What is ossalgia (bone unspecified) and what are its causes

Ossalgia: what to do when it aches for some reason

Nowadays, almost every person faces pain in the bones.

In medicine this disease is called «ostalgia». Most of the medical community believes that the disease itself is not developed, and this contributes to the underlying disease.

The worst thing is that this disease can develop in all age groups, even children.

Ossalgia for a long time can remain «in the shadows» and people just don’t pay attention to it, as pain is mainly moderate.

But this neglect of the disease can lead to very disastrous results. Because the emergence of this disease contribute to a very «hard-core» diseases up to cancer.

Causes of pain

The main reason of pain in joints and bones can be:

  1. Excessive physical stress on the body lead to maximum losses of essential nutrients in the bone tissue, and thus is a violation of metabolism. And this, in turn, leads to the formation of the shortage of «materials» for organism’s bones.
  2. Extra pounds negatively affect the health of the whole organism, but in this case due to high load on the musculoskeletal system of a person fails in violation of metabolism and bone tissue.
  3. Time is the enemy no 1 for the bones. Over time, aging bones undergo corresponding changes, resulting in loss of collagen (the main source of bone), calcium and minerals. In the result the bone becomes more fragile and more brittle.
  4. Also the causes of ostalgie is necessary to include fractures, bruises, which indirectly cause pain in the bones. Also the occurrence of pain contributes to the acceptance of a variety of hormones and medicines, which are used in Oncology.
  5. Violation of the process of absorption of nutrients from the gastro-intestinal tract, since essential nutrients reach the place of destination or in small quantities or do not fall into the appointed place.
  6. The absence or lack of vitamin D. This situation can cause a nasty disease such as osteomyelitis, which affects the bones (softening) due to lack of this vitamin.
  7. Very often ossalgia manifests in the presence of a variety of infectious processes (syphilis, tuberculosis of bones and others).
  8. The appearance of pain is affected and impaired collagen formation, or an excessive amount of cortisol and other disorders in the body.
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Caution – Oncology!

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As mentioned above, ossalgia – this disease appears in the background of the primary disease. Therefore, the occurrence of pain in the bones is wary and advisable to visit a doctor.

It’s not just pain, a signal that the body something went wrong.

Man is a «creature» which will endure the pain and not to visit the clinic. And for good reason.

Prolonged neglect of pain in the bones may develop a variety of malignant tumors in the bone (sarcoma, myeloma). And it turns out that the disease is already inoperable.

This is due to the fact that the «enemy» hiding, slowly multiplies and negatively affects the body, creating favorable conditions to strike.

As a result the person significantly loses body weight, increased sweating. This is only the initial signs of the disease. Well, after the manifested and the signals characterizing malignant tumors.

The same applies to the blood. Diseases such as acute leukemia, multiple myeloma, characterized by the first stage is simple pain pressing on the bone.

The disease can lurk and be asymptomatic for years and then show itself «in all its glory» by affecting the bone marrow. And the main signal is a violation of the blood and, of course, pain in the bones.

Methods of treatment of pain

The first step towards recovery should be a trip to the clinic, but rather to the therapist.

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The doctor should first appoint all the necessary tests and examinations. And based on the test results, if necessary, to send to the appropriate specialist for further treatment, or to begin to cure the underlying disease.

In this case, treatment should be aimed not only at «freedom» from the underlying disease, but also to support and reconstruction of the bone tissue.

It is therefore recommended to restore proper metabolism and appropriate food bones in the body. It is necessary to adjust the process of eating and be sure to follow a diet.

But don’t minimize the food, and just reduce the portions. It is not recommended to abandon the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, how they affect optimal metabolism.

It is advisable to purchase various supplements, which are based on bone, cartilage protectors, and of course, vitamins.

In the treatment process is not necessary to overload the musculoskeletal system to various physical loads. He’s weakened.

Health depends on the person, so you should not ignore regular medical examinations, because the disease easier to kill early on.