What causes osteoarthritis of the toes: symptoms, treatment, complications

How to identify and cure arthrosis of the joints of the toes?

Joint disease can deliver to a sick person some discomfort and also lead to cosmetic problems.

We are talking about osteoarthritis of the toes, symptoms which manifests itself in the buildup of lumps on the leg the inner side of the foot.

Osteoarthritis tout degenerative changes of joints and bones. The disease is diagnosed more than 15% of the inhabitants of the Earth in various forms of its manifestation.

And described the disease of the legs affects almost every person after the age of 65. Diagnostic statistics of the disease in men or women is not carried out, because it is not reasonable to talk about the risk of disease by gender.

Features of the disease

The above mentioned disease (bones in the legs) is one of the manifestations of osteoarthritis of the feet.

The disease is an inflammation of soft tissue around the affected joint with the further destruction of the cartilage.

Osteoarthritis is often called «the disease of ballerinas» as the main reason for starting the inflammatory process is the excessive strain on all the joints of the toes.

Arthrosis in the majority of cases occur in senior citizens because it is associated with impaired metabolism in cartilage tissue and its subsequent degeneration. Owing to popular trends, the disease is more rejuvenated.

Increasingly, there are young girls with the described disease, due to continuous wear uncomfortable shoes with high heels.

You can’t talk about the incurability of the disease. By the time of the survey and a complex of traditional therapy, the person may return to his former life and to carry out movements of the foot without pain in the joints of the fingers.

Causes symptoms and risk factors

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The above mentioned causes of manifestation of arthritis of the toes not the only one.

Scientists have conducted all the necessary studies examining illness and have listed the most common causes when diagnosing the disease.

These include:

  1. Migrated bruises and sprains of tendons and finger fractures and cracks. Moreover, such trouble could happen in his youth, and cause disease in adulthood.
  2. Genetic predisposition – if the relatives were cases of osteoarthritis, the probability of disease manifestations in humans of any age.
  3. The presence of any chronic diseases for example, diabetes or obesity often provoke this disease.
  4. The metabolic disorders – if a person has the lack of synthesis in the body, it often disease of the joints.
  5. Uneven or excessive load – uncomfortable shoes, high heels shoes women, wrong sport.
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If you have any reason you need to be careful about your health and the condition of their feet, and at the slightest sign of symptoms, consult a qualified specialist.

The stage of the disease and their symptoms

The disease is divided into three stages, each of which has its own symptoms.

As for the defeat of the fingers, during the development of the disease there is a loss from all joints (all fingers).

The only difference may be a vivid manifestation of pain in one particular joint. Usually this occurs as a result of trauma or injury.

Stages of osteoarthritis of the joints of the toes have the following symptoms:

  1. The first stage is based only on pain sensations in the toes and discomfort. When moving the fingers of the person may experience a characteristic «leaking» joints, which leads to a desire to stretch the limbs.
  2. The second stage is characterized by pain when walking and a crunch in joints at movement toes. In the second stage, you may notice some disruption of mobility.
  3. In case of late medical intervention is observed the growth of bone tissue, which indicates the transition of the disease to the third stage. Here, there is a characteristic deformation of the side of the bone, resulting in the person becoming harder to find shoes, as any hard substance leads to additional pain. In the third stage, the toes lose their former agility, which leads to lameness. Later the entire foot may become immobile, but only in case of incorrect treatment or non-compliance with doctor’s recommendations.

If under attack the big toe

The big toe suffers from excessive load most, in the result, we can talk about osteoarthritis – a characteristic lateral protrusion of the bone, which gives the owner the pain and suffering.

There is such a disease from frequent socks high heels or tight shoes, forcing the big toe to go inside, sticking out his base out.

Here you can also talk about all of the above reasons that provoke the development of disease. It should be clarified that disease one finger is quite rare and is most common post-traumatic arthrosis of the big toe.

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Diagnostic methods

The disease is easily diagnosed through physical examination by a specialist and carrying out radiographic studies.

The x-rays will help to identify the affected joints and to determine the degree of development of the disease. Additional research is usually required.

The complex of therapeutic measures

With timely treatment to the doctor when the arthritis of the toes is at an early stage, proper treatment will not only help to stop the process of destruction of cartilage tissue, but also to restore it.

Symptoms of growth on the big toe tells about the transition to the next more severe stage, leading to the need to conduct a comprehensive treatment.

In particularly severe cases have to resort to operational methods. Sometimes surgery is performed for cosmetic purposes – to remove the build-up of the side of the bone.

Common methods of eliminating disease

Initially and in the future for treatment it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. To completely remove strain on the joint in the event of fracture or injury to the patient is prescribed bed rest and the toe of the brace. In the future, not to provoke the manifestation of the disease again, wearing comfortable shoes with orthopedic insoles.
  2. To correctly restore mobility here means the carrying out of massage of the thumb, a course of physical therapy (magnetic and laser radiation) and the regular special exercises designed to restore the functions of the joint.
  3. The use of drugs to relieve pain and inflammation. Here the patient takes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your doctor, and also using creams and gels with a content of bee or snake venom.
  4. The restoration of the broken metabolism – is a vitamin complex and other chondroprotectors, which will saturate the cartilage tissue healthy microelements. If the diagnosis of paralysis of the thumb are taking medicines to increase the blood circulation of the affected area.
  5. Fixation phalanx of great toe – use the special clamps on the finger that represent the orthopedic plates with the function of obstacles to further deformation. Lining is used for the prevention, treatment and in the recovery period after surgery.

These and other methods are used for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the toes. The selected physician technique depends on the degree of the manifestation and nature of the occurrence of the disease.

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Traditional medicine

Effective in the treatment of illness and folk medicine.

You can use methods such as:

  1. Chalk and sour milk. Head of school Mel and acrolite it into a powder. Add yogurt or kefir until soft consistency. Make the resulting mixture is compress at night – apply it on the affected joint, cover with cellophane and wrap with a bandage. Such wraps can be performed every night until the full recovery.
  2. Propolis and sunflower oil. Make way to friction with propolis, melted in a water bath, and olive oil, added in the same amount. After cooling the mixture RUB the aching joint or all the toes each time the pain at night.

Also in folk medicine, often used in different tinctures for the treatment of osteoarthritis, but their application to better align with the doctor.

Possible complications

Complications of the disease is loss of function of joints and partial or complete immobility of the foot.

In this case, the operation to remove the articular surfaces and artificially to create them again. Such actions lead to long-term recovery, and as a consequence to the requirement of constant prevention.

How to prevent the development of pathology?

With regard to preventive procedures, it all comes down to choosing the right shoes, care for your own health and undergo regular examinations for early detection of the disease and its rapid elimination.

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the toes to a greater extent depends on the patient and his attitude toward his health.

If diagnose the disease in the initial stages, you can quickly return to the comfort as a result of the repair cartilage to its original state.