Why joints snap and what to do: causes, treatment, is it harmful to crack?

Why cracking joints is dangerous and harmful if it is and what to do?

No matter how strange, but joints can click at any age, like 7-year-old, and persons of advanced age, which in most cases shifts all the problems on their number is not small.

But it is not always age-related features can cause that the joints click and make other unusual sounds. Sometimes the manifestation of such symptoms may indicate serious disease that needs immediate treatment.

Causes of pathological joint sounds

Because of the reasons that can cause snapping in the joint is a huge number, in order to further understand each of them, they can be divided into subgroups.

Physiological factors

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The first group of reasons — the clicking that is considered normal physiological processes of the human body. Even healthy people are sometimes faced with a similar phenomenon. Nothing dangerous in this. Because of the fact that when the ligament is slightly stretched and collide with each other are sounds of a similar nature.

This group also attributed the accumulation of gases in the joint, weakening of ligaments, excessive exercise (especially in athletes), as well as, most importantly, maintaining a passive lifestyle.

You must understand that as excessive stress on the joints, and its absence can lead to irreversible negative consequences for human health. It is therefore very important to pay attention to all aspects.

Orthopedic causes

In this group are various pathological processes in the human body and diseases of the skeletal system, joints and ligaments. Cause clicking in the joint following diseases:

  1. Disease causing acute inflammation in the bones (e.g., arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis and tendinit). To ignore the disturbing symptoms of these diseases in any case not necessary, because late treatment can cause the development of irreversible complications, which can affect the health of the person.
  2. Disease leading to the degeneration processes (which include arthritis and osteoarthritis).
  3. One of the primary orthopedic reason why cracking of joints refers to excessive accumulation of salts on the surfaces of bone tissue. The consequence of this process is the development of gout and calcification. Improper treatment of these pathologies can lead to complete or partial loss of ability to perform any movement.
  4. The consequences of earlier traumas (sprain, fracture, sprain, bruise).
  5. Congenital pathological violation (this could include the development of dysplasia).
  6. Genetic predisposition.
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The longer the disease, the brighter and more intense becomes the pain in the affected joints. In such cases, the treatment is performed in a hospital under the strict supervision of medical personnel.

As evidenced by the clicks in different parts of the body

I’m sure many notice that clicking your joints can in various parts of the body, and sometimes suddenly begin to crackle all over her body and unfortunately, few people realize that in this way the human body tries to warn of possible danger (i.e., in the body at this point in time there are negative changes that need to be prevented urgently).

Clicks all over the body can be divided into the following zones:

  1. Unpleasant sounds that occur in the shoulder. The reason of clicking in this case becomes excessive physical and motor activity, which can develop hypermobility of the joint. Over time the ligaments weaken and appear quite painful clicks. To prevent complications it is important to follow a few simple rules of prevention of diseases of the joints.
  2. What if clicks in the hip joint. In that case, if the crunch is the result of the injury, then do not worry, because it will refer to the normal state in such a situation. But when no trauma has not previously been transferred, then such sounds can indicate the development of coxitis, osteoarthritis or degeneration of cartilage.
  3. Clicks the knee joint. Normal, unpleasant sounds in the joint should not occur. If they occur, it is direct evidence that human health, there are some difficulties. In order to prevent complications need to timely establish the cause of the crunch and proceed to its treatment.
  4. Crunch, localized in the joints of the hands. Many people believe that cracking knuckles is not harmful. However not always these sounds are harmless. If long-term ignore the manifested symptoms, the cartilage begins to gradually wear out, resulting in the development of osteoarthritis. To avoid this it is necessary to do regular hand massage and light exercises for the hand and fingers.
  5. Unpleasant sounds in the back. Like the clicking in most cases is the result of strong pressure on the joint, it is many times greater than usual resistance experienced by the muscles and ligaments. Usually this is considered normal. But when a click becomes a frequent occurrence, then this suggests that the muscles are too overused and overloaded, so not able to independently withstand a given load. Unpleasant sounds in the back can arise from infectious diseases, malnutrition, being in the same position of the body and excessive physical exertion. It is very important to be able to protect the spine from similar problems, because in the future it threatens with development of severe disease.
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About children private conversation

Quite often, parents may notice some unusual noises of the joints, as for infant toddler and older child. In this case, do not panic!

Phenomenon of this nature is among the usual, because most kids muscles and ligaments are still not strong enough and not fully developed, it is therefore sometimes the bones can pohrustet. Usually with age the clicking disappears on its own.

14-16 years the clicking is caused by the final formation of the musculoskeletal system of the child. Treatment in this case is not necessary, however, to once again play it safe, it is best to seek the advice of a specialist.

In order to strengthen bone tissue in children occurred faster, experts recommend to include in the diet of children with products that include a large number of calcium. These include dairy products (cheese, eggs, fish) and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Proper solution to the problem

To understand what to do in each case and how to treat the clicking in the joints, you first need to establish the cause that triggered the phenomenon.

To do this, the doctor will prescribe the passage of x-rays, ultrasound, and laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Only on the basis of the obtained results we can talk about further treatment.

In that case, if a specific cause of unpleasant sounds in the joints is not related to pathological processes, special treatment is not necessary. If there is an assumption about the development of arthrosis, arthritis or osteoarthritis, it is necessary to urgently proceed with medical treatment.

For the treatment of such diseases doctors use special substances, including Glucosamine and Chondroitin. The most effective preparation containing these compounds is Glucosamine Max.

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It allows to prevent the destruction of bone and cartilage, and also to prevent the development of diseases of bones, ligaments and joints.

The General methods of treatment of joints include the following:

  • the use of elastic bandages in the time of heavy physical loads during sports activities;
  • sessions of acupuncture, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis and paraffin applications;
  • the bathing sea salts, herbs and essential oils;
  • applying warming compresses or mustard;
  • the acceptance of fortified products and biologically active food additives.

Preventive measures

To preserve the health of the whole body and joints in particular is very important to follow the following simple rules:

  1. In sedentary work need to make breaks (you can briefly get up and do easy gymnastic exercises).
  2. In the case of weakening of ligaments to wear special braces or elastic bandages (but overdoing it is also not necessary).
  3. Avoid excessive physical activity (for athletes).
  4. It is very important to eat right. You need to include in your daily diet foods that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. The user should pay attention on protein food.
  5. It’s important to wear comfortable shoes.
  6. In cold weather it is necessary to avoid hypothermia, as it negatively affects the bone health.
  7. Helpful as well will be easy exercises. In the morning on its implementation can be given from 5 to 10 minutes. If possible, you can jog in the evening.
  8. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid a day, this will help replenish the synovial fluid in the joints, and to improve its composition.
  9. Proper combination of execution mode of physical activity and rest.

The clicking in the joints may be a normal physiological process, and indicate the development of severe pathology.

To eliminate the possibility of various diseases of bones, muscles and ligaments need for the manifestation of anxiety symptoms to promptly seek medical care.