Useful jelly for the joints

The vast majority of joint diseases doctors directly or indirectly associated with the presence in a patient of overweight. Therefore, in diseases of the joints, especially in such difficult and painful as arthritis, is very important to correct nutrition. Familiar Slavic peoples jelly is one of the few meat dishes that doctors are not just allowed, but recommended to introduce into the diet in various diseases of the joints.

Полезен ли холодец для суставов

How to cook jelly

To bring maximum benefit and minimum harm to our body, it must be properly prepared. It’s got to be jelly, not jelly. The main difference between these dishes is that in aspic, gelatin is added, and the jelly needs to solidify without such additions.

Stages Fine cooking
The main condition for proper preparation of the meat – the long cooking on low heat. Properly cooked, the dish should cook for about 6 hours. During cooking it is impossible to add water. Initially, you need to correctly calculate the amount.
Another prerequisite: the stew should not only fillets. Mandatory need heads, bones, tails, ears.
First give the broth to boil, then remove it with foam and put to languish on a slow fire. During the long process of simmering the meat separates easily from the bones. An hour before the end of cooking, the broth is salted, for 15 minutes before the end of cooking, add the garlic and other seasonings.
Cooked broth allow to cool a little. Then (necessarily warm) take out the bones separated from the meat, shredded it and put it on the bottom of the plates.
Pour strained meat broth and leave to harden in a cool place. The total duration of the proper way to prepare the meat must be from 14 to 24 hours depending on the temperature at which it will congeal.
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This files most often cook beef aspic as a dish in this case is transparent. Dish made of pork, it will look unclear, so to make it more transparent, it adds a lot of onions. You can prepare this dish from chicken, but our ancestors noticed a curious detail: made from chicken dish does not freeze, and if you cook together the chicken and the rooster (or the cock – a matter of taste and possibilities), the result is excellent.

Recipes for aspic myriad. Prepare aspic with horseradish or garlic, with parsley, celery or a carrot.

The beneficial properties of jelly

Aspic – a dish of Russian origin, the benefits of which to the body is mentioned in ancient Russian Chronicles. Modern scientific studies have confirmed and substantiated his favor. This rich dish is an incredible amount of collagen and mucopolysaccharides, the two products, vital for the formation of connective tissue in our joints. Collagen is the building blocks for cells in our body, especially for layers of cartilage in the joints. That is why the Brawn is so useful for the treatment of diseased joints.

And while much of the collagen is destroyed in the process of cooking, but the remaining amount is enough to feed them the cells in our body, delaying aging, and protect articular layer from abrasion. Included meals natural gelatin restores joint mobility. These properties make this dish unique medical product, useful in many diseases of the joints, especially arthrosis.

But the use of aspic is not limited only to sick joints. This dish is rich is easily digestible by our body micronutrients:

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Полезен ли холодец для суставов

  • aluminum;
  • fluorine;
  • vanadium;
  • boron;
  • copper;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • gray.

Despite the long period of cooking, it contains a lot of vitamins A, C and b, especially B9. B vitamins help to increase blood the amount of hemoglobin, and part of the dishes glycine activates the brain. Contained in the glycine aminouxusna acid prevents the penetration into the cells of the body ethanol. Therefore, those who during the festive meal prefers the jelly as a snack, in most cases spared the «charms» of a hangover.

Present in the jelly and lysine amino acids which help the body to absorb calcium. Is a trace mineral, which is a major cause of bone fractures. Part of the jelly retinol improves vision and improves the overall immunity of the body.

Jelly can be safely called antiviral course.

Harmful properties of aspic

The drawback of this dish alone, but is rather essential – it is very rich in calories. 100 g jelly contains more than 300 calories. So too carried away with this dish is not worth it, especially if you have excess weight, or instead, benefit your joints harm. In a weekly menu of dishes you can enter 1 or 2 times, but this is necessary to regulate the total calorie daily diet, maintaining it at the level of 1900-2000 calories a day.

Besides high caloric content, a jelly rich in cholesterol. This is another reason why you should not misuse this dish. It cholesterol contributes to the appearance of plaques and thrombus formation in the blood vessels, which poses a serious danger for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system of our body. Therefore, when serious problems with the heart or with severe vascular disease from it is better to refuse.

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Another aspect often overlooked is the seasoning for aspic. In traditional recipes for its dressings use lots of minced garlic. And although the garlic is definitely useful product for our body, especially in terms of improving immunity, in large quantities it can cause serious liver disease.

So, what more harm or good? If you consider Brawn as a component of proper nutrition in the complex treatment of diseases of the joints, this product will be definitely useful. But if you try to cure the joints, eating every day a bowl of jelly, nothing but harm to the body, this «treatment» will not do.

Weighing all the «pros» and «cons» of using jelly in the treatment of joint, you need to remember that this is primarily a dish, not a drug.