Wrist joint: treatment and prevention of disease

Лучезапястный сустав: лечение и профилактика возникновения заболеванийIn the hands of the very complex and delicate part of the body, proper functioning of which is essential to comfortable human life. Various injuries and diseases of the hands most likely to occur in the area, including the wrist joint.

Particularly common injuries of this joint are among seamstresses, builders, athletes and those who work a lot at the computer. Usually the pain is aching, slight, but gradually increasing. Its manifestation, the nature and methods of treatment will depend on the disease that struck the wrist.

Causes of pain in the wrist

There are the following main reasons can hurt the wrist joint:

  • Acute injuries, which include fractures and dislocations. They arise either as a result of a strong blow to the hand or fall. Depending on the extent and strength of the injury these injuries can take like kind of obvious deformation, accompanied by strong sharp pain and minor discomfort and mild swelling.
  • Stretching and tearing of ligaments in the wrist area, which in most cases cause a sharp bending of the brush back. The injury is accompanied by swelling, limitation in motor activity, instability of the radial joint, and fairly intense pain.
  • Лучезапястный сустав: лечение и профилактика возникновения заболеванийSteroidic or tendit arising from the excess load on the wrist, repetitive stress, sudden movements and bends. A similar disease is particularly prevalent among athletes involved in tennis, Golf, rowing. Steroidit often occurs in people whose work has long been associated with engineering, agriculture, construction, mining, work on the computer. When rendite wrist joint symptoms begin to appear gradually, they will be exacerbated by the manifestation of physical activity, stress on the joint, or even change the weather and time of day. With the development of the disease pain symptoms increases. In addition, steroidit accompanied by the crackling of tendons and limitation of motor function.
  • Tunnel syndrome, known as professional illness of people whose activity is closely connected with computer work. Cause tunnel syndrome acts as the regular load on the same muscle group that occur as a result of constant repetitive movements or prolonged awkward positions of the hand. The disease causes a pinched nerve in the wrist that can cause swelling of the tendons located near the nerve, or swelling. The symptoms of this disease are: constant pain and discomfort in the area of the damaged wrist, weakness and numbness of the hands.
  • Osteoarthritis is a fairly common cause of pain radiation of the joint, most often it provokes a fracture that couldn’t heal. Arthritis occurs because of aging changes or regular overloading. Osteoarthritis of the wrist joint can be identified by pain in the wrist during movement of the forearm, reduced mobility, crunch and unpleasant sensations that occur after pressing on the back surface in a region covering the lower radioulnar joint.
  • Pain in the wrist can be caused by the development of connective tissue diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis). But such illnesses are characterized by symptoms that affect not only the wrist joint, but knees, spine, ankle joints.
  • Disease of the connective tissue characterized by increased pain in the morning and almost none in the evening.

    Arthritis wrist joint

    Arthritis of the wrist joint may be a consequence of autoimmune disease and / or complication of an infectious disease. The symptoms that characterize arthritis are swelling, redness, heat at the injury site. When traffic or load on the wrist joint pain increases. In purulent arthritis symptoms are chills, a sharp rise in temperature.

    Arthritis is diagnosed based on anamnesis, biochemical analysis of blood and MRI results, allowing to identify the disease even in the initial stages. Treatment of arthritis is determined by a physician taking into account the stage of the disease and its causes. In the presence of acute form of the disease and exacerbation of chronic arthritis damaged joint immobilized, and then the patient is prescribed an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

    In the latter stages of the treatment are physical therapy and set of exercises therapeutic gymnastics and massage. In addition, people with a diagnosis of chronic arthritis of the wrist joint will have to constantly monitor the load on the wrist, to systematically perform a set of exercises and eat strictly in accordance with the special diet prescribed by your doctor.

    In the case of lesions of the radial joint purulent arthritis established drainage, eliminates pus from the joint cavity. The resulting liquid is sent for analysis to determine the cause of the disease, after which patients are prescribed an appropriate course of antibiotics.

    If arthritis of the wrist joint is severe or there are no results of conservative therapy, surgical treatment, which will reduce the intensity of pain and improve the mobility of the hand.

    Treatment for osteoarthritis

    Лучезапястный сустав: лечение и профилактика возникновения заболеваний

    In osteoarthritis the joint collapses and deforms the fingers

    To identify the patient’s osteoarthritis, the physician needs to collect the anamnesis and to examine the radioulnar and radiocarpal joint. Then assigned a blood test and x-ray examination for accurate diagnosis.

    In some cases, osteoarthritis of the wrist joint is confused with rheumatoid arthritis, because the symptoms of these diseases are quite similar. But some differences still exist, particularly in terms of pain symptoms. Arthritis characterized by pain when the joint is at rest, for example at night. Arthritic pains occur usually only with the direct load on the wrist or prolonged use of the hands. While osteoarthritis rarely observed tumors that accompany arthritis. The arthritis only affects one area, while arthritis triggers inflammation of several joints.

    To treat arthritis of the wrist joint can be conservative and surgical methods. Conservative therapy is a complex of various procedures, which may include:

    • the rate of chondroprotectors, saturating the cartilage of the joints with nutrients;
    • manual therapy that allows you to return the damaged limb mobility;
    • electrophoresis;
    • laser therapy;
    • massage with the use of anti-inflammatory ointments;
    • mud;
    • paraffin;
    • cold compresses;
    • the ozocerite therapy;
    • the power of radiation of the joint derivative of hyaluronic acid that are only assignable in complex cases.

    Conservative treatment involves the use of a fixing and protective devices for joints of the wrist, radioulnar joint and limit the load on the arm, which was damaged by osteoarthritis. Plays a significant role and a specialized diet, helps faster and more efficient to cure the osteoarthritis: it normalizes metabolism and strengthens the cartilage.

    Nutritionists recommend eating vegetables rich in b vitamins and low-fat fish, bread from wheat flour.

    In most cases, treatment is not difficult and gives high efficiency. However, when osteoarthritis takes a severe, deforming radioulnar or radiocarpal joint, and possibly surgical intervention.

    Help with styleite

    To identify steroidit quite difficult because of the lack of special manifestations that distinguish it from other lesions of the joints and tissues. Even when the survey found only some signs of inflammation of the tendons, therefore, to determine this disease needs properly conducted a differential diagnosis which includes the examination of the expert, ultrasound, x-ray imaging, echography, magnetic and computed tomography, and laboratory studies.

    Лучезапястный сустав: лечение и профилактика возникновения заболеваний

    Inflammation of the tendons of the hands causes a sharp pain in a patient

    The treatment of such diseases as steroidit, is accomplished through the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. During the course of therapy of damaged limbs is necessary to ensure peace and eliminate the load on the injured wrist. The patient is superimposed plaster splint or splint. If the wrist joint is injured steroidit, it is necessary several times a day, apply cool compresses. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

    Steroidit requires complex measures, therefore to help medicines can be used magnetic and laser therapy, electrophoresis, mud treatment, paraffin compresses, shock wave therapy. After the acute process subsides, the patient must complete a course of physical therapy consisting of exercises for stretching and strengthening muscles.

    If conservative treatment is ineffective and the patient is showing signs of rupture or severe deformation of the tendon if steroidit has a chronic, doctors perform surgery to remove damaged tissue. The recovery period after such intervention is usually about 3 months.

    Prevention of diseases

    To avoid most of the diseases that affect the wrist joint: osteoarthritis, arthritis, styleedit, tunnel syndrome — can help with regular preventive measures. They will not take a lot of time and effort, but will save from the pain and costs time and money for treatment. This is especially true for people at risk. Experts advise to do the following:

  • Avoid sudden movements, to take things the whole brush and not just your fingers.
  • Not to lift heavy objects, good cargo to move in several techniques.
  • Working with vibrating tools wear specialized gloves that provide hand support and to apply pads that reduces the impact of vibration.
  • Doing work at the computer every hour to make breaks of 5-10 minutes to warm up hands and fingers.
  • Before training, always perform warm up muscles.
  • Doing sports, use the special preventive device for preventing injuries and sprains of the wrist.
  • The intensity and duration of physical activity to increase gradually.
  • When working at the computer to ensure the hand is the most comfortable and anatomically correct position.
  • Systematically perform a specialized set of exercises that strengthen the muscle groups of the wrist.
  • The appearance of discomfort or pain in the area of radiation of the joint you need to stop the physical load on the brush, or at least change the load type.
  • If you experience pain symptoms, not passing more than 2 days, or the regular repetition should contact the clinic. Procrastination and attempts at self-diagnosis and treatment is fraught with serious consequences, including complete loss of mobility of the brush.

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