Unilateral and bilateral gonarthrosis of the knee joint 2 degrees

What is the feature of osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree

Under gonarthrosis understand the defeat of the cartilage and bony growths that occur on the joint, ksiezna irritation of the joint tissue.

Osteoarthritis-knee — degenerative-dystrophic violations.

This deviation is 3 degrees of severity, most common is osteoarthritis of the knee, 2nd degree, because only at this stage, people notice the disease and treatment.

It should be noted that arthritis is a problem of the present society, this deviation was previously characteristic only of older people.

Now the disease does not have age restrictions, appearing even in young people due to injuries.

The causes of the disease

The main reason for the emergence of disease is a mechanical factor.

There is a microfracture in the cartilage of the joint, which begins its destruction. As a consequence, increase the load on the individual parts of the articular surface, and then its destruction.

It is also proved that if the violation is changing metabolic processes in the cartilage. These changes is to reduce the number of chondroitin sulfate, which is a special component of cartilage.

There are causes of defeat:

  • fractures of the knee joint;
  • arthritis in Paget’s disease;
  • bone formation;
  • rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosis spondylitis.

If you suffer from arthritis, the treatment at home will be a good complement to traditional medicine. Recipes and tips will be relevant at any stage of the disease.

The stage of the disease

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With the development of the deviation goes through several stages:

  1. The initial stage of the violations, the initial stage of disorders, which are often neglected patients. When it periodically appears pain, sometimes the composition swells, deformation of the joint is insignificant and imperceptible.
  2. Gonarthrosis 2nd degree — have significantly more serious, and therefore requires more attention, the pain appear after sleep, and physical stress on the joint. The x-rays observed deformation of subchondral parts of the bones and reduction of the joint space. This degree is accompanied by fatigue and the occurrence of medium strength pain in the knee. Also a symptom is the difficulty in extension and flexion, combined with the crunch in the joint, observed deformation and the increase in the knee.
  3. The third stage is the most severe stage. It is characterized by pain arising both in motion and at rest, there is weather dependent. Greatly disturbed gait, there is a limitation of joint mobility.
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There are the following types of osteoarthritis:

  • deforming arthrosis of the right, striking the right knee;
  • left — a disease causing damage in the left knee joint;
  • unilateral — arthritis affecting only one knee;
  • bilateral — disease of both knees.

Basically, in the latter case, the cartilage in both joints are destroyed with the same speed, but sometimes the loss of one of the joint progresses faster than the other — it may be relevant to the specific work or sport that engages the patient, as well as congenital deformities of the joints.

Signs and symptoms of the disease

Osteoarthritis of the knee 2 way more intense and its manifestations increasingly worried sick.

Frequent and increasing pain in the broken joint. In addition to the standard pain appears in the morning or after a long rest, have pain after prolonged walking or standing. They last long and are only at rest after some time.

Pain often increases with load. Patients are spared the sore knee and trying to gently step on the foot. This may occur underdevelopment of the muscles of the affected leg.

When you reject at this stage appears a crunch in the knee. As development changes, it is amplified and becomes more obvious.

At this stage of the disease are observed the first signs of strain of the unhealthy joint. Patients often cannot fully bend the knee.

Diagnostic methods

Gonarthrosis 2nd degree mainly occurs after the first stage of the disease, so diagnosis of the patient is usually already known to the doctor. About the progression of the lesion indicated by the appearance of new manifestations: increased pain, joint deformity, limited mobility, crunch.

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Diagnosis consists in the survey of complaints of the patient, verification of the amount of motion in the joint and examination of the joint itself. Of course, these information are just preliminary findings, and are the leading instrumental methods of diagnosis.

Most often it is an x-ray of the joints. Dependent on the overall picture of the disorder is determined by the stage of the disease. Also the detection of osteoarthritis using arthroscopy and ultrasound.

How to treat the disease

At diagnosis treatment of gonarthrosis 2nd degree must begin without delay. You must first «unload» the joint.

This is achieved in several ways:

  • reduction of body weight;
  • download limit;
  • the use of the cane or crutches;
  • exercises physical therapy designed to strengthen muscles sore feet.

The main goal of drug treatment is to eliminate pain, which will give the opportunity to make life easier for the patient.

For this prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, Ketoprofen), non-narcotic pain relievers.

Well there are drugs and containing tissue components of the cartilage (chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine). They contribute to the restoration of cartilage, i.e. help the body to fix it. They may be taken in tablets, in the form of injections into the muscle, ointment or cream.

In some cases, may be prescribed injections of hyaluronic acid into the joint. In the absence of inflammation can be used physiotherapy.

Physical exercise must constantly be accompanied by treatment of any form of arthritis. Exercises prevents the development of contractures, maintain muscle tone. Traffic is the pre – emption of any osteoarthritis.

Physiotherapy activities quickly eliminate the pain, inflammation and restore range of motion in the knee. Used laser and UHF-therapy, phonophoresis, massage. All procedures are assigned a specialist.

For fixation of knee apply knee braces and rigid braces.

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In clear violation of the joint, the futility of conservative treatment and the destruction of the cartilage used surgical methods:

  • arthroplasty – replacement of diseased joint with artificial;
  • osteotomy – excision of bone changes or the restoration of the axis of the limb;
  • arthroscopic intervention is carried out by instruments introduced through punctures of the skin at the knee. By this less traumatic method of the joint cavity are extracted destroyed part of the cartilage, there are medications.

More about treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee read our article.

Prognosis and complications

With the destruction of the joint is disturbed biomechanics of the spine and other joints that causes herniated discs and arthritis of other joints.

Treatment is for life, because the process is constantly progressing. But with proper selection of drugs and the timely beginning of treatment you can significantly to suspend the process, and forestall disability.

Preventive methods

Prevention is to:

  • weight control and lower excess body weight;
  • regular physical exercise;
  • avoid heavy loads on the knees;
  • when injury or inflammation of the knee joint urgent appeal to the specialist for help.

Gonarthrosis is a chronic disorder that with time is getting worse. To ensure that the process was not running, you should make all efforts for the prevention and treatment of under the supervision of experienced doctors.

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