a leak takes no more than 7-10 ml, with each subsequent add 1-2 ml.
Connection with water in the bathroom. Solution to prepare just before cooking bath, as he quickly stratified. The prepared solution of liter cans poured into the bath, stir thoroughly, and then you can begin the procedure.

Being in a turpentine bath, it is necessary to protect the eyes, ears and nose, putting on a face towel. Also, be sure to protect the most sensitive places on the body, the groin and underarm area, pre-brushing them with petroleum jelly. The same should be done with a few scratches on the skin.

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If you do not feel any discomfort, then take a bath takes no more than 10-15 min. If you feel in the body burning, tingling or soreness, should immediately stop the procedure and leave the tub. However, if pain is increased in diseased joints, it is normal and even desirable phenomenon. If all goes well, you can gradually increase the temperature of the water in the tub.

For every spent in the bath 5 min it can be increased by not more than 1-1. 5 degrees. This is a very important condition for a successful outcome of the procedure because a sudden increase in water temperature may suddenly jump the blood pressure and the person directly in the tub may lose consciousness. A true signal on the necessity of ending treatments is that appears on the face sweating.

Immediately after bathing rinse with water to wash the remnants of turpentine. Wipe yourself off with a towel and lay down to rest under a warm blanket. To enhance the warming effect, you can further on your feet, wear wool socks.

Stay after such a procedure have to be long, so it is best to take a turpentine bath before bedtime.

Other methods of treatment of joints with turpentine

Today it is not absolutely necessary to prepare solutions for turpentine baths – they are manufactured in a production environment. Is this solution «scepovic» and is 2 types: white and yellow. White is the solution, the preparation of which is described above, in the yellow to turpentine and castor alcohol added oleic acid.

Treatment of joints with both types of skippito almost identical, but the white increases blood pressure, and the yellow part of his lowers. Therefore, doctors often recommend taking 4-5 ml of white and yellow mortar, mix them and do a combo of the tub to protect the patient from surges in blood pressure.

If there are no contraindications, scepovic will be useful for almost all diseases of the joints. They can treat:

  • arthritis;
  • arthritis;
  • sciatica;
  • rheumatism;
  • gout;
  • fractures and injuries of the joints;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • paresis;
  • paralysis.

Лечение скипидаром суставовTurpentine baths can help not only in the treatment of diseases of the joints, but also to get rid of many other diseases: skin diseases, blood system, heart, respiratory organs. They effectively help to drop weight. They are even able to stand up to diabetes.

In addition to the turpentine baths, treatment of joints can be carried out in other ways. It is easiest to make a compress.

A half Cup of skippito mixed with 0.5 liters of vodka and add to the mixture 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil. In this mixture, moisten the bandage, press it and put on the aching joint. The top joint was wrapped in a towel, securing the bandage and slowing its drying. If one treats patients with foot or ankle, then wrapped the bandage soaked the foot instead of towels to put on woollen socks.

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Contraindication to the use of turpentine

Because of their toxicity treatment turpentine has a number of contraindications. Strictly prohibited such treatment of people with diseased kidneys or liver, patients with thrombophlebitis, as well as women during menstruation, pregnant and lactating mothers. It is impossible to perform such a treatment during exacerbation of any chronic diseases or if there is a patient of cancer. In heart failure or other heart problems to carry out such procedures only under the direct supervision of a physician.

One of the main conditions, which need to comply strictly with the turpentine treatment, and antibiotics are incompatible. There are also a number of recommendations for the implementation of which is insisted by the doctors. Chief among them: during treatment, you need to completely give up alcohol and Smoking. During the course of treatment the doctors advised not to overload their diet with meat.

The course of treatment most likely to limit 7 procedures. After a noticeable improvement in the mobility of the diseased joints. Although the toxicity of turpentine and low, but still it is better not to abuse it. Therefore, the interval between courses should be at least 1.5-2 months.

In each case, the number of procedures and the schedule (daily or every other day) and the duration of the break between courses of treatment is determined only by the doctor. Only under these conditions, the turpentine will be a good friend, standing guard over the health of your joints.