Yoga for back pain and spine: asanas

Йога при болях в спине и позвоночнике: асаныYoga for back pain used as one of the effective non-medicamental methods of treatment. Back problems are not uncommon among representatives of various professions. The condition of the spine – a direct indicator of the health and well-being. Yoga views the spine as one of the most important objects of influence for harmonisation of human life.

Only a healthy spine is able to make different physical exercises. As soon as they exceed a certain level, the first suffer back. Pain symptoms in the spine can be of different nature, most often back pain in the lower back. A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for the lower back not less than overload.

How useful yoga

Йога при болях в спине и позвоночнике: асаны

Complex for beginners is designed for progressive training flexibility of the spine

Long before the discoveries of modern medicine, various schools of yoga brought the axiom that, keeping a right back, man creates the preconditions for its long, filled with health and positive emotions of life. The asanas for the spine of a person engaged in yoga, is not just a complex exercise, and something more, when the desire for harmony of body and mind gives a new quality of health, strengthening, developing, healing back.

Yoga can change the body, if the man himself wants it. It affects the body, gently correcting the effects of stress and negative emotions, relaxing the spine and okolomatocnah space, removing the clips in the back. Each bit of asana is a path to recovery. But this road still have the right to pass.

Correctly selected asanas for the spine perform not only the role of the instrument governing the condition and preventive non-pharmacological means, which does not allow to avoid problems with the loin.

What to consider when starting the exercises

Anyone who decided to try yoga as a means of pain in the lower back must be aware of the following things. If you are performing a particular asana, the lower back starts to hurt dramatically, it is necessary to immediately stop the exercises and consult a doctor. If after exercising with back pain and deteriorating health, it is necessary to act similarly. When aggravated back pain doctors strongly forbid to practice yoga.

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Before you begin classes and start to practice, learn asanas that strengthen the spine, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. If a person has scoliosis, yoga exercises twisting of the spine will never fit him. Yoga is not usually recommended if the back is affected with hernia.

It is not recommended to learn the asanas themselves. Study exercises of yoga need to be carried out only in the presence and with the support of the instructor, and preferably experienced. Your yoga instructor should be informed that you have back pain and spine is functioning with some impairment.

What other recommendations should I consider? If possible, it is better to practice yoga in a group. Yoga poses to treat back and other ailments are not performing on a full stomach or just before meals.

In diseases of the back, special attention is given to proper nutrition. Perhaps, after initiation to the world of yoga there is a desire to change something in your diet. And it’s completely natural.

Yoga involves concentration and attention of the person to the fact that it has to perform. In yoga class need to listen to your back. To any change in the condition of the lower back it is important to pay attention to.

To avoid injury of the spine, about every single asana should consult with the instructor as there are yoga poses that pain in the back must not be performed.

Йога при болях в спине и позвоночнике: асаны Lower back can hurt not only due to irregularities in the spine, but also because a person experiences severe stress. Yoga classes can’t start with a nervous, anxious state. Harmonious, rendering the healing effect of the movement and breath of yoga is necessarily performed in a calm, peaceful mood. Just being in it, people can connect the internal resources of the body to normalize the condition of the spine and to treat back.

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First steps and recommendations for performing the exercises

Yoga is based on two, closely interrelated and intertwined components: spiritual practice and proper breathing. Breathing exercises are the basis of all the exercises, they are able to positively affect the lower back, to provide a therapeutic effect on all organs. Breathing exercises a beneficial effect on blood circulation, which is important, and in diseases of the spine.

Blood is actively saturated with oxygen, carries to the tissues the necessary nutrients. In the body, improves metabolic processes. This is connected with the lower back, because when breathing yoga exercises muscle tissue, joints, periarticular areas of the body recover faster.

From these classes, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Yoga and performing different exercises it is necessary to develop deep breathing, combined with the executed movements.
  • Exercises should be performed slowly and steadily, avoiding pain.
  • Required full concentration on the exercises.
  • Classes should be held regularly.
  • If you feel fatigue or pain, the lesson should cease immediately.
  • Йога при болях в спине и позвоночнике: асаныAs only a useful asana for the spine matched, no need to rush. Yoga and hurry are incompatible. To improve the condition of the spine, it is necessary to teach the body to breathe correctly. Yoga teaches people to breathe deeply and freely. Correctly performed exercises will have a soft, yet deep, relaxing effect. If we start from the assertion that all diseases of the spine originate from everyday stress and nerves, the practice of yoga aims the body to start the mechanisms to heal itself.

    All the asanas are divided by level of difficulty on the exercises designed to:

    • beginners;
    • having a medium level of training;
    • an experienced practitioner.

    Some of the asanas and regularity of classes

    For stretching back muscles and normalize the functioning of the spine yoga used asanas tadasana and tadasana Urdhva Hastasana that have a strengthening effect on the abdominal muscles and improves posture. Asana the Adho Uttanasana and much of Svanasana help to gradually stretch the muscle area. Baddha of Konasana is used to prevent sciatica and hernia.

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    Each pose is unique and is designed to perform multiple medical tasks. As Adho Mukha of Svanasana pull the lower back? It creates space in the sacral region of the spine, pulls the latest, building on the vertebrae in line. In parallel with these yoga asanas it is recommended to do exercises for muscle corset Salabhasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, for which you need support materials.

    Yoga is one of the ways of man to the knowledge of himself. As in any spiritual health practice, there are important self-discipline. To the normal functioning of the spine, need regular exercise dosed correctly.

    The ideal option is when yoga was practiced by man every day. However, given current realities, this is not always possible. Experts assure that if yoga and its exercises will be practiced by the patient once a week, it will have a significant effect.

    Yoga offers a gradual increase of stress on the body. The number of classes is adjusted to 3 times a week. Gradually yoga teaches the body to new positions and States. And then yoga can be practiced daily. But if you are tired or no energy to start exercising, it is better to them not to proceed.

    Flexibility to the body will not come immediately, as health. But those who set a goal, it will achieve.