Why gout king’s disease and how in the world kings

Почему подагра королевская болезнь и сколько в мире королей

The joint becomes inflamed due to the accumulation in it of salts of uric acid

Why is it that gout king’s disease? Even attributing you to the aristocratic class because of this disease is unlikely to give you the satisfaction. The pain of gout is so painful that even a real aristocrat, without hesitation, have parted with their class roots and joined the common people, if only these pains disappeared.

To save not always useful

How in the world kings or rulers? Judging by the amount of suffering from gout, you must be at least 10 million. But it’s hard to believe. But the statistics of the prevalence of this disease leaves no doubt. What provokes this disease is such a large number of people?

We are not born with the gout, and the majority of illnesses of a person occurs with the burden of the past. Many diseases are «cumulative» in nature. In our body are retained in various organs of the substance, a small amount which initially did not have a significant impact on livelihoods, but then, reaching a critical level, causing the disease.

Gout is a typical representative of such accumulation of harmful substances, namely of uric acid in the tissues and joints of the body. I should say that there are people, and they are many, with functional disorders of the body: for example, with increased formation of these urate compounds in kidney dysfunction, or both disorders simultaneously. In such cases gout develops more often.

The accumulation of uric acid compounds in the tissues or joint capsule to a certain level causes gout, which translated from Greek means «foot trap». If the disease is localized in the joints of the feet, in the chronic phase of development the person is in the restraint, — hence the name of the disease.

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Royal diet and its impact on health

Почему подагра королевская болезнь и сколько в мире королей

Disease suffer the rich people and royalty

Who came up with that gout — the disease of kings? Probably not the royalty. Besides, this disease did not suffer all the owners of the crown, and the first kings-guzzlers. In the old days, fatty meat foods, meats, alcohol and other delicacies in large quantities were possible only on the tables of dignitaries, hence the name of gout — «the Royal disease» or «disease of kings». The commoners have gout were found much less frequently.

Surprisingly, history has not preserved the mention of this disease among the reigning monarchs of the female sex. Perhaps the Queen hid the ugly thickening of the joints. But, most likely, the reason is that gout in women is much rarer than in men. It turns out that the female body processes conversion of uric acid there are several differently and not so often lead to the formation of gouty nodes (tophi). Only after the symptoms of menopause detected gout in women when levels of estrogen (female sex hormones) is significantly reduced. But tophi can be absent. Despite some great the symptoms of diseases in men and women, the treatment will be the same and may depend on individual characteristics of the sick.

Gout that affects the joints due to the poor conductivity of uric acid from the kidneys, occurring due to pathological disorders of metabolic processes in the body. As a result, the body’s uric acid are deposited the joints. It is a breakdown product of purines and the conversion of uric acid which appears in the blood during excessive use a person fatty food, alcohol, beer, chocolate, cocoa and other products. Therefore, to restore normal metabolism are very important the correct diet.

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The symptoms of gout

Почему подагра королевская болезнь и сколько в мире королей

Inflamed bone with swelling is a typical symptoms of an acute attack of the disease

Gout first appears in an acute form. Her symptoms are: aching pain in the joint, the appearance of swelling near the joint, redness of the skin around it and the local increase in temperature, and often chills. Touching the swollen joint to cause the sensation of acute and almost intolerable pain, which gives the table from the tissues of the joint uric acid crystals. All manifestations of the acute phase of gout.

It is symptomatic that the acute phase may pass sometimes without treatment, and after the patient has forgotten about the disease, suddenly arise again. With repeated inflammation they accumulate uric acid crystals and formed white nodules gouty — tophi. By themselves, they are painless, but evidence of the chronic phase of the disease.

Tophi gout is not the only manifestation of the disease, rather it is her last stage. Tophi can burst, they yield a whitish liquid, where you can see the whitish crystals. This means that now is the chronic phase of gout, which leads to deformation of joints and even loss of mobility.

The role of diet in treatment of disease

When manifestations of acute symptoms of the disease should immediately consult a doctor to undergo examination and receive appointment. In this disease in any case can not self-treatment. This often leads to disability of the patient with gout.

However, you can begin preventive treatment through diet, which excludes foods containing large amounts of purines. Purines — are important components of any cell. Some of them are formed in the body, but most of it comes from food. The body converts purines, and part of the decay is converted into uric acid, excess of which is excreted by the kidneys. If the kidneys can not cope with this task, it accumulates in the body and is converted into crystals, they cause painful symptoms.

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Does this mean that when the disease of gout should avoid consuming products containing large amounts of purines? Optional. For example, tea and coffee — record for the content of purines, but the purines contained in them is not broken down into uric acid. Therefore, the treatment of gout by diet is best to start with a professional nutritionist.

Ineffective is treatment of gout with medicines without dieting with a low content of purines or their maximum limit.