Vitamins for joints and ligaments: the use in the treatment of diseases

Витамины для суставов и связок: применение в лечении заболеванийVitamins and minerals essential to man constantly. They not only strengthen the immune system and facilitate metabolic processes in the body and prevent degenerative changes in the joints and ligaments. The cells included in the different tissues, heavier updated, therefore for the normalization of the musculoskeletal system need a tonic.

Equally important with these drugs and then when there is a formation of the musculoskeletal system of the young child. About the condition of their joints and ligaments have to take care of. When a person is in the Prime of life, concern about the condition of the ligaments and joints is also necessary. Prophylactic administration of various drugs and micronutrients are extremely important at any age, after all, to treat tendons and joints a lot harder to take timely measures to prevent diseases. What means for the joints and exercise will help to cope with this task?

Each person differs in the specificity of the General state of the organism, so the same remedy for joints first patient is suitable, second — no. The lack of trace elements in the body is equally dangerous as their excess. Pills should not be consumed without prescription. This rule applies to any preventive medications. Their use should be agreed with your doctor. Vitamins, like drugs, have their contraindications. Uncontrolled use of various media and advertised in the media drugs only leads to deterioration of the tissues and the organism as a whole.

The use of vitamin And for the body

Витамины для суставов и связок: применение в лечении заболеваний
First in the list of drugs that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the ligaments, is vitamin A. It is often called the «vitamin of youth», which is true. It needs to contain not just in sports nutrition but in the daily diet of each person. Update tissues of the human body is impossible without vitamin A. Ligaments and joints is also a concern. When the question about how to treat damaged articular or ligamentous tissue, the doctor performing the treatment, is required to appoint agents for joints with this drug. To tissue was protected from various infections, this vitamin is also necessary.

Without vitamin A it is impossible to talk about the proper formation of epithelial, cartilaginous and bony tissues. If it is showing a fault, it immediately starts the development of osteoporosis, which, in turn, provokes different fractures. With his lack of suffering immunity. This causes the development of infectious diseases.

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Vitamin a has powerful antioxidant properties that can help slow the aging process. It gives the cords long-term protection against various deformation and atrophic changes associated with age.

Drugs with vitamin a prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To protect joints and ligaments from complications, doctors also prescribed to patients receiving products containing a therapeutic dose of vitamin A. the Age of deformation and degenerative changes of the joints in the human body cannot be undone, but they can be paused. To cope with this task will help not only special preparations, but and vitamins for joints.

If people regularly consume vitamin a, it is effective to protect tissue from ageing.

Vitamins that should be included in the diet

Витамины для суставов и связок: применение в лечении заболеваний
Vitamins E and C essential for the normal functioning of the immune system. Many infectious diseases are caused by viruses. But low molecular weight organic compounds are put in front of them a reliable barrier. In infectious diseases of the joints, the person can also appoint a preparation containing vitamins E and C. However, you need to know: vitamins A and E by themselves can not be absorbed by the body and restore the tissues of the joints and ligaments, if they did not use the vitamin C. these three components and contain prescribed for the treatment of drugs. But by itself, vitamin C is valuable to the body because it has on ligaments beneficial effect. It promotes rapid tissue regeneration, so patients with the rupture of ligaments is prescribed vitamin C.

When a person disturbed collagen synthesis, this leads to disastrous consequences in the joints and ligaments. Particularly hard, according to experts, this affects the connective, epithelial and cartilaginous tissue. To restore the activity of the musculoskeletal, collagen is vital. If drugs for ligaments contain collagen, their use must be agreed with the doctor, who prescribes treatment.

No less important to maintain tissue tone vitamin D. When there is its deficiency, the tissue starts to deteriorate rapidly. However, if the treatment only with its use, it will not give the desired effect. Vitamin D is part of almost every treatment for such ailments, but he is fully effective only when used in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals. Then he will be able to contribute to the restoration of joints and ligaments.

All kinds of vitamins have to be included in the human diet. Sports nutrition is no exception.

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Trace elements as a means for the joints

The condition of the joints and ligaments depends not only on the vitamins. To joints and ligaments, and have always been in good shape, but needs selenium. It include treatment for ligaments, as it is a powerful antioxidant. Selenium is prescribed when a patient is having pain in the ligaments. In most cases, the tool joints that include this element that can completely remove the pain symptom. Along with selenium in the means for the joints include copper and calcium, which support dense connective tissue and strengthens the cartilage. Treatment of joints with the help of iron has exercised in antiquity. On the question of how to treat their stiffness, Hippocrates advised to eat powdered iron.

Витамины для суставов и связок: применение в лечении заболеваний

Copper and calcium will help to restore not only the bones but ligaments . As a means for the joints they can be used separately and in combination.

On the question of how to eliminate a calcium deficiency, traditional medicine recommends to add in food comminuted to a powder the eggshells. The treatment necessarily is carried out using phosphorus. Excess phosphorus is dangerous, but the lack of it leads to disastrous consequences. Phosphorus is needed to a dense formation of connective tissue was elastic. Means of phosphorus administered to a patient to regulate the activity of the ligaments. A large amount of this element contained in marine fish.

Strengthening of tissues and the prevention of the disease

No remedy will help the person if he leads a sedentary lifestyle.

The treatment of various diseases of musculoskeletal system is impossible without physical activity. Only specific complexes are able to maintain the body in good shape. How to treat lack of exercise? Only physical exercises. That is physical therapy is considered by experts as a means to maintain the joints in good condition. Exercises included in this complex are designed to strengthen joints and ligaments. For the treatment the doctor prescribes taking into account the overall health of the person. All exercises are selected, based on this criterion. To strengthen the musculoskeletal system is very helpful walking. Sharp exercise if the person affected joints or ligaments, unacceptable.

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Now pharmacies offer many medicines for joints and ligaments. These include:

  • Multivitamin complex «Orthomol Arthro plus». It is designed to normalize the functioning of the locomotor apparatus.
  • «Artevit» completely makes up for the deficiency of mineral substances and vitamins and help in the regeneration of cartilage tissue.
  • Natural cartilage «Sustanon» containing substances that allows to maintain the elasticity of cartilage.
  • Biologically active food Supplement to restore the structure of connective tissue «Collagen ultra».
  • Treatment of any disease of the joints is carried out in stages. First, experts prescribe the patient the most simple exercises. Treatment through physical therapy involves increasing the vital tonus of the organism. Many of the exercises are designed specifically for this task. High vitality is also a kind of tool for recovery of damaged tissues.

    As shown by many medical researches, the damage is quickly restored in those patients whose treatment includes techniques that raise vitality. Exercise and physical therapy is no exception. To support all the tissues in the fight against the ailments and help of yoga asanas. Eastern medicine treatment of various tissues sees learning to control the abilities of the body.

    Yoga exercises for the development of the ligaments is very useful. But such treatment should be carried out strictly under the supervision of an instructor.