Why back pain during pregnancy and should we be afraid?

Why back pain during pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy — the phenomenon is often not very pleasant, every mother-to-be so want to spend this important period of my life in the most elated with minimal physical manifestations of changes in the body.

But, by its very nature, pregnancy is accompanied by changes in a woman’s body that are necessary for a safe birth.

To avoid such unpleasant symptoms is unlikely, but to ease their plight, it is still possible.

Consult your doctor to learn the cause of back pain and reduce its symptoms.

The causes of back pain during pregnancy

Pain in the back can manifest as unpleasant aching, persistent constantly, and backache (strong enough and sharp pain). Regarding the localization of possible affected areas is also impossible to allocate delineated the affected area, the pain may occur in the lower back, sciatic nerve (crosses), the thoracic spine and in the area of the blades, right, left or bottom back.

Previous painless pregnancy does not guarantee that in a given period of back pain will not occur — each individual period, and with each pregnancy there are changes, and the severity of these symptoms is a clear trend towards increasing incidence of poverty.

However, a healthy lifestyle and exercise before pregnancy to minimize pain in the back, as «tempered» the body is easier to tolerate loads than the unprepared.

Why is there back pain during pregnancy

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Numerous studies on the problems moms, have proved that the most common causes of pain becomes the following:

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  • During the formation of the fetus shifting the center of gravity of the body, which increases the load on the lower back, contributing to its deflection, a deepening of the lordosis and unnatural position of the vertebrae of the lumbosacral.
  • Rapid weight gain in pregnant women increases the load on the musculoskeletal system, which in the short term not able to adapt to withstand the weight.
  • The increased activity of women, especially the standing standing position leads to an overload of the spine and lumbar. Supplements pain and bad posture.
  • Change hormones during pregnancy, namely the release of the hormone relaxin, softens the bone tissue of hip parts for a more gentle passage of the fetus during childbirth. The process may begin with 10 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The use of uncomfortable shoes, especially heels, is the additional strain musculoskeletal.

To prevent back pain, doctors recommend physical exercise to relax the back, a warm bath with herbs and oils, long rest, the use of a brace to support your back. In addition, in rare cases, the use of analgesic ointments, but before yourself, attempt getting rid of pain, you should consult with your doctor.

Pain in the later stages of pregnancy (37,38,39 and 40 week)

Even if the expectant mother has not experienced much discomfort in the first two trimester, the last weeks of pregnancy is always accompanied by pain.

Those women who had experienced pain in early pregnancy, during the last weeks the pain become sharper and longer.


  1. First, the aggravated pain associated with increased fruit size, resulting in stretched abdominal muscles weaken, which causes a compensatory increase in tension in the spine and back muscles.
  2. Secondly, the enlarged uterus in the last weeks of pregnancy the baby presses on the nerve endings in the lower back, especially pain felt in the supine position. To get rid of this pain is impossible — the longer, the more severe the pain becomes.
  3. Third, acute recurrent pain in the lumbar spine in the later stages may be caused such a phenomenon as «false contractions» Braxton Hicks contractions, which are not accompanied by any further symptoms. If the pregnancy less than 37 weeks and pain accompanied by the allocation, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as this may be a signal for a possible beginning of premature labor.
  4. Fourth, a genetic disease semisupine — softening of the bone tissue of the pubic bone, which could lead to bleeding in this polupodvizhnym joint. In this situation the pain occur in the lower back and lower groin area. In this case, it is assigned to inpatient treatment under constant supervision of a physician.
  5. Fifth, the cause of back pain and back may be different neurological diseases: disc herniation and sciatica lumbar. In this case, persistent severe pain can occur in early pregnancy, to alleviate the situation assigned to the use of soft bandage, physiotherapy and bed rest.
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Other causes of back pain during pregnancy

The above reasons of painful sensations in the back most often accompany pregnancy, however, the back may ache due to diseases that appeared before pregnancy.

In such cases, expectant mothers are assigned a personalized treatment based on the clinical presentation of disease.

  • Pancreatitis. In this case, inflammation of the pancreas accompanied by a sharp pain in podreberia zoster nature and the epigastric area. This disease in conjunction with pregnancy is a rare phenomenon.
  • Pyelonephritis — kidney disease in pregnancy is often accompanied by aching, in the case of renal colic pain be sharp. Strong enough pain can be reduced with the help of heating pads applied to the pain, at least with the help of painkillers ointments.
  • While kidney stones pain become intense and sharp. Additionally there is the clouding, or blood in the urine. For localization of pain symptoms prescribe addicting pain medication and antispasmodics under the supervision of a physician.

In the case of such diseases the doctor performs a full examination, a blood test, ultrasound, data on the state of the urine, and more.

In any case, every situation is different, how get rid of the pain will tell doctor after a full examination of the body.

To prevent back pain during pregnancy it is necessary to drive relevant activities with its first days.

Enough in early pregnancy to choose comfortable shoes to control the power, to perform complex gymnastic and relaxation treatments, not to overwork and to think in a positive way.