Uncovertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine

Causes uncovertebral osteoarthritis of the cervical spine. The diagnosis and treatment plan.

Uncovertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine – a type of osteoarthritis in which the cartilage wear on the joint.

As a result, between the vertebrae in the motion is friction, which causes tissue inflammation and bone deformity.

While uncovertebral a characteristic feature of osteoarthritis is the appearance of the vertebrae pathological bone outgrowths, osteophytes that form the new uncovertebral articulation between the vertebrae.

The development of this disease not only leads to reduced quality of life due to constant pain and loss of mobility of neck: uncovertebral osteoarthritis can cause circulatory disorders of the brain and all the attendant serious consequences.

Causes of osteoarthritis uncovertebral

The cause of all degenerative diseases of the joints one has an eating disorder of articular cartilage, in this case, intervertebral discs, where they are thinning and the appearance of specific bone spurs, with their help the body tries to reduce load on the intervertebral disc.

For joints harmful as excessive exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle. So to a greater risk of uncovertebral osteoarthritis of the cervical spine are:

  • sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
  • excess weight in this case increases the load on all the joints, accelerating the process of wear;
  • trauma of the cervical spine;
  • flat feet which also leads to improper and uneven loading on the joints;
  • congenital abnormalities of the cervical vertebrae;
  • endocrine diseases, especially thyroid disease;
  • strong and prolonged exercise related to uneven lifting.

If You enter into one of these categories, if you have pain in the neck it is better to consult a doctor, then the treatment will be less lengthy and unpleasant.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis uncovertebral

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The initial stage of the disease can be almost asymptomatic.

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When lifting weights, sharp turns of the head sometimes acute pain. She is local, extending only to one or more vertebrae, and passes quickly. Often such pain are not paying attention – and it is in vain: if uncovertebral to diagnose osteoarthritis at this stage, it only takes 1-2 weeks in order to stop the spread of the disease in an early and benign stages.

Without treatment, the symptoms gradually worsen, the neck begins to react with pain on exertion, damp, changes in atmospheric pressure. There is a constant discomfort in the neck, limited mobility of the neck and head. The pain becomes dull, does not stop even at rest. When turning the head there is a strong specific crunch.

Further development uncovertebral osteoarthritis leads to loss of mobility of the cervical vertebrae.

Additional symptoms may be tingling and numbness in the extremities, dizziness, and nausea. Any disease of the cervical spine is very dangerous because it can affect the spinal cord and important nerve endings coming from the brain throughout the body, and therefore often gives certain neurological syndromes.

Diagnosis and examination

At the first appointment the physician explains the patient’s nature of pain, the presence of additional symptoms. This is necessary in order to make a preliminary diagnosis and know what to look for in the pictures. Then assigned an x-ray or MRI.

Uncovertebral osteoarthritis visible on x-ray and MRI picture, who are the primary methods of diagnosis.

The doctor diagnose osteoarthritis uncovertebral if visually the cervical vertebrae is enlarged on the vertebrae osteophytes present and uncovertebral joint, there are signs of circulatory disorders in the cervical spine.

Drug treatment of osteoarthritis uncovertebral

When expressed pain syndrome in the first place are assigned non-steroidal pain medication, most commonly ibuprofen and aspirin.

The cervical spine is immobilized with a special collar that provides a soft skeletal traction, partly taking the pressure off of the spine.

Then begins the drug therapy and physical therapy (physiotherapy), often gradually able to restore the mobility of the cervical spine and relieve pain.

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Medicines, is able to eliminate the cause of uncovertebral osteoarthritis does not exist, so it is usually used a set of medications designed to slow the progression of the disease.

To restore the blood supply prescribe special medications to improve the local blood supply, most often it is Actovegin, pentoxifylline, and others.

To slow down the process of destruction of cartilage are assigned to the so-called chondroprotector, they slow down the degenerative processes, helping to restore cartilage. But their effectiveness many experts have questioned.

In severe cases is surgical intervention, during the intervention, the osteophytes are removed, restores the intervertebral disc, the spine returns to mobility.

The popular treatment of osteoarthritis uncovertebral

Arthritis became a frequent problem, I guess, as long as the average duration of human life has exceeded 40 years, so long ago there were traditional methods of treatment of this disease.

In the first place it’s rubbing and compresses. It should be noted that they can quite effectively relieve pain, but will not save You from its cause, and often does not slow the progression of the disease, therefore the use of any traditional methods should be combined with traditional and to coordinate them with your doctor.

Folk medicine as components for the preparation of ointments for rubbing advises to use propolis, linseed oil, tincture of ficus and animal fat.

Present a popular recipe for making ointment: four parts of linseed oil, one part of propolis and one part turpentine. All components mix into a homogeneous mass, RUB her neck.

Physical therapy and exercises

Are assigned at all stages of the flow uncovertebral osteoarthritis. They allow you to restore mobility of cervical spine as well as for normal functioning of all joints of the body needs constant movement. When the joint works, it receives a lubrication and nourishment, the repair process starts.

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But the cervical spine is extremely mobile, therefore, selected special gentle set of exercises.

Physiotherapy typically involves therapeutic massages and medical gymnastics. Therapeutic massage allows to relieve pain and muscle tension quickly to restore mobility to the cervical spine.

Remedial gymnastics is a special set of exercises to gradually give the right load on the neck, restoring mobility and relieving pain, it is conducted strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

It could be swimming classes, special trainers, with a stability ball. The use of LFU cannot be underestimated, the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment of osteoarthritis of the debate, and therapeutic exercises even in the most severe cases, provides a stable positive result, as it is based on the use of internal mechanisms of recovery.

Like all arthritis, uncovertebral arthritis curable the better, the earlier the disease is detected.

You should not ignore the pain, even if it is short and seems harmless.

In any case the symptom of pain signal of the body that are not all in order, so consult your doctor.

Uncovertebral the development of osteoarthritis if untreated, can lead to loss of mobility of the cervical spine and persistent pain, and it greatly reduces the quality of life.

In addition, in severe cases, completely restore the mobility of the neck fails and will need expensive surgery, which can be avoided in time by diagnosing it is a very unpleasant disease.