What to do and how to treat low back pain during pregnancy: features

Features of osteochondrosis in pregnancy: the risks for the woman?

Carrying a child is a serious stress for the whole organism, so in this period of acute diseases.

One of the common problems pregnant women is low back pain.

He complicates this period and gives a huge amount of discomfort.

Briefly about the disease

This term is commonly understood pathology, in which articular cartilage loses its characteristics and lose their elasticity.

Furthermore, the reduced volume of spinal fluid, which leads to thinning and erasing disks. In the result, infringed the nerve endings, which provokes pain in the spine.

As the deformed intervertebral discs compress the blood vessels in the affected area blood circulation. Attacks of pain greatly impair the condition of the pregnant woman.

Pregnancy as a risk factor

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During pregnancy low back pain diagnosed often enough.

There are the following causes of degenerative disc disease during pregnancy:

  • the increased load on the spine due to increased weight and gestation of the child;
  • the disturbance of hormonal balance;
  • increased physical activity, lifting heavy objects;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • flat feet;
  • posture;
  • lack of active lifestyle;
  • the presence of pathology before pregnancy.

The manifestation of the disease

Pain during pregnancy is tolerated much worse than in the rest of the time. This can be explained by the common voltage of the nervous system.

So, for osteochondrosis characteristic such manifestations:

  • aching pain in the back, increasing during sudden movements or physical exertion;
  • a feeling of numbness and pains in hands and feet;
  • cramps muscle tissue;
  • limitation of physical activity;
  • decreased reflexes and loss of sensation in the affected area.

The nature of the symptoms is important is the impact of localization of pathological changes in pregnancy.

  1. Cervical osteochondrosis appears painful sensations in the arms and shoulders. In addition, this state is characterized by severe headaches. Sometimes there is a noise in the head, dizziness, colored spots before my eyes.
  2. Lumbosacral osteochondrosis accompanied by pain in the legs and sacrum. You may also receive muscle cramps, spasms of the legs, problems with sweating, burning sensation in the lower extremities.
  3. Thoracic osteochondrosis occurs very rarely and is characterized by pain in the center of the chest. Discomfort can be aggravated by walking. In addition, often there is tenderness of breath, peeling skin and brittle nails. Sometimes, pain in the heart on the background of pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
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Diagnostic methods

To make a correct diagnosis, the physician must conduct a clinical examination. Specialist can detect low back pain in pregnant women, focusing on the changes in physiological curves of the spine.

In this disease observed line asymmetry of the pelvis, the folds of the buttocks. In addition, the doctor be sure to evaluate the reflexes. Based on the study of history and visual inspection specialist prescribes treatment.

Common diagnostic studies like x-rays, CT or MRI is absolutely contraindicated while carrying the baby.

This is due to the negative influence of a magnetic field or radioactive radiation on fetal development.

Therapy disease

Treatment of degenerative disc disease during this period is quite difficult, because most of the drugs and treatments during pregnancy is contraindicated.

So take care of health recommended at the stage of pregnancy planning.

If low back pain is still there, you need to immediately consult a doctor.

Drug therapy can be confined to a small number of drugs. These include Traumeel and paracetamol.

These funds will help to eliminate the inflammatory process, swelling and pain.

In extreme cases, can be assigned to preparations containing sodium diclofenac. They can be used in the first and second trimesters after consultation with gynecologist, physician and neurologist.

Cervical — not so bad

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine can be treated with self-massage and compresses. Thanks to massage able to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate pain and remove fatigue.

For compresses can be used decoctions of medicinal plants – dandelion, parsley, burdock. This therapy can be applied in the initial stages of pregnancy.

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Typically, the compress is applied for 20 minutes. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, the neck is recommended to wrap it with a towel.

If the lumbar form of the disease massage and compresses contraindicated. Biologically active components of the broth, and high temperature adversely affect the baby.

How to treat osteochondrosis of the lumbar?

The only way to treat this kind of disease can be physiotherapy.

Through systematic exercises it is possible to establish circulation and restore mobility of the spine.

Such exercises are borrowed from yoga, and they do not require significant physical exertion. To do exercises is permitted no longer than 30-40 seconds.

During pregnancy particularly useful exercise, «fish», «cat» and «twisting»:

  1. To perform the first exercise you need to sit on my lap, then on the exhale, stand up and gently lean back. Lock in this position for a short time and return to the starting position.
  2. «Kitty» is arching my back, on all fours.
  3. «Twisting» is doing in the standing position. In this case, the body turn left and right, and the side-pull arm. Most importantly, perform all movements accurately and smoothly.

With the development of osteoarthritis during pregnancy all exercises should be done extremely carefully, otherwise there is a risk of the opposite effect, which will lead to increased pain.

Special bandages to help

The doctors also suggest in osteochondrosis for pregnant women to wear a special bandage. With the help of this device will significantly reduce the load on the spine.

In some cases, it is recommended to use orthopedic shoes. The involvement of a chiropractor is not always welcomed by doctors. However, some girls such procedures good help.

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Exacerbation of disease during pregnancy – what to do?

The main reason of aggravation of degenerative disc disease during pregnancy is increasing the load on the spine.

That’s why the main way of alleviating the condition of the expectant mother is the use of a special brace. This device allows to minimize the load on the spine.

In addition to the brace, can be used and other orthopedic products – corsets and special shoes. Equally important to regularly engage in physical therapy.

Preventive measures

From the beginning of pregnancy to do special activities that will help improve the condition of the spine and to reduce the consequences of high loads.

Doctors advise to follow these rules:

  • regular exercise, swimming and other feasible types of sports;
  • to use special devices such as brace or corset;
  • to control posture;
  • consume vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity;
  • regularly take breaks in sedentary work or prolonged stay on his feet;
  • to abandon shoes on high heels.

Low back pain is very common among expectant mothers, because in this period significantly increases the load on the spine.

To avoid negative health consequences and improve the condition of the mother, you need to do therapeutic exercises and wearing a special bandage.