Triangular bandage: overlay on the hand, shoulder joint, foot and other joints

Technique overlay triangular bandage in different joints

The first bandage is considered «solitaire», it serves as an independent method of immobilization.

It is used in cases of first aid, and to immobilize the arm and shoulder joint, to ensure peace in fractures and contusions.

In addition, there are situations in which it is also necessary overlay triangular bandage:

  • rehabilitation;
  • unloading of the shoulder and shoulder joint;
  • injuries;
  • dislocations;
  • fracture;
  • fracture of the upper extremities;
  • damage to the ligaments of the shoulder joints.

A scarf was often used, providing first aid, in situations in which there is a need for temporary immobilization until the arrival of medical personnel.

Triangular bandage should be able to impose all those involved in extreme sports, going Hiking, or working in hazardous conditions.

It can be superimposed directly on the body, and over protective bandage can be folded and unfolded.

Its main advantage is its versatility: it can be superimposed on any area of the body. To put it simply, and quickly.

Why use a bandage?

Basically, spray plaster is used in cases when you need to secure the bandage or in other cases when the wound needs to be cleaned and isolated.

This device is used in the case when you need to fix the injured limb to anything for normal processing of damaged tissues.

Everyone freely it can be used, this does not require a medical degree, it is used when a person needs to provide first aid at the scene before arrival of physicians.

Naturally, it should be in every first-aid kit.

How bandage for first aid

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Classic solitaire needs to be cotton.

She’s usually gauze. They have the shape of isosceles triangle, and come in different sizes from 80 x 80 x 113 cm, and more.

Today in pharmacies can buy medical head scarves in standard sizes of 100 x 100 x 136 cm. Sometimes I use square scarves.

General rules for use of bandages

To use a triangular bandage in two different ways: open and closed.

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Open the overlay method is that the bandage is applied like a scarf. But with shielding, the scarf is folded so to form a coil.

Rules for the use of bandages in various cases:

  • in that case, when the wound is open, the bandage must be extremely sterile;
  • never use her angle on the wound, it may aggravate the situation and cause heavy bleeding;
  • don’t tie her too tight, and a good roll to stop the bleeding.

The application of the bandage in different situations

Triangular bandage the open type is used:

  • for the head;
  • bone and feet;
  • on the heels of;
  • for ligation of the knees;
  • for elbow joints;
  • fractures of the extremities;
  • for the tibia.

Fix the head

Triangular headband is done in case if there is serious injury, you need to overlay:

  • the wound needs to overlap the gauze, but not necessarily sterile;
  • one part must be put above the level of the nose, the second part of the bandage applied to the back of the head;
  • the bandage you need to take both ends, gently pulling it over the base;
  • two tip bandage take and tie among themselves over the base of the neck;
  • the upper portion of the gusset plate podymaetsja, then hiding under the node.

Of the foot and brush

Triangular bandage to the hand-stop is applied in the same way:

  • closes the wound with sterile gauze;
  • the damaged part of the body put on the bandage;
  • the upper portion of the gusset plate is placed on the inside of the damaged parts of the body;
  • the two ends of the bandage wrapped around the damaged body part, then tie.

The knee joint

Impose a bandage on the knee:

  • closes the wound with gauze, necessarily sterile;
  • the tip of the gusset plate needs to be in the area of the thigh itself around the waist;
  • at the base of the bandage and bend it by about 2 cm;
  • the ends should be crossed under the thigh at the hip tied the knot;
  • the top to shift through the site, and then to pass under it.

Dressing on hand

Triangular bandage for the hand is superimposed in this way:

  • still treated the wound with sterile gauze;
  • the shoulder should be the first edge of the gusset plate, while the second should be on the wrist;
  • the two ends are tied.
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If we fix the joint, it is necessary to remember that it needs to be in a slightly flexed position. To properly and accurately apply the dressing to be initially a good workout, despite its simplicity.

Correctly imposed bondage on the chin

The dressing on the chin:

  • sterile gauze is superimposed on the damaged part of the body;
  • need to fold the gauze in the form of a kind of pocket;
  • this pocket overlaps the area of the chin;
  • the ends cross at the top of the person.

If necessary, you can combine different types of dressings in order to achieve the best effect.

The bandage on the thigh

Fixation of the hip:

  • cover the wound with gauze, but sterile;
  • bandage, the basis of which is bent at 2 cm, folds around the hip host;
  • the tip first bandage is put in the second, also folded, then several times tying about the waist, thus twisting the bandage, but without the use of knots.

The locking of the shoulder

Overlay triangular bandage for the shoulder joint:

  • cover the wound with sterile gauze;
  • the bandage you need to deploy, superimposed on top of the shoulder joint;
  • the top gusset plate is embedded in the folded bandage, deployed;
  • on the back we should be a long section of the gusset plate;
  • after fixing the top, the second ends of the scarves tied in knots from all sides.

The pros and cons of scarves

The dignity of scarves in its simplicity blend, so they are used in emergency situations.

Using triangular bandages, you can reduce the time spent on the treatment of wounds, it will give the opportunity, if necessary, to have time to help more victims.

A big plus is that if it is to twist the harness, it can be a substitute for hemostatic harness.

During transportation of the victim, it can not remove, just loosen. And yet, such a scarf, in an extreme situation, if necessary, himself to help.

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However, such dressings have disadvantages: their fixation is not strong enough. Although in extreme circumstances this is not as much to do with it, if to put it correctly, the problem of weak fixation is minimized.

Strengthening can be done with a tubular bandage of the right size.

Despite the fact that the solitaire, a fairly old invention, but in our time it is quite effective in order to provide first aid to the victim.

Anyone can get into a situation where there is a need to be able properly to apply. Therefore, even those people who have no relation to medicine, it is necessary to have the skills of dressings.

In addition, you need to be able to wrap it, you need to be able to properly handle it.

Hand after ligation, if necessary, suspended on a scarf, for fixation, which reduces the possibility of involuntary movements that cause additional pain.

It is necessary to watch, to see that it does not slip. In the case of sliding, on top you need tight, but not constricting, apply another layer of bandage, which will give an excellent therapeutic effect.

Triangular lock, has no strict canons, if necessary, can be done even from the torn piece of shirt, it may become an ordinary piece of cloth.

In extreme circumstances, to assist you can use a scarf or kerchief, folded in a triangle.

As a result, we can say that this is a quick and unique way to help the injured man!