Why freeze your knees

Sometimes the doctors ask for help people who complain that they are constantly freezing my knees. The feeling of cold persists even in hot weather. It is worth noting that seeking medical advice in this case is justified. Of course, the reason may be negligible, but in some cases constantly merznuschy feet can signal the development in the body a very unpleasant problem. It is to prevent the consequences of such diseases and should visit a doctor to establish the diagnosis and start timely treatment.

Почему мерзнут колени

My knees can constantly freeze simply due to some specific organism. The knees and lower the amount of muscle mass is typically much smaller than throughout the body on average, so the warmth stored there worse. That is why only a small temperature drop to start feeling cold feet. Therefore, a need to determine exactly what is the cause of cold lap, and treatment can start only after that. An experienced doctor will carefully examine all conditions, and only if satisfied to a pathological cause of the phenomenon and the presence of the disease will begin the treatment.

The main reasons

If a person start to freeze your knees, then just don’t pay attention to it is not worth it. Because this condition can be caused by certain diseases, the progression which will undoubtedly cause significant harm. Most often hundreds of feet indicate the possibility of the presence of such diseases.

  • Dystonia. The development of this disease leads to the deterioration of the tone regulation of blood vessels and some internal organs, resulting in a noticeable reduction of supply the legs with blood, which causes a sensation of cold.
  • Hypotension. Low pressure leads to slowing of blood flow, that’s why hypotensive often cold.
  • Hypothyroidism. The affected thyroid gland starts to malfunction, resulting in a slowdown of virtually all processes within the body. Thus there is a constant feeling tired and cold.Почему мерзнут колени
  • Thin people with narrow thorax often feel the sensation of hundreds of knees. This is due to the fact that astenikov the size of the heart less than other people, and it is unable to provide adequate blood supply throughout the body.
  • Iron deficiency anemia leads to hypoxia, which does not allow full saturation of tissues with oxygen. The result of a deficiency of oxygen and is feeling cold in the extremities.
  • My knees are often cold due to reduced vascular tone, which is caused by toxins secreted by the parasites residing in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Osteochondrosis clamped nerve endings at the same time some of them may lead to the emergence of cold sensation in the legs.
  • Sometimes beta-blockers leads to the appearance in the peripheral vessels of spazmirovannah, which can cause a sensation of cold.
  • Vasospasm, accompanied by coldness of the extremities, can be caused by a banal Smoking.
  • Of course, lists only the most common causes of cold sensation in the knees. But even this small list of diseases should make us reflect.

    If you feet get cold, and this feeling appears regularly, it is recommended to be examined and, if necessary, begin treatment.

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    When you need to go to the doctor

    As a rule, the presence of certain diseases, causes disturbances in capillary blood supply, leading to feeling of coldness in the knees. Don’t delay, get tested at the doctor. This is important if you begin to feel the cold in my knees and have you ever been diagnosed with the following diseases.

    Cardiac pathology and vascular dystonia. Contribute to the deterioration of blood circulation, which leads to hundreds the knees. In addition, you experience these symptoms: shortness of breath, fatigue and swelling of the feet.
    Varicose disease or abnormality in the structure of the vessels. The development of these pathologies, in addition to cold sensation, accompanied by swelling of feet, varicose veins, formation of stars and the appearance of pain while walking.
    Thyroid disease and diabetes. They provoke a decrease in the sensitivity of limb injuries but increase the response to cooling.
    The thyroid problem. Usually cause slow pulse, arrhythmias, low body temperature and lead to a cold sensation in the knees. In addition, you can start to lose hair, and nails become more brittle.

    If any of the above symptoms in conjunction with hundreds of knees the doctor’s visit to be postponed is not recommended. Probably require the study of blood, ultrasound examination of the veins in the legs and lifting the other. Be sure to consider that a timely visit to the doctor could identify disease at the very beginning of its development and begin treatment.

    The earlier the disease, the easier that process goes.

    Are fighting with the problem of hundreds of knees

    If it is determined that your knees are freezing due to problems with the blood vessels, and is the most common cause, it is necessary to do to strengthen them. This initially did not have to do anything complicated, just will need to do the hardening. The hardening procedure consists in alternating hot and cold showers. Start hardening must down, for that first procedure is done in a basin with hot water, and on the second day after steaming the feet are placed in a basin of cold water. In subsequent hot and cold procedure should be used in one day alternately. After getting used to this foot baths you can move on to contrast the soul, contributing to the hardening of the whole body.

    In addition, the hardening of the body greatly contributes to the sauna or steam bath. There after the sauna you can plunge into the cool of the pool. There is no sensation of cold, but the blood vessels start to work much better.

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    In some cases, cold sensation in the knees is caused by reduced hemoglobin. This means that I will have to reconsider your diet. In the diet should appear the raisins and dried apricots, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, pumpkin porridge. Very good helps to relieve spasserovannye vessels fish.

    If you are constantly freeze your knees, it is recommended to avoid or minimize consumption of alcohol and coffee as these drinks provoke vasoconstriction. To quench thirst is tea and ginger that promote immunity and normalize blood circulation. If every morning, drink just one glass of this drink, many of the problems may simply disappear.

    Почему мерзнут колени

    Well, it is recommended to pay attention to your clothes. Best of all, once it gets colder, switch to wearing underwear. It will help to keep you warm in almost all weather conditions.

    Merznuschy knees are not the disease, but are often the consequence of dangerous diseases.

    So if after visiting the doctor you know that this disease you have, treatment is better not to postpone. Usually simultaneously with the diagnosis the doctor tells the patient and recommendations for treatment. Starting treatment, you should not abandon obtachivaya procedures.

    The advice of traditional medicine

    The problem is constantly hundreds of feet disturbs the elderly for a very long time, so healers have time to develop and test a variety of recipes that helps in resolving this issue. The most common, simple and inexpensive tips include the following.

  • Knees or other parts of the feet that are suffering from cold, it is recommended to apply an alcohol compress. It is best to carry out the procedure in the evening before bedtime. Once adopted, a hot shower, your knees should be thoroughly rubbed with alcohol (vodka), and then wrap a cloth or to wear pants. Comfortable state will not come later than five minutes after the procedure.
  • Extremely useful salt baths, which can be replaced by a simple salt baths for the feet. In hot water, you must add sea salt, ten drops of rosemary and about thirty grams of milk. This solution nourishes the skin with nutrients and helps to warm up the knees.
  • The simplest thing you can do for heating hundreds of feet, is to pour into my socks a little bit of ground spicy red pepper.
  • If the legs to lubricate the fat badger, after going outside it will help to keep warm. You can use the same fat nutria or mink.
  • Improved circulation in the legs contributes to good mussirovanie the spine with the use of tincture of roots of kirkazon lomonosovidny. To prepare the tincture for one bottle of eau de Cologne is three tablespoons of crushed roots. In addition to rubbing of the spine, the tincture can be rubbed legs from the shins to the feet. After that it is recommended to perform a few simple exercises consisting of flexion and extension legs. The combination of rubbing and exercise helps to improve blood flow and relieve the vasospasm.
  • It should be remembered that people’s recipes can help exceptionally in the early stages of the disease, and even then not always. The optimal solution would be the definition of causing freezing of the knees, obtaining a doctor’s recommendations and the combination of medical treatment with traditional medicine.

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    Prevention of sensations of cold in the knees

    If the person knows why can freeze your knees, you can try to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon. It is necessary to implement some preventive measures. And as often merznuschy knees are directly connected with the state of the vessels, and the preventive measures should be aimed at training vessel.

    First of all, you should start to take a contrast shower and sauna or steam bath. You can start to pour in the morning with cold water. Naturally, and not interfere with playing sports, and just an active lifestyle will help blood vessels to maintain elasticity. Women are recommended a visit to aerobics.

    Long been known that nicotine and alcohol adversely affects blood vessels, so stopping Smoking and limiting alcohol consumption will have beneficial effects on the body. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of coffee and drinks based on it.

    Proper diet is the Foundation of health. Used food can directly affect the health of blood vessels. It is recommended to eat more foods that contain iron and iodine. You should try to substitute regular sea salt. Very useful, especially in the winter, seafood and sea fish.

    Почему мерзнут колени

    The body must get plenty of fluids, to calculate which is very simple. One kilogram of body weight per day should consume about thirty grams of the liquid. This will help to optimize blood circulation.

    Keeping simple guidelines by dressing in accordance with the weather and acquiring comfortable shoes and clothes, it is possible to prevent the development of some vascular diseases and never encounter a problem with freezing feet.