Why pain in the joints of the fingers: causes and treatment large, middle and other fingers

What if the unbearable pain in the joints of the fingers

Pain in the joints of the fingers – a fairly common problem, especially in people older than 40 years who are faced with the wear and tear of the bones in connection with professional activities or illness.

But fingers can get sick and young people, especially athletes after injuries or overuse.

Joint disease leads to the weakening of the functional abilities of the fingers. As a result you can lose your job or to put an end to sports or any other professional career.

To restore health to the hands, need to know their anatomy, possible causes of pain and methods of treatment.

Anatomical literacy

On the hand has 5 fingers. Of these, 4 have 3 phalanges:

  • proximal;
  • medium;
  • distal.

And only the thumb consists of the proximal and distal phalanges.

They all have on their ends of the joint surface, in places which is joint with the other limbs.

Each phalanx consists of body – the middle part and the two ends of the joint surface, the proximal – distal long.

Depending on the reasons, hands can hurt all the fingers or the area 1 site. And the feeling spread not only to the joints but on the cloth: pads, bed under the nails.

To identify the specific cause is not easy

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Causes of diseases and factors why your fingers may be painful on the hands, a lot. Some of them:

  1. Raynaud’s Syndrome. The loss of body heat, stress or physical trauma can affect the sensitivity of the fingertips. This pain spreads to the whole hand.
  2. Panaris. Careless cutting of the cuticles to be entered in a wound infection, and pain can result in the development of panaritiums. The pain is normal, but when pressure is applied on the wound were sharp and felt in the district of fingertips nails and pads. The injured finger is red, swollen, sometimes in the region of the abscess pus accumulates. In rare cases, the felon causes the increase of body temperature.
  3. Osteoarthritis begins to develop the wear of the articular cartilage. Is manifested by pain and numbness in the thumb and middle finger, at least – the rest.
  4. Gouty arthritis. The pain in gouty arthritis is acute, sometimes unbearable, like the thrill of the burn. Covers all bones of the fingers. Accompanied by a local increase in temperature, inflammation, numbness of the skin.
  5. A dislocated finger. In dislocation sharp pain localized in the bulging of the joint. Sensations when you try to move an injured finger.
  6. Carpal tunnel syndrome is most often seen in night attacks. Hands swollen, slightly blue. Patient feel a burning, tingling pain. Especially hurts the finger when bent. Moreover, the pain felt in all fingers except the little finger. If your hands swell, at this point, they can go numb.
  7. Polycythemia. If you numb the tips of the fingers, perhaps in the blood increased number of white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells, which led to its viscosity and tight passage through the vessels.
  8. Of vascular disease. For vascular disease of blood circulation, which leads to painful sensations in the fingers. In addition, in the hands of a weakness, heaviness. The skin on the hands becomes pale, numb fingers.
  9. Psoriatic arthritis. A rare disease affecting all joints, most often one finger on the hand. Accompanied by inflammation and ache.
  10. Rheumatoid arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis inflammation occurs in joints that accompanied by swelling. The pain extends symmetrically on two hands felt when bending the fingers.
  11. When cervical injury – infringement of the nerve fibers the pain can give in the area of the entire hand, including 5 fingers. Experienced numbness of the left or right hand depending on the location of the injury.
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If sore big toe joint is osteoarthritis:

Features symptoms

For most of the diseases common symptoms manifested in the form of discomfort, unpleasant sensations in the joints of the hands.

Additionally can be: redness, swelling, tears, numbness, loss of sensation of the skin and even rarer – a partial or complete loss of functionality of the fingers.

Where to go, who to go…

Before you can identify the disease, the need of a visual diagnosis at the local therapist, who will identify the problem focus, will prescribe the tests that will be directed to a particular specialist:

  • a rheumatologist;
  • the traumatologist;
  • neurologist;
  • surgeon;
  • the hematologist.

If pain caused not as a result of the anguish and infection in the wound, additionally performed the ultrasonography or ultrasound examination.

First aid

In any case you cannot provide first aid to yourself. Any form of pain in the joints of the hands need to go to the therapist, and in the case of injury or dislocation of finger – to the traumatologist.

If the pain is unbearable and does not tolerate until you reach the doctor, you can take pain medication – Ibuprofen. Drinking more powerful tools is not recommended. If the doctor will need a local anesthetic or give you narcotic pain reduction of the joint, it may have no effect.

With the finger injury is relieve pain can apply ice, wrapped in several layers of tissue.

Treatment depending on the situation

Treatment depends on why the aching joints of the fingers:

  1. Gouty arthritis is treated with drugs and by using a special diet, which excludes primarily salt, in the second – all urinoterapii products. The treatment regimen prescribed by a doctor. It will depend on the stage of the disease.
  2. Treatment of the dislocation depends on the nature of the damage. Usually the doctor gives the patient to drink an anesthetic and additionally holds a local anesthesia. Reduce the joint, puts a plaster or splint for 20 days. If a dislocation with a fractured bone or torn ligaments to the treatment connects the surgeon.
  3. Syndrome carpal tunnel (aka the tunnel) in early diagnosis it is possible to stop without surgical intervention. On the night is the patch for fixing the wrist joint in a neutral position. In the pharmacies you can buy special physiological tires on the Velcro to avoid ligation and to save time. If possible, wear a blindfold or cuffs, in the afternoon – do not remove. To eliminate pain Nurofen or drink Nimesil. During treatment it is necessary to reduce the load on hands up to shift work. In case of severe pain, the doctor’s prescribing and punctures the injection of corticosteroids who personally enters directly into the carpal canal. Serious cases can not do without surgery.
  4. Treatment of psoriatic arthritis is non-steroidal drugs groups that you want to take six months. If the purpose of the scheme the doctor selects meds with least side effects: celebrex, Meloxicam, Nimesulide, Diclofenac, Voltaren. Besides medications, treatment may include intra-articular injections of corticosteroids. Treatment scheme and dosage are prescribed individually, depending on the complexity and tolerability of the drugs.
  5. Comprehensive treatment revmatoidnogo arthritis consists of basic and anti-inflammatory therapy, special diets, physical and mechanical effects, a physiotherapy method.
  6. If the aching joints as a side effect due to old injuries of the cervical, need to treat it. You can try to be like physiotherapy and massage to eliminate swelling and restore mobility of the involved joints. May again have to wear a neck brace, take pain medication, to undergo hormone therapy with injections in the trigger points. In more serious cases may require surgical intervention and hospital.
  7. Osteoarthritis, diseases of the blood vessels, Panaris, Policitemia, Raynaud’s Syndrome and other diseases are also treated on an individual scheme which registers competent doctor.
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Possible complications

Depending on the disease, if time does not provide treatment, you may experience the following complications:

  • constant unbearable pain is that every year will be stronger;
  • deformation of the fingers and hands;
  • loss of sensation of the skin;
  • numbness;
  • partial or complete loss of the fingers;
  • sores;
  • gangrene.

At worst the development of the disease it threatens to amputation of fingers or brushes.

And let hands do not hurt

Arm – the movable part of the body. It is impossible to write, to perform work and household tasks. Elementary fingerless difficult to eat, to go to the toilet, to wash, to close the door behind him.

The incapacitated person is unable himself to earn money for life, forced to fend young invalid pensions, to be a burden to other family members. Therefore, fingers and hands need to be protected from an early age, not to deprive yourself in the future fulfilling life.

As a preventive measure against various illnesses it is necessary to conduct joint exercises brushes. Stretch pads.

To strengthen the fingers and wrist by using bands. Classes are conducted daily or no less than 2 times a week for 2-5 minutes. This will help in the everyday terms safely carry heavy packages from store without serious injury, finger joints, which may eventually have an effect.

Hot baths and scrubbing in cosmetics have a beneficial effect not only on the skin but also the joints of the fingers. Increases blood flow to the tissues, warms the bones.

In the winter you need to be sure to wear warm gloves to avoid frostbite of the hands. All damage is to disinfect, to prevent the development of sepsis, gangrene and amputation of fingers.

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To improve the functioning of vessels can be included in the diet the b-vitamin PP — nicotinic acid.