Tuberculosis of the knee: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Туберкулез коленного сустава: симптомы, диагностика, лечение

The diseased knee joint

Tuberculosis of the knee joint is a disease which is at present ranked 2nd in prevalence. Most often tuberculous arthritis, an ailment that occurs in children. The first signs of the disease are knee pain and fatigue with slight physical exertion.

When you see these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor to identify the real causes of such condition. Tuberculosis of bones and joints is a serious disease that can have many implications. But in the early stages all curable.


To begin tuberculosis of the knee joint can suddenly, and the first symptoms do not always indicate the the disease. Usually first affects the femur, which can be a mistake to assume that it is tuberculosis of the hip joint. The first symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • constant fatigue;
  • slight pain in the joints, which are, as soon as physical activity stops.

Such manifestations can serve as the first signs of disease and indications for laboratory diagnostics. The tuberculous process in the joints developing for a long time. Pathology affects the skin. The first time the skin around the joint is usually pale, taut and shiny. When the body begins the process of destruction of the bone, becomes visible subluxation of the inflamed joint.

To see the actual damage to bones and joints is possible only with the use of special equipment. Confirmation that the patient has tuberculosis of bones and joints, the swelling of the knee (the joint). To see the atrophy of the bone tissue, joint space, and bone contours can only be on the radiographs.

Туберкулез коленного сустава: симптомы, диагностика, лечение

Severe swelling of the joint

The progression of the tuberculous process can be determined by palpation. Tuberculous arthritis usually is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • temperature rise;
  • change the size of the joint;
  • infiltration of the joint capsule;
  • cold abscesses, which may break through to the surface;
  • the formation of a fistula.

Tuberculosis of bones and joints is dangerous because the can periodically to fade and re-emerge. In the period of remission the symptoms of inflammation gradually disappear. The foci become cold, the usual shape and size. Destructive processes are partially suspended. But if following inflammation of the joints it all starts again.

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Diagnosis of disease

If the patient is found in a number of symptoms of the disease and believes that he has arthritis, consult a doctor immediately. Specialist will examine, which will allow you to accurately determine which disease the patient. On this basis, it will be prescribed treatment.

Туберкулез коленного сустава: симптомы, диагностика, лечениеIf the child had a leg injury, has dramatically changed the pace and it is often pain in the lower extremities, going to the doctor delay is not worth it. Of course, this may not be tuberculous arthritis, but these symptoms does not exclude the presence of other serious diseases. First and foremost, pay attention to any pain in a child. Define its duration and character, duration, frequency of repetition. When going to the doctor inform the specialist about what steps to treat the disease you have. Provide all x-rays, tests and a statement from the tuberculosis dispensary.

In inspection result will become clear the General condition of the patient: the development of bones, skeleton, muscles. All this will help to determine the cause of pain in the examined area of the body: changing the shape, size of the joint, the position of inflammation. Arthritis has several stages of development, each with their own symptoms. Initially there is tension of the skin around the joint, then disappear depressions in the skin. In the end and cause swelling.

On examination, the specialist pays special attention to the study of the femur and tibia. These body parts adjacent to the knee may suffer. Possible increased swelling of the legs and the formation of seals or exhaustion, muscle atrophy.

The negative effects of joint disease are the most noticeable on the front of the thigh. In some cases tuberculosis of the hip joint, and early diagnosis is necessary to prevent it.

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Treatment of tuberculosis

If the patient was diagnosed with tuberculosis, it is assigned the appropriate treatment. The basis for the development of arthritis is often knee tuberculosis. Treatment should start before the disease will go into this phase, only then it will give the desired result. If the patient has arthritis, in addition to the necrotomy lesions in bone, it is necessary to fix a subluxation of the tibia. Can be assigned and resection of the joint.

Туберкулез коленного сустава: симптомы, диагностика, лечениеAn important component of the disease is antibiotic therapy. In tuberculous arthritis resorted to fixation of the limb. For this purpose the patient is put on a special bandage that provides the leg rest.

If the knee and hip TB too running often requires surgical intervention. In order to restore normal joint function and prevent the development of disease, is stabilizing operation. Prakticheskaya phase may also involve surgery. It is essential if there is no other way to avoid further progression of the disease.

Operation for tuberculosis of the knee joint is performed under General anesthesia. Its complexity depends on how, exactly, is the seat of osteitis and what sizes he has.

The patient is superimposed tourniquet on the thigh. Most often, the surgeon opens the soft tissues, in order not to damage the cartilage and capsular apparatus of the knee. After the muscles are divided, exposing the bone. Then spend the necessary manipulations with the tumor disease.

Traditional methods of fighting disease

Arthritis is treated not only with antibiotics and surgical intervention. There are recipes of traditional medicine, which help to prevent the development of disease. One of the ways of dealing with the disease is considered to be a grinding and pouring of the tribes with cold water with vinegar and alcohol. This procedure should not last more than 1 minute.

In the treatment of tuberculosis need not only to take prescribed drugs, but eating the right foods. The patient just need salt, protein, and fat. The patient should consume more dairy products have fat, liver, eggs, cereal, onion and garlic. It is very important to drink plenty of warm milk, preferably in small SIPS. Patient with tuberculosis of the joints need to consume as many fruits. It is best if they are rubbed with honey. Carrot juice and the juice of plantain is considered good in the treatment of this disease.

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Indispensable for arthritis is the mummy. Substance taken together with milk and honey 2 times a day for 21 days. Taking this medication must be confirmed with your doctor who will be able to mark the exact dosage.

Wraps and baths will help prevent further development of disease. Standard baths do not exceed 14 days. Procedures should be carried out through the day.

Baths can be done on the basis of fir branches, straw, shredded radish, onion. Any of the components necessary to boil or pour boiling water and infuse. Ready mix can be added to the bath.

Well help lotions from Luke and tar. In this case, a whole onion cut into 2 parts. In its center it is necessary to put a bit of tar and bind to the site of pain. A mixture of radish juice, honey, vodka and salt is great for rubbing the patient’s joint. To reduce pain will help a homemade ointment of yellow melilot, St. John’s wort and hops. All the ingredients must be ground and mixed with vaseline.