Valgus splint how to help fix the transverse platypodia

Вальгусная шина: как помочь исправить поперечное плоскостопиеMany women with age there are problems associated with the condition of the big toe. On the side of the foot begins to grow a bump, the finger bends unnaturally inward, creating numerous problems. Usually, the disease manifests itself with age, but today she knows many young girls who love high heel, and I believe that the beauty demands victims. Currently, there is a lot of money, which, if not eliminate this problem, greatly facilitate the patient’s condition, but before you rush to buy a device, should be better acquainted with him.

What tool you prefer

There are many tools used when cross-footed, which causes deformation of the foot. This recipes of traditional medicine in the form of lotions and compresses, and therapeutic massage, and the use of special ointments. But all of them can have effect only at the initial stage of the disease, when the problem is not so terrible and prompt intervention. At later stages many who suffer from this disease use a variety of tools, among them and valgus splint. You can buy it at almost any pharmacy.

Developed several devices, the wearing of which, according to the manufacturer, eliminates transverse flatfoot. Usually we are talking about the pads on the affected area, buses, proofreaders. The controversial impact on the pain point is obvious, because it is not known how this device affects the lump. Before you buy the product, you should consult a podiatrist who will examine your foot, draw conclusions, and on this basis recommend (or not allowed) to wear a splint.

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Вальгусная шина: как помочь исправить поперечное плоскостопие

The diseased joint is deformed and the bone

Manufacturers claim that the device, having in its name the word valgus, able to cope with the following tasks:

  • when you walk evenly distribute the load across the foot;
  • reduce lump;
  • reduce pain.

The user feedback suggests that some sequences, for example, Hallux Valgus, are used not only for disease prevention but also in the postoperative period, after removal of the bone. In this case the rehabilitation period is much faster.

Valgus Tire Hallufix

Valgus tire Hallufix hinged Valgus, according to manufacturers, is currently the most effective tool in the fight against the curvature of the foot. The main advantage of the device Valgus is maintaining the foot in a natural anatomical position, whereby the transverse flat feet are corrected and leveled. And over time the problem may disappear.

Valgus tire Hallufix Valgus has a design that is based on the action of the plastic hinge. In addition, the kit includes two gaskets for this hinge, retaining element for the feet, another brace for toe and metatarsal cushion-shaped drop. It is important to understand that the soft parts can be used for a limited time, not more than three months. After this period it is necessary to order new accessories. Given that the price of the kit is not cheap, Hallufix Valgus treatment will cost a pretty penny.

Once the conversation turned to cost, should be said about another of the recommendations of the manufacturer. Even if you have a problem formed on a single foot, you should buy two sets, so the impact was more effective. It turns out that valgus tire Hallufix Valgus will cost twice the price.

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Whether justified such a price, is very doubtful, as the numerous reviews indicate that the use of the corrector is not always justified, as it may not bring positive results.

How to wear the splint

The effect of wearing valgus tire Hallufix hinged will be truly effective only if you will use it in accordance with the instructions, which is attached to the device. It is important to wear a splint on the foot. For example, a plastic element of the structure must be located perpendicular to a floor surface. Otherwise, the patient’s finger will not be placed correctly. When equipped, you must adjust the direction using the upper and lower Velcro straps.

In the application of the Hallufix Valgus can (and should) be used in combination other methods, as recommended by manufacturers. For example, a good effect gives the application of ointments or compresses. To purchase such drugs are difficult, they will be advised by the pharmacist. Given that the device is worn only in the daytime, it is permissible for the night on the sore spot to apply lotion. As evidenced by the reviews, this is the best option to alleviate the pain associated with the disease.

Вальгусная шина: как помочь исправить поперечное плоскостопиеThe effect, according to the manufacturer, will come only after 2 months of active use articulated bus, while it virtually invisible when wearing shoes. However, the user reviews say otherwise. For such a device will only fit a wide loose Slippers. To walk in such shoes on the job is quite difficult.

The bus has contraindications, including:

  • 4 the extent of the disease;
  • diseases such as gout, rheumatism, arthritis.
  • the device is not used in the presence of wounds, cuts and abrasions.
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Bus Hav Splint

If the device Hallufix Valgus is used in the daytime, valgus splint Hav Splint is designed for nighttime use. This night brace was designed to reduce the burden on the joint part of the foot and reduce the pain effect. You sleep, and the device corrects the defects of your foot. The manufacturer recommends the use of the tire not less than two months, and for more effective result to be alternated with the corrector, which is designed for daytime use.

Using such a corrector, of course, we can hope for a certain result. But users who leave their reviews on sites, do not mark less effect on the correct choice of shoes and timely prevention.

So, at the slightest manifestation of pain in the joint should massage the lump, apply a medical bandage or a compress. All of these measures, performed in time to prevent the development of disease.

On the Internet a lot of sites offering to buy the bus. Despite the fact that the benefits of a valgus pads is quite questionable, many are trying to test their effect on me. If you are interested, then buy the best tire on this website.