Vertebroplasty surgery reviews after the surgery, the cost

Vertebroplasty restore the supporting function of the spine

To strengthen the vertebral body that is damaged, perform the procedure for entering bone cement.

This surgery called vertebroplasty of the spine.

Most often it is used when squeezing the nerve endings, vertebral fractures that are the consequence of osteoporosis, back injuries, hemangioma.

What is the essence of the operation

To introduce bone cement, is a special needle with x-rays is controlled by the process. Today, many people are inclined to surgical operations with the use of bone cement.

They are used in different pathologies related to the spine.

A similar method back in 1984. Then the same method was proposed to treat aggressive hemangiomas. But with time the procedure has evolved and has been used for different purposes. It is able to restore mobility back to the patient.

During the operation, introduced a metal needle into the damaged vertebra, which gets a special blend.

It includes:

  • the bone cement;
  • antibiotic;
  • contrasting material.

Method of administration depends on the affected area. For example, disorders of the cervical using the side access.

Bone cement has a high rate of solidification. The surgeon is given 6-11 minutes, that he entered the compound and filled the cavity where there was a fracture or other pathology.

In damaged cells, a substance having a cytotoxic effect. Subsequently, the vertebra stronger, eliminates pain.

When assigned to the procedure?

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A vertebroplasty is performed most often in the vertebral hemangiomas that are in the aggressive stage.

Take into account the intensity of pain by increasing the load on the back, is an MRI, which revealed the level of destruction of the vertebral body.

The most important indication for the procedure is the sensation of pain in that place where there was defeat.

Carried out an operation in cases of vertebral fractures, with the threat of compression of the nerve endings of the spinal cord, which can cause metastasis, osteoporosis.

This procedure will restore the support function, relieve pain, produce a cytotoxic effect.

When not using the technique?

Vertebroplasty has some contraindications.

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They are divided into relative and absolute.

The former include:

  • inflammation, which struck the bone tissue of the vertebrae;
  • fracture asymptomatic;
  • in the presence of disorders associated with blood clotting;
  • intolerance patient a cementing element, imaging agents, a person may receive Allergy.

Identify the following relative contraindications:

  • myelopathy in the area of the compression fracture;
  • if the Central canal is greatly narrowed, to cause such a phenomenon could epidural tumor, retropulsion of the bone fragment;
  • infection that progresses.

Modern and effective method of dealing with the pain and pathologies of the spine defamatory is subject to anatomical features of a particular person. Is it possible to do the procedure at home?

The efficiency of the operation

In medical practice, the procedure has shown high efficiency:

  1. The research was conducted, which revealed that most patients with aggressive hemangiomas after vertebroplasty, there was improvement in 90% of regression of pain syndrome.
  2. Was observed people with metastatic lesions of the spine. Regression was observed in 80% of patients who received treatment through the skin.

During this procedure local anesthesia is used, it has minimal invasiveness. 2 hours after surgery, the patient can safely move, so to stay in the hospital he needed just one day.

After the procedure it reduces the pain, continues active. From this quality of life is significantly improved.

In connection with such brilliant results to the vertebroplasty is leaning a growing number of people who received a compression fracture in the spine.

The pros and cons of the operation

Speaking of vertebroplasty, you can call the following advantages:

  1. The procedure is very effective. Bone cement is injected in the affected area. The process is controlled by special equipment. In the end the bone has healed and strengthened.
  2. Low invasiveness. The procedure does not provide injury to the patient, as in the process of its implementation do not make cuts.
  3. The use of local anesthesia. Allows you to make surgery affordable for all people, regardless of health and age. This anesthesia does not load the body in contrast to General anesthesia.
  4. The number of complications is minimized. During the surgery uses modern instruments, apply new methods, so the needle is inserted, does not damage neighboring tissues and structures near the vertebra. Is incision only a few millimeters. This ensures the patient will not receive the infection, will not lose blood, will not hurt muscle tissue.
  5. Fast activity of the patient. After vertebroplasty, the patient is easily able to move a few hours later. Injected hardens within minutes that it requires to limit the mobility of the patient. He doesn’t need to stay long in the hospital, it is sufficient for only one day. The procedure most often performed in the morning, this person needs to come to the hospital on an empty stomach, and after some time after the operation he can go home, former life.
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Special disadvantages not identified in the procedure, only that it has some contraindications. But complications rarely occur.

How is it performed

For surgery local anesthesia that allows the patient to be conscious. The risk of infectious complications is reduced due to antibiotics.

During the procedure, the patient lies on the abdomen, a small incision is made through which the needle. The whole process is monitored by radiography. Next piece of tissue is taken for study, then carry out the vertebroplasty, fill out a fracture of the cementing substance.

Sew up a small wound and do bandage. A few hours the patient will need to lie down in a calm state. When will the local anaesthetic, you may receive pain, so the patient is prescribed analgesics.

If the fracture occurred through the osteoporosis, the person should begin to treat this pathology. Otherwise, repeated failure is assured.

Possible complications

In most cases, after the intervention does not appear to be complications. They are observed only in 1% of patients.

It can be:

  1. Allergy to the drugs used for anesthesia.
  2. Infectious complications. This is a rare phenomenon, as a substance that is used, has antibacterial properties.
  3. The pain was not. After the procedure the patient has no pain. If this happens, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  4. Leakage of the drug. Apply some pressure when the introduction of liquid cement. Sometimes the part is able to leak out. Rarely this leads to compression of the nerve endings. In this case you will need additional surgery.

As is the case in practice?

Reviews of patients who underwent vertebroplasty of the spine, indicate that many of them after surgery felt a noticeable relief and reduction of pain syndrome.

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In June last year my daughter was fractured. The doctor advised that the procedure of vertebroplasty. Decided to spend.

I was surprised, as she was able in the evening to go home, did not require a corset, she’s able to move.

Took painkillers the first time, as was the discomfort that quickly passed. This year my daughter has passed the inspection as normal. A really effective method that does not bring inconvenience.


I am 67, received a compression fracture of two vertebrae. Went to the vertebroplasty. The surgery was quick.

Condition has improved significantly. Of course, the full recovery of the back did not happen, you will feel tired, but is probably affected by age. After some time went still in the sanatorium, I went for a massage. These procedures are complex gave excellent results.


I operated on a month ago. I feel great and the pain no longer plagued by. I’m glad I’m not afraid to go for this procedure.


The price bites, but it’s worth it

Service costs in different ways.

Depends on the clinic, which treated the number of vertebrae that should be treated.

The average price of vertebroplasty ranges from 30 thousand to 100 thousand rubles.

But in some hospitals for this operation require up to 150 thousand rubles.

Vertebroplasty is a modern procedure.

With its help get rid of the fractures, the pain that they cause.

The operation has many advantages, so now is gaining popularity.