Wooden massager for back, ways of self-massage

Деревянный массажер для спины, способы самомассажа

Every day he exposes his body to certain tests. These include increased activity, excessive physical activity, overweight and even sedentary sit-down job. To reduce the burden that man gives back during the day, you must use a massager to the spine.

The spine performs many functions, and to maintain health, you need to regularly give it a rest. Handheld massager will help you relax, cope with stagnation in the muscles. There are various ways of self-massage, and there are different types of massagers that will allow you to relieve the load on the overworked backs.

Modern massagers

The massagers are used to improve circulation, relax muscles and relieve tension. With such devices it is possible to massage yourself, but it is better to ask a favor of someone from relatives. So you will be able to fully relax, and the effect will be much greater. Choosing a device for the spine, be sure to consult your doctor. He will be able to recommend the type of massager that you need.

Popularity today is purchased a wooden massager for your back. There are different models of similar products. This is usually fastened together with rotating rollers that have many protrusions across the surface. This model is called Melikovoy. You can still find tape hand held massager.

Wooden massagers are referred to mechanical. To use them, you need to exert your efforts. In this case, the massage of the spine will fully depend on the intensity, force and frequency of your movements. The effect of the procedure will entirely depend on the actions of a masseur. Mechanical massagers can be made not only of wood. For their production using plastic, silicone, metal.

Деревянный массажер для спины, способы самомассажа

Electrical devices for the spine work only from the network or from the charging of the batteries. They are divided into several types: manual, ultrasonic, pulsed, vibrating, cushion, chairs and more. Such devices are commonly used not only to strengthen health but also for returns of beauty and youth.

There is a universal electric massagers, and there are those meant only for certain parts of the body. For example, the product for neck massage. Such devices relax, heal, and restore organ function. Usually they have different massage programs and you can always choose the one that is needed at the moment. In addition, you can set the duration and intensity of the procedure.

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To acquire the ideal massager, try these tips.

  • Do not buy the first model that attracted attention.
  • Consult with a person who has long enjoyed the massager, or with the doctor.
  • Examine all the pros and cons of the chosen model.
  • Define for yourself what you want from the massager. Only then make your choice.

  • Wooden devices for massage

    The modern market of massagers offers the customers a wide range of devices to relieve tension and improve sleep. Massager for the back will relieve you of fatigue which have accumulated during the day, relax the muscles, enhance health. There are both universal mechanical tumblers and are designed for specific body parts.

    Деревянный массажер для спины, способы самомассажа

    There are wooden rollers, which have the form of a rolling pin. To use such a device for massage of the back is not very convenient, but to normalize the blood circulation stop device is perfect. Simply sit back, put a cushion under the legs and roll it with bare feet. Wooden hand massager for the back is attractive because it is made from environmentally friendly and durable material. Such devices are well function as a warming agent. Back massage is usually done cushions-wheelchair. The direction of movements can be vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

    Often people who spend most of their time sitting at the table, complaining about pain in the cervical and lumbar spine. To avoid this, you need to carry a small massager that you can use even at work. Such devices have long enough handle so that you can get to any part of the back. Massage should be performed until, until the skin begin to blush. It will be a signal that the blood circulation is restored, and the muscles warmed up.

    Wooden rollers-wheelchairs are divided into several types: with 1 or 2 bolsters with 1 or 2 handles. In models with 1 handle on the opposite side of the massager is a small ledge. They must be used in couples massage for finding sensitive points. When there is pressure on such a site, there is a dull pain.

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    If you regularly stretch these points, deposits of salt, which they have accumulated, will gradually be broken. Tissue will return to normal and the pain will be. Relief form the cushion affects all zones and presses on biologically important point. A massager for the back rotated around without undue effort.

    If you choose roller massager for waist with suction cups, get a plucked effect of massage.

    Electrical massage devices

    Almost all the spinal disorders can be cured through massage. The most effective for such purposes will be an electric massager for the back. The most convenient and popular model hand-held device. It has several nozzles that are designed for various types of massage, and gives you the opportunity to shift gears. Simply decide what effect you want to obtain from the procedure and enable the desired mode. Electrical apparatus for lower back is more effective than wood. Using it, you can’t accidentally overdo it with the pressing force and injured.

    Today you can purchase a vibrator that will meet any customer requirements. A very popular model is the massage cushion. It is great for those who spend a lot of time on the road and can’t often get up to stretch my legs. Enough to put a vibrating massager for back and enable the desired operation mode. This device not only reduces fatigue of the muscles of the lower back, improves blood circulation but has beneficial effects on posture.

    Деревянный массажер для спины, способы самомассажа

    If you want to buy a universal vibrating massager for whole body, consider the choice of massage chairs. This device is able to relax the body after a busy day, and physical exercise. You will get high quality effective full body massage. This electric massager has many modes and remote control.

    If you decide to purchase a vibrating massager, then pay attention to the following parameters.

  • The ability to adjust the strength of massage.
  • The size of the device. A small camera may not be very effective, and great will be constantly disturbed.
  • Features and functionality of the device. Determine what effect you would like to receive from this massage.
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    Methods of self-massage

    Lower back throughout the working day can withstand heavy loads. In order to relax the muscles in this area, use the special tool. No matter what you choose: vibrating massager, wooden hand, mechanical, or electric massager, it is important to make the correct massage. First of all, exposing the parts of the body that will undergo the procedure. Start manipulating with the hands, gradually climb higher to the shoulders and neck. Slide the massager on the muscles several times. From time to time with alternate hands. Now you are ready to manipulation in the neck and shoulder blades, and then down to the waist.

    It is advisable to ask someone to assist, because to do neck massage itself can be uncomfortable. Enough about 5-10 movements in the neck, so that the blood circulation is improved and the skin is red. At the same time try to push it hard enough but not too much.

    Now go to massage the spine and lower back. Perform horizontal and vertical movements, from time to time increasing the pressure. Linger for a few seconds on the problem areas. Use the ledge in order to find the concentration of salts, and a good massage these points.

    Be careful while doing massage in the lumbar region. Do not try to push very hard. For a more relaxing effect, use a belt, wooden massager.