VSD and low back pain: symptoms and treatment of diseases

Every third patient aged 7 to 35 years is experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, changes in blood pressure, mood, irritability, sleep disturbances, slightly elevated body temperature, strange tingling in the heart area and between the shoulder blades, dizziness. Analyzing all these symptoms, a qualified doctor is likely to suspect vascular dystonia (VVD). This diagnosis has many different variations: neurocirculatory dystonia (NDCs), somatoform autonomic dysfunction, asthenic, asthenic-neurotic or asthenic-vegetative syndrome.ВСД и остеохондроз: симптомы и лечение недугов

What are the causes of VSD

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for those processes for which we have no influence: it is the metabolism, production of hormones, thermoregulation, cardiovascular system, digestive tract, etc. centers of the regulation of this system are the brain and spinal cord. They can respond to our emotional state.

The doctors came to the conclusion that IRR is not a disease, and, in a certain sense, condition. It has a lot of completely different features that can absolutely not be combined with each other, to change suddenly and independently start to disappear, appear in different parts of the body and at different times. The examination can detect minor disturbances in the organs and systems.

Accurate and the only reason the IRR does not exist, there is a combination of many factors, of which are basic.

  • A predisposition to «weak» the autonomic nervous system. Happens more often in girls. Begins in childhood (7-8 years). These kids are often initially ill, whiny, shy, listless. As a rule, their mothers also had similar symptoms. The height of the symptoms manifested in adolescence – 16-18 years of complaints, there are more and discomfort to bother you often.
  • Various injuries and disorders, received by the child during pregnancy and childbirth. These may include: birth asphyxia, prematurity, suffocation by an umbilical cord and lack of oxygen during pregnancy, birth trauma, anemia mother and fetus, the effects of certain drugs taken by the mother during pregnancy, hydrocephalus, vascular disorders in the brain of the child and many more.ВСД и остеохондроз: симптомы и лечение недугов
  • Psycho-emotional disorders. They play a major role in this condition. This is a stressful situation that took their toll on the body. Can appear in children from an early age on a background of anxiety or aggression mothers, conflict relations in the family, kindergarten, child punishment, prohibition, the lack of attention. Any emotional upheavals can lead to mental disorders.
  • On various emotional disorders, especially long-term, the body can react to the appearance of the astheno-vegetative syndrome, which has different characteristics.

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    The similarity of the symptoms of dystonia with lesions of the cervical and thoracic

    Frequent companions of people after 25-30 years are VSD and low back pain. This requires more advanced diagnostics. Need to find out how strongly influenced by abnormalities in the spine on the health of the patient, and some of the complaints arise because of problems in the neck and back. Maybe, removing them can relieve the patient from most of the symptoms that make VSD and low back pain.

    The defeat of the cervical and thoracic spine increase the symptoms of dystonia. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine causes muscle spasm of the cervical area, compression of the vertebral veins and other blood vessels in the neck, which disrupted the inflow and outflow of blood through these vessels, impair the nutrition of the brain, there is hypoxia.

    Cervical thoracic osteochondrosis and VSD can cause some similar symptoms:

    • headache;
    • dizziness;
    • fatigue;
    • flashing «flies» or darkening of the eyes;
    • stiffness or pain in the neck;
    • sleep disorder;
    • changes in blood pressure.

    Osteochondrosis cervical spine the symptoms are concentrated in the region of the head and neck and thoracic problems are usually given in the upper part of the chest.

    Diagnosis of diseases

    Asthenic-neurotic syndrome based on the complaints and is a diagnosis of exclusion. This means that in order to put this diagnosis, must rule out similar diseases. Many diseases in the beginning as a whole can be varied and vague symptoms (e.g., chronic rheumatic heart disease, menopausal disorders, changes in the thyroid gland, the beginning of hypertensive disease, systemic connective tissue disease, iron deficiency anaemia, worm infestation, indolent allergic processes and many more).

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    For an accurate diagnosis you need to undergo certain laboratory and functional examination.ВСД и остеохондроз: симптомы и лечение недугов

    In addition, a thorough examination and questioning of the patient draws attention to his emotional state. Be sure to find out the presence of stress factors, fatigue, to pay attention to the quality of life, family relationships, atmosphere at work, whether a patient has bad habits, spends much time on the computer, whether playing computer games, sports or not.

    A thorough examination and conversation with the patient is important not only for the diagnosis of asthenic syndrome, but also provides an opportunity to suspect or exclude other diseases.

    How to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia

    How to influence this autonomic nervous system if we are unable to control it? It turns out that it is possible. First, you need to take care of reducing stress. If you cut them wrong – change your attitude towards them, like a therapist or just stop to keep everything in himself – a reprimand. To reduce the impact of stress on the nervous system to help sports, exercise, dancing, any physical activity. After the stress of adrenaline that affects the blood vessels and heart rate, and exercise it off.

    There is still a great tool – a contrast shower. After a week of use you will feel a completely different person. A mandatory rule is proper rest, sufficient sleep at night, falling asleep before 23 o’clock, quitting Smoking and alcohol. Stick to the principles of healthy eating, time to contact your doctor (i.e. do not skip checkups), watch your weight, drink energy teas.

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    Be sure to pay attention to your posture. Avoid prolonged awkward body position especially when working at the computer. Perform special exercises for the spine and neck muscles. Help massage, swimming, acupuncture.

    The simple rules of a healthy lifestyle will help to eliminate all of the pathological symptoms and bring the body back to normal.