Violation of the statics of the cervical spine: lordosis, kyphosis, dislocations and osteophytes

Нарушение статики шейного отдела позвоночника: лордоз, кифоз, вывихи и остеофитыViolation of the statics of the cervical spine occurs for different reasons. Often, such instability is observed in degenerative pathologies of the neck and the cervical in General. It is known that the neck is the most movable part of the spinal column. So the damaged vertebrae often leads to aching pain and other signs of violation of statics. The main reason for instability in the cervical spine is low back pain.

Dislocations and subluxations can also give rise to disorders of the spine (statistical function). In addition, the influencing factors and is the condition of the spine. It is proved that any breach of its stability, cause problems with other departments. When the vertebrae lose their stability, a number of symptoms that a person needs professional assistance. In self to do undesirable, as you can harm yourself.

The reasons appear violations?

Dysfunction of the spine (static) is due to damage to the spine. It is known that all the vertebrae in this associated dysfunction of one leads to problems with others. Static function of the spine is performed, as a rule, the intervertebral discs. They are responsible for the relationship of all the vertebrae with each other and for the integrity of the entire spine.

Нарушение статики шейного отдела позвоночника: лордоз, кифоз, вывихи и остеофитыThus, when spinal discs are injured, then develop excessive mobility. A person has kyphosis or lordosis. What kind of pathological condition? Kyphosis is a violation of the spine: it is bent back. The bend occurs where it should not be. Hence formed and the violation of statics. Similar to lordosis kyphosis, but bending forward. Which produces ailments of the spine? In this case the reason is different joint damage (sprains and fractures). It is possible the impact of the bony outgrowths on the condition of the entire structure of the spine. Osteophytes — a consequence of the development of osteoarthritis, so treatment is recommended to start with elimination of the hearth.

Violation of static functions of the cervical spine accompanied by pain in the neck. You can assume multiple diagnoses, so you need to see a specialist. There are several divisions of the spine. The neck, for example, consists of 7 vertebrae. They are fragile and have a distinctive anatomical structure. Each of them performs its function. The vertebrae are interconnected, so damage extends to all. On the x-ray you can see the 7 vertebrae. It is not surprising that each of them has its own name. First, for example, is called Atlantis. The second cervical vertebra is called the axis. Together they perform a connective function (the neck joint with the skull). These vertebrae differ in structure from the other five. Between them are 3 joint. Usually 2 doubles and a single.

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Нарушение статики шейного отдела позвоночника: лордоз, кифоз, вывихи и остеофиты

The structure of the cervical spine

As for the other vertebrae, they have a typical structure. The vertebrae allow motion along all three axes without effort. However, their damage leads to a significant restriction of motor functions. The neck has strong muscles, ligaments. The anatomy especially. This ensures the stability of all the vertebrae, i.e., cervical as a whole. Violation of statistical functions neck indicates degenerative processes.

Despite the fact that the amplitude of movement of the vertebrae are quite different, they retain the original position and continue to perform its function. If a person is detected by the degenerative process, so each vertebra is shifted beyond the norm.

How does it happen? The fact that damage to the intervertebral discs cartilage is destroyed, and then happen changes in the vertebrae. They begin to move relative to each other at a greater distance than normal. This condition is called instability of the cervical spine, that is a violation of the statics. As he becomes more mobile, you experience discomfort in the neck. The patient will often complain of headaches. The doctor determines how far the movable vertebra: the pathology is segmentation 15 . If the vertebra slips from the body more than 3 mm, then the diagnosis is established without a doubt.

Treatment of disorders of the statics of the cervical spine is wearing the special collar and the execution of gymnastic exercises. By the way, there is often a breach of the lumbar spine. There is developed complex of physiotherapy exercises and procedures that affect the violations of the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine may be damaged by bending backwards.

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Violation is accompanied by aching in this area. The best medicine that helps to avoid problems with the statics of the lumbar spine is swimming. It is recommended to visit the pool as the sick and healthy people as prophylaxis.

Signs of pathological cervical lordosis

In cervical lordosis vertebrae curve forward (more anatomical). This pathological condition is accompanied by several distinctive features. Symptoms of pronounced pathology: the neck is noticeably pushed forward. It is possible that other vertebrae are also damaged visually evident and curvature of the spine. In most cases, experiencing pain, which intensify at loads. Don’t forget that problems with the spine cause disease of other vital organs. So, for example, a patient having diseases of the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines.

In cervical lordosis seen to have reduced immunity, which causes fatigue. The patient becomes difficult to perform any physical actions.

Нарушение статики шейного отдела позвоночника: лордоз, кифоз, вывихи и остеофиты

Cervical lordosis is characterized by irregular bending of the neck

The doctor makes a diagnosis after the oral examination, a thorough examination and x-rays.

Treatment of disorders of the statistical functions of all departments of the spine is regular massage, physiotherapy, performing gymnastic exercises. As a Supplement can be assigned to the swimming and acupuncture.

Pathological kyphosis: symptoms

The violation of the statistical functions of the cervical spine may occur due to kyphosis. This disease is a deformation, bending of the vertebrae ago. There are 3 degrees of spinal curvature. First degree is characterized by the displacement of the vertebrae 30 , the second from 30 to 60 . On a third-degree bend is more than 60 .

Нарушение статики шейного отдела позвоночника: лордоз, кифоз, вывихи и остеофитыSigns of disease are pronounced. The patient has a noticeable slouch, at times he may complain of numbness of the extremities (particularly the hands). Pain — the main symptoms of kyphosis. The patient often appear painful sensations in the back, possible the usual dizziness and headaches.

A static dysfunction of the spine is always accompanied by changes in blood pressure. Against the background of other symptoms the patient may form a bump of a small size on the back of his head. To see how deformed vertebrae, it is necessary to pass x-rays. In some cases, MRI and CT.

Treatment of disorders of the statistical function of the spine is usually in the application of manual therapy, special massage, therapeutic physical training and physiotherapy.

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Dislocations (subluxations) in the cervical spine

Subluxations represent a significant danger. There are cases where the displaced vertebrae in the neck do not go for each other. In this situation, the dislocation may reduce a self. In other more severe cases there may be bleeding in the spinal cord. Paralysis, which can lead to imminent death, is the companion of dislocation in severe. Dislocations of the Atlanto-occipital articulation result in instant death. They are fairly rare. Dislocation of any cervical vertebra succumb to treatment, if you have time to consult a specialist. Other main symptoms is pain in the neck. In some cases it is difficult to swallow. The diagnosis usually is established only after x-ray studies.

Нарушение статики шейного отдела позвоночника: лордоз, кифоз, вывихи и остеофитыThe treatment of the patient is necessarily at the clinic. When it is important to transport not to damage the spinal cord. In the clinic the patient imposed a special bandage.

Causes of disorders of the spine — osteophytes

It is known that osteophytes represent the outgrowth of a pathological nature. A similar growth of bone tissue arises due to different reasons. Among them are an excessive burden on one of the spine or degenerative changes. The symptoms of disorders of the statics of the spine are as follows: limited mobility, headache, discomfort in the affected area.

The osteophytes visible on radiographs. Treatment is the regular massage, physical therapy, wearing a special collar (as needed), diet (high calcium content), physical therapy and other treatments.