Was the international day of trigeminal neuralgia

Was the international day of trigeminal neuralgia


The seventh of October, around the world celebrated the international day of trigeminal neuralgia. Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve is the most painful condition when compared with the other experienced person. International day acts as a kind of populist measures in the framework of which describes in detail about the disease. The campaign associated with the dissemination of relevant information on the neuralgia, was launched four years earlier thanks to the initiative of the organization TNnME.

Due to the fact that the disease can be triggered by many factors, it continues to be on the top of the standings in the prevalence of neurological spectrum. In most cases, even a layman will easily be able to recognize the trigeminal neuralgia. However, treatment is possible only after consultation with a specialist.

With this disease most often affects people of middle age, mostly between 40 to 50 years. Women thus selected by the disease more often than men. In most cases we are talking about the defeat of the trigeminal nerve on the right side. However, there are instances of double and trigeminal neuralgia. The disease is cyclical, there is exacerbation and remission. For aggravation disease most likely to pick the autumn and spring.

In most cases treatment is medication combined with physiotherapy. However, there are cases when it is required and the operation. In order to prevent the development of this disease, it is advisable to monitor the complete lack of exposure of the person to timely deal with the treatment of diseases that can trigger this disorder.

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