Uncovertebral arthritis: symptoms and treatment of this disease

The continuous sounds pohrustyvaniâ when cornering, the extension or flexion of the neck, pain under load and without them — all these are signs of the emerging pathology of the cervical spine. Uncovertebral osteoarthritis is characterized by destruction of cartilage tissues between the vertebrae. The development of the disease leads to violations of motor function of the neck. Over time the pain spread and occur in all movements of the arms. Унковертебральный артроз: симптомы и лечение болезни

Causes and symptoms

In this case we are talking about osteoarthritis unkovertebralnyh joints or hooklike processes by which the vertebrae are connected to each other. The disease can be acquired not only during life, but also innate.

The causes of congenital disease:

  • Olenika syndrome (fusion of the first vertebra with the bone of the head);
  • abnormal development, especially the first vertebrae of the cervical.

The acquired form of the disease develop due to the following reasons:

  • constant heavy lifting;
  • work associated with the repetition of monotonous movements;
  • weight;
  • inactivity;
  • various injuries of the neck;
  • bone disease;
  • the effects of polio;
  • inflammatory diseases of the joints;
  • the effects of dislocation of the hip joint;
  • thyroid disease, other metabolic disorders.

With the development of the disease is increasing neurological symptoms: there is a disorder of sensitivity, attenuated reflexes. Encountres cervical early stage manifests itself in such symptoms as pain at the location of modified vertebrae. First, they are intermittent and occur when sudden movements or increased loads.

Унковертебральный артроз: симптомы и лечение болезниIf untreated, discomfort and dull pain start to bother the person even at rest. In some cases, the pain subside when you change position. If the disease is untreated, vertebral syndrome grows, the following symptoms:

  • periodically, and sometimes the long head is spinning;
  • numbness of the lower half of the face;
  • the continuous pressure increase;
  • blurred vision;
  • pain in the back, chest.
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Another symptom of osteoarthritis of the cervical — crunch. It occurs when turning, tilting, flexion of the neck. The disease progresses gradually, slowly destroying the cartilage. It violates the amortization process, and incorrectly distributes the load on the spine.

The development of the disease is the formation of unkovertebralnyh joints or bone growths. They increase in size, begin to interfere with the movements of the intervertebral joints. Numerous passing close to the nerve and blood vessels are permanently injured.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease

If you suspect uncovertebral arthrosis of the cervical need to conduct a serious examination. It includes:

  • examination of the patient;
  • relevant laboratory tests;
  • x-rays of the cervical spine (2 or more projections);
  • CT and MRI;
  • vascular angiography;
  • consultations of narrow specialists.

Унковертебральный артроз: симптомы и лечение болезниTreatment of ankarcrona always includes several components:

  • drug therapy;
  • physiotherapy, remedial gymnastics;
  • diet;
  • treatment in sanatoria, resorts;
  • very rarely surgery.

Treatment with medicines is carried out in two directions. First, using non-steroidal analgesics to relieve pain and eliminate swelling. After that prescribe the use of chondroprotectors for inhibition of destruction in the vertebrae. For greater efficiency can be prescribed vitamins, antispasmodics and muscle relaxants. The strong pain made pain blockade. To improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, adopt vascular equipment.

When uncovertebral aggravation of arthritis may limit physical activity neck with collar Trench. Securely locking the neck, the splint reduces the load on the vertebrae. Of physiotherapy uses electrophoresis and phonophoresis, amplipuls, darsonvalization, reflexology. Physical therapy and massage are assigned after remission of an acute process, the disappearance of pain. During this period the patient can go to a few sessions of acupuncture.

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For the prevention of disease important:

  • regular moderate exercise;
  • the observance of correct posture;
  • normalization of the diet;
  • the performance of simple exercises for the neck.

If patients fulfill all the doctor’s appointments and undergo the full course of treatment, full recovery is possible.