Valgus deformity of the knee in a child

Вальгусная деформация коленных суставов у ребенка

Valgus deformity of the knee is found not only in children and the elderly. Valgus can begin in humans at any age. If not to begin treatment of the curvature in the early stages, the disease can lead to severe deformity of the knee.

The legs will look extremely unsightly and will take X-shaped. Is it possible to cure curvature? And if so, what should I do?

Hazardous or non-hazardous hallux valgus?

It is considered that a small deformation of knee joints in children when they are infants, it is quite usual and normal. The kids have really kept the knees, and the shins — reserved. Over time, as the knee joint returns to normal. Such deformation is not dangerous and does not carry negative consequences for the younger child if his joint tissues develop normally.

The deformation can be of two types:

  • unilateral;
  • bilateral.

When the curvature of the lap of a child fails, parents begin to sound the alarm. And in this they are 100% right. If the valgus is not to be treated in childhood, it can bring a lot of trouble as the child gets older. Valgus deformity of knee joint tissues becomes more noticeable when the baby begins to walk independently. At this age stage the curvature is due to the increasing load on the child’s foot.

At this time the muscles and ligaments of the baby is still not formed. The weight of the upper body puts pressure on the knee joints. Important to know: when a child has a deformity, she could not stay in one area of the knee joint. Valgus often «moved» from the knee joints of the foot and covers their articular tissue. The presence of such disease causes deformity of the foot in the area of the foot becomes even more noticeable. Deviation heels outwards and X-shaped legs are common manifestations of the disease.

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Вальгусная деформация коленных суставов у ребенка

The distortion of the feet of the patient

Hallux valgus is able to bring the problems associated with curvature of the spine. Valgus not always affects both limbs at the same time. Curvature can occur in a single joint. In this case, as will progress disease will begin to change not for the better spine. Valgus and scoliosis are closely interrelated. Such deformation is one of the causes of the scoliosis.

Curvature of the legs in children and deformation of knee joints is not lost on a growing organism. Often it affects the foot. The older the person becomes, the more he shows flat.

In people who in childhood was diagnosed with «bending the knee», usually rapidly begins to develop flat feet. Older children often complain of pain in the legs.

How to help your child

What advice should parents perform to knee joints as their baby gradually returned to normal? First, the child who has valgus, cannot be resolved for a long time to stand, legs wide apart. Secondly, it is necessary to reduce the number of games on the legs.
Вальгусная деформация коленных суставов у ребенка
If you do not take timely measures, the deformation of the knee will not stop. When there is suspicion valgus, it is necessary to immediately contact the medical institution where the child will provide expert assistance. For their part, parents also need to take measures so that such deformation was stopped successfully.

If the baby has a deformity, from Hiking have to give. He just begins to walk? Will have to regulate it Hiking, while valgus and its symptoms are eliminated.

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Very useful massage, which is the best treatment for this disease of the knee joint. Procedures must be performed by a professional. Massage course of at least two weeks. After 1-2 months, the sessions must be repeated.

If the massage is performed in an infant, it must be based on the fact that the effect is to bring the little patient. Before performing this procedure, make paraffin wrap to the baby’s legs were warmed up.

It is considered that the valgus deformity often develops due to improper shoes. It is really so. Poor quality, improperly made shoes is able to set the stage or contribute to modification of the knee. If an adult or child has hallux valgus of the knee, flowing easily and in the initial stage, to cope with the disease will help massage and orthotics.

Overheating or overcooling of the knee are unacceptable. They have the ability to accelerate the deformation of the surrounding tissues. In some cases doctors prescribe to children and adults of the tyre for fixing the knee. Data orthopedic devices used during sleep.

Can I return the feet of the aesthetic appearance

Surgical intervention only in extreme cases. To correct the deformity of the knee joint, the focus is primarily done on non-pharmacological methods and physiotherapy. The disease is treated with the use of traditional medicine.

Children and adults with healers recommend in the summer to walk on grass or sand. Is considered to be. in such cases hallux valgus is faster. Equally useful to the child at this time to play with the ball. Exercise helps to get rid of this disease. If your baby has to offer in the supine position to raise the ball to feet without using his hands, this simple game will bring him pleasure and benefit to health.

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If the pathology is not pronounced, it may help:

  • Physical therapy
  • massage;
  • wearing orthopedic shoes.

Comprehensive treatment will help about 4 years to defeat the disease in the child. Adults, alas, the treatment of valgus lasts much longer. If a person has this disease begins in adulthood, experts usually recommend resorting to surgical treatment. This is due to the fact that people with age, this pathology is more severe and may be accompanied by inflammatory diseases in the joints and periarticular tissues.