Yoga: exercises for hip joints and helpful technique

Йога: упражнения для тазобедренных суставов, полезная методика

Many people nowadays suffer from diseases of the joints. To treat such diseases using methods of traditional or folk medicine. If you want to get rid of pain in the hip joints, this will help you yoga. Exercises for pelvic systematized in various techniques, they help to restore and strengthen health.

It is advisable to do regularly, carrying out a complex 1 time a day. Ensure that the classes did not bring you pain. Body structure and physical abilities of all people are different. Not worth it on the first lesson to perform perfectly all the exercises. Start small and gradually increase the load.

The benefits of gymnastics for the joints

Freedom of movement is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the human body. If the hip joints are limited in movement, it can affect the reproductive system. Therefore, if you encounter any problems with the joints, it is necessary to remember about exercises that will help to regain their mobility. You need to do yoga though, because inactivity can lead to stagnation of blood in the pelvic region. In turn, this can cause varicose veins, problems with the reproductive system and other diseases.

Causes of diseases of the hip joints can be different.

  • The lack of flexibility in the hips.
  • Minor physical exertion or complete lack thereof.
  • Incorrect position of the thigh bone.
  • Constant tension hamstrings.
  • Deformation of the lumbar spine.
  • Йога: упражнения для тазобедренных суставов, полезная методика

    To restore the elasticity and mobility of joints, you need to work on yourself. Exercises are taken from yoga practice and meditation, to help cope with pain and to prevent progression of the disease. Such exercises not only help to strengthen the pelvis, they will have a positive effect on bone tissue and ligaments. Practicing regularly, you will improve blood circulation, and it is a good prevention of certain diseases. The more often and thoroughly you will work on yourself, the more lubrication will make your joints.

    Through yoga, the pelvis will expand, which will allow the necessary elements to act in an increased interarticular space. Due to this, injured or diseased cartilage will start to recover. Healthy cartilage, the bones will move more smoothly. All this will help to combat the development of various diseases of the joints.

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    Exercises for beginners

    Yoga is a beneficial practice for the treatment of all diseases of the joints. The more flexible you are, the less chance of developing arthrosis, arthritis etc. Basic package includes 2 exercises to be performed daily. It is advisable to warm up in the morning and evening.

    To perform the first exercise, get down on all fours. Tilt your head down and make sure that your back was smooth. Stomach muscles it is advisable to pull up. Your legs should be at an angle of 90 degrees. Lift your right foot off the floor and make a circular motion in one direction due to the hip joint. The leg should remain bent at a right angle. Follow these 5 spins inside and 5 outside. Then return to starting position and do the exercise with the other leg.

    Йога: упражнения для тазобедренных суставов, полезная методика

    A Handbook for beginners

    Yoga is based on simple and intuitive manipulations. But for a person who is a long time in sports, and led a sedentary life, to perform this task will be difficult. In order to protect yourself, ask to your first watched. It will be good if the first 2-3 sessions you spend with a trainer.

    This exercise has a positive impact not only on the hip joints. Yoga strengthens all the internal organs, you purposefully eliminate the inflammatory process in the joints, and massaging the liver, stomach and gall bladder. For patients who are overweight, these exercises will bring enormous benefits. Appetite will decrease, and his stomach tightened.

    For the following exercises sit on the floor. Pull the foot forward, align the spine and pull the toes themselves. Hand print back and press your palms into the floor. Thus the head reach up. Bend your right knee and lift leg out to the side. The right foot should touch the left knee. If you can, lift your leg higher. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times first one, then the other leg.

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    In order to complicate the task, try to put the foot on the leg that rests on the floor. Then move your other leg to the other and stretch forward. This element must be completed using the muscles of the back or belly, but at the expense of the hip joints. The back must remain straight.

    Therapeutic yoga for health

    Йога: упражнения для тазобедренных суставов, полезная методика

    These exercises should be done after you have mastered the previous one and prepared your body to regular physical exercise. These elements of yoga focused on the development of flexibility of joints and elasticity of the tissues, strengthening your health. To execute such a complex with a coach.

    For the first job sit on the floor and straighten your back. The left leg bend at the knee and place the foot under the right hip. Then the right foot similarly, get under the left thigh. Print your hands behind your back and lean on them. Shift your weight fully on both palms. Try to slowly lift your pelvis up. Help yourself. To do this, pull your knees as hard as you can downwards, and the blades bring the chest forward. The rotten little spine, but do not throw back his head.

    Perform each exercise very carefully. As soon as you feel pain in the hip joints, slowly return to starting position. Next time don’t so much pull the knees down. The goal of yoga is to help, not hurt.

    Yoga not only helps stretch the muscles and joints and strengthen them. To perform another useful exercise, get down on the floor, open your knees and close your feet. Hand print back and shift all your weight on the palm. Relying on the knees, lift the pelvis as high up as possible. Make a circular motion in one and then in the other direction. Try not to touch the floor of the pelvis. Repeat this exercise 10 times in each direction. These movements will help you warm up and develop the joints.

    Yoga focuses not only on strengthening, but on opening the hip joints.

    In order to unveil them, sit on the floor and bring back the right hand. Rest fully in the palm. Try to keep the spine flat throughout the entire exercise. The right leg straighten in front of you and bend your left knee. Left hand, take the bent leg foot. Straightening the leg, and drag her entire body and viprasys. Bending the leg, lean back. You won’t fall on the floor because insure right hand. Repeat the exercise 5 times. Then change the leg and arm.