What special osteoma tumor of bone: causes, types and treatment

Osteoma: in some cases, you can avoid surgical treatment?

The concept of bone cancer brings together all types of human tumors, affecting the bones of the skeleton.

Here there are several varieties of benign growths, which can subsequently their development to move on to the malignant stage, and also malignant tumors that required immediate removal and long-term treatment.

Among all benign tumors most common osteoma.

The concept and statistics

Osteoma is a benign tumor which often affects children and young people aged up to 20 years.

Presents disease rarely goes into a malignant form. Consists of bone cells. Characterized by a slow progress, not result in the formation of metastases or growth into the surrounding soft tissue and organs.

Manifestation of the tumor for a long time may show no signs of existence. The exception may be intracranial growths that are in the process of growth and development compress the brain, which leads to strong headaches.

Localization in other parts of the body leads to cosmetic defects and the treatment of the patient to the doctor.

Causes and risk factors

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In half of the cases osteoma occurs in children due to genetic «transmission».

If the parents of the child suffering from such a disease, they must take measures to prevent the occurrence of tumor in their child.

Due to the slow formation and development of tumors experts recommend a checkup every year.

In addition to genetic predisposition, there are the following causes of disease are presented:

  • congenital predisposition – the newborn may have a superficial bone formation;
  • the presence of any diagnosed diseases of connective tissues, for example, rheumatic manifestations;
  • diagnosed with gout, which has causes a violation of metabolic processes;
  • a person with an infectious disease;
  • the trauma bones.

Potential patients should be careful if they had a diagnosis of the problem described above.

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Possible localization of education

In most cases, revealed a single education on the head.

Often diagnosed osteoma of the frontal bone – according to statistics, approximately 52% of diagnosed cases, 22% revealed tumors localized in the frontal sinus, namely in lattice maze.

In the maxillary sinuses osteomas are observed in 5% of cases. In other parts of the human body this type of tumor is extremely rare, and account for a large fraction of the tumor localization within the skull.

Also, experts give the following statistics according to the tumor on her forehead manifest in men in 2 times more often than women.

At the same time, osteoma of the nasal sinuses is diagnosed 3 times more often in women than men concerned.

What types of tumors are?

Osteoma is divided into three types:

  1. Solid – is composed of dense concentric plates arranged parallel to the surface of the bone. Their density reaches the indicators ivory.
  2. Spongy – composed of porous substances.
  3. Brainstorming is a big part of all of the substances that formed a knot is bone marrow.

Also revealed osteomas can be divided into two groups:

  1. Hyperplastic growths – are formed from bone tissue. In turn, allocate exostosis (growth on bone surface) and Anastasi (swelling inside the bone, which is «bursting» from the inside).
  2. Geterotsiklicheskie tumors formed in the tissues of the internal organs or muscles. Subsequently its development are localized in the joints of the muscles to the tendons.

Accurate and high-quality diagnostics will help to identify the tumor and to determine its form, which significantly affects further treatment.

Knowing the symptoms is the key to successful treatment

Osteomas in the initial stages do not cause pain, so often the patient pays attention to small bump seal on the forehead or on another part of the body, which is characterized by Napoletano palpation, but it’s pretty hard density.

Geterotsiklicheskie tumors cause pain, more similar to the symptoms of diseases of the internal organs.

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If the tumor has origin in the muscles, you feel pain, which often is due to a simple physical exercise.

In the case of locating education within the skull, a man can suffer:

  • headaches;
  • seizures or epilepsy, which had not previously been diagnosed;
  • absent-mindedness, memory impairment with short-term loss.

Localization of education of the sinuses leads to shortness of breath that leads man to the clinic for examination.


The tumor is diagnosed by external examination the doctor palpated.

The confirmation must be presented in the form of the passed x-ray examination.

In the picture the doctor will be able to see distinct manifestations of the tumor.

Additional methods are often used for diagnosis:

  • computer tomography allows to accurately determine the size and location of the cancer;
  • radioisotope scanning of the skeleton to determine the type of education;
  • MRI is often used instead of x-ray examination, if there is heteroplastic neoplasm.

After all the tests the doctor can accurately determine the nature of the tumor. For successful treatment it is necessary to know its further development in dynamics.

To treat or not to treat — that is the question

Treatment of the osteoma does not necessarily mean removing it.

In case the tumor was located in «inaccessible» place, doctors decided not to touch the patient and just observe his condition and future behavior of a damper.

Here is considered the aspect as increased education and possible harm to the body and the General human condition.

For surgery come only if you have additional problems. If such features are not observed, the patient may to the end of life to live with an osteoma and feel satisfactory.

Contact doctor annually for checkups and also at deterioration, when it is noted:

  • the patient began to feel pain with movement or palpation;
  • there is a violation of joint mobility;
  • the patient noted the presence of inflammation in the affected location.
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In such cases, the oncologists decided to remove the tumor, wherever it was.

Because these signs often indicate malignancy of the tumor.

When the tumor on the external surface of the bone, its removal is a cosmetic implication, because the growth can be of significant dimensions, and to disfigure a person’s appearance.

The only treatment is surgical removal of the tumor.

Along with the growth removes a portion of the affected bone, resulting in sometimes requires additional prosthetics by «pinning» of the implant.

The forecast is favorable

With timely removal of the tumor and a partial resection of the periosteum and bone, the prognosis is more than good. In such cases, relapses rarely occur that affect the positive treatment.

Removal of a tumor on the face and other visible areas do not lead to a cosmetic defect. A small scar is the only reminder of the surgery.

The necessary measures of prevention

As for prevention, it is especially attentive to yourself, there should be people falling in the risk group.

If your loved ones suffer illness presented, go through a regular examination to detect tumors, which for a long time will not submit signs of its existence in the human body. The same actions should be done by people who have already had surgery to remove the osteoma.

Bone cancer is not a sentence. Osteoma – a benign tumor initially. If you are attentive to their health favorable outcome is quite likely.