Why sore knees: causes, treatment methods

Почему болят колени: причины, способы лечения

The device knee joint includes the menisci-shock absorbers

The knee is the largest joint in the entire human body. He quite often subjected to great physical exertion. The knee joint prone to injury and disease. Quite powerful leg muscles surrounding the knee joint, carry a lot of tension.

That is why the knee is predisposed to degenerative inflammatory processes and injuries. In this regard, the question arises: why knees hurt? It is especially important to know if the pain occurs suddenly. The correct diagnosis can establish a good doctor. But to have an idea about the structure of your body is elemental self-respect. It is important to know the structure of the knee joint and understand, which can lead to pain and how to avoid it.

The functionality provided by knee muscles, ligaments, cushioning layers of cartilage, and of course, bones. The spherical end of the bone called Misaki. This form creates the articulation of bones, in between is the meniscus is a special cartilage layer that allows to distribute the tension on the foot to increase the area of contact of the joints. The joints from friction protects synovial fluid. It is located in certain areas of the Bourse.

Causes of pain in the knees

Many people occasionally feel pain in my knees. Initially, this symptom does not cause considerable inconvenience. However, the disease gradually develops, as a daily overload, wear, and trauma continue to act on the joint. Knee issues are quite common reasons of referral to a specialist.

One of the reasons for pain in the knees can be age: in the elderly is more common in knee joints, it’s possible signs of developing osteoarthritis. Hurt the knees of people also cause damage to the blood vessels, hypothermia, various injuries. Age when such diseases may be different.

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Почему болят колени: причины, способы леченияSore knee, should not be delayed appeal to the specialist, he can accurately diagnose and identify why feet hurt. Such a specialist can be ortho or a rheumatologist, trauma surgeon or neurologist. The most common reason for a hospital to become trauma to the knees. From such injuries as a sprain of ligaments or tendons, torn meniscus, no one is immune. Only one awkward movement to happen displacement of the patella.

Other causes of pain may be degenerative changes, infections, excess weight, deposition of salts and chronic injuries of the extremities. Constant aching pain, accompanied by the crunch in the joint during movement, — the rate of wear of cartilage. Most often, the diagnosis of such symptoms is arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. Knee when this problem swells, becomes inflamed. The cause of suffering and pain, in some cases, be a cyst or a malignant tumor.

One of the reasons for painful conditions of the knee joint can be uncontrolled use of antibiotics.

It is worth mentioning eat, it can also be a cause of suffering. Sausages, which are stuffed with preservatives that enter the body of the person. That’s where the action continues introduced in food products. People with weak kidneys and excess weight are more prone to accumulation of excess fluid in the body. If the fluid accumulates in the knee joints, it deforms it.

Methods of treatment

Why aching joints, can determine the doctors. Therefore, a timely visit to a specialist is an important component for fast and correct elimination of the problem appeared. What not to take do not cause pain in the knees, so is self-treatment.

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A competent doctor must prescribe x-rays, and if necessary an ultrasound. Establish the diagnosis, will recommend medical or surgical treatment. If the problem is in the joint is slight, the specialist will suggest the use of traditional ways to eliminate the disease or homeopathic drugs action.

Почему болят колени: причины, способы леченияAny method of treatment is based on certain principles. You first need to relieve the pain. Then eliminating the inflammation, is under restoration on. To consolidate the treatment is important to remove the cause of the disease, improve the process of metabolism in the body.

If injuries, it is important not to affect the knee warm for at least two days. Avoid hot baths and saunas. After reducing the painful symptoms and reduce swelling you can use warm compresses and gentle exercise for the development of the joint.

Helps to reduce swelling ligation. It is important to perform. No need to bandage too tight, as the legs must follow.

Surgically pain eliminate indicated. Modern medicine can perform surgery with minimal tissue damage. The patient in such cases spends in the hospital no more than 3 days.

Having excess weight, it is necessary to decisively change the power mode. The extra pounds have had a negative impact on the entire body and gradually destroy your joints. As the prevention of disease perform massage, therapy. Do not lift without some training.