Yoga for osteoarthritis of the knee: indications, exercises

Йога при артрозе коленного сустава: показания, упражненияYoga in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis knee, osteoarthritis of the hip joint is what will help to get rid of the disease. A variety of joint diseases can be defeated using the elements of Indian traditional medicine. Recently, hearing the word yoga, people skeptical smile. Today humanity begins to sink into the ancient philosophy, finding in it answers to many questions. The technique of Hatha yoga is gradually gaining importance.

Causes of osteoarthritis

As stated in yoga theory, the causes of joint diseases are accumulated by the body harmful substances, the AMA, which result from an imbalance of one of the three elements — Vata-dosha. This biological matter like mucus blocks the channels of vital energy.

Subsequently, the toxins get into all the intercellular spaces of the body and prevent normal work of organs and systems. The philosophy of yoga has ancient roots, but in spite of this, very accurately describes the signs and symptoms of arthritis, arthrosis of the knee. The treatment will be effective if the patient restore balance in the doshas.

This will stop the development of new AMA, will be getting rid of the old. Help arthritis knee joint, arthritis of the hip joint yoga and a special diet. It is based on vegetables (excludes cakes, sweets, dairy products, meat).

Knee arthritis often occurs with age. After about 40 years the patient begins to feel knee pain during squats. You receive crunch. The reasons behind these symptoms are the excessive deposition of salts and a low production of fluid necessary for the normal function of the limbs.

Knee osteoarthritis affects an individual in adulthood. 20% of people on the planet suffer from this disease.

Indications for practicing Hatha yoga

The secret philosophy of yoga is that a person can do it at any age. Leading doctors worldwide have recognized this treatment is one of the most effective. . Doctors believe treatment ecosaucer complex. To contact the clinic should immediately, upon detection of the slightest signs .

Yoga arthritis and arthrosis of the knee, offers a powerful way to get rid of the disease.

Performing certain exercises will help the patient to get rid of the unbearable pain. Smooth and easy exercises allow the patient to load the knees. To do the exercises sitting or lying down, which is very convenient. This excludes a variety of pain symptoms.

Йога при артрозе коленного сустава: показания, упражнения

Recommended several simple exercises for osteoarthritis of the knee and rheumatoid arthritis:

  • Stand straight, arms down, feet shoulder width apart. It should be possible to perform tilt forward and pulled the tips of the fingers to the toes. Knees do not bend, wrap my hands around them from behind and hold this position for 1-2 minutes.
  • Make the sitting position. Try to sit up, straightening the legs, and lean forward. The legs do not bend. Do the slopes for 2-3 minutes.
  • From the prone position rise a little, leaning on elbows and forearms. Slowly raise your legs and try to bend them, and then slowly straighten. Turn on your stomach and alternately bend the legs at the joints, preferably 40-50 times for each.
  • This complex with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis need to do it daily 3-4 times. The joints during exercise receive a certain load. Thus strengthening the muscles, and the patient cured.

    Rheumatoid arthritis and yoga

    Йога при артрозе коленного сустава: показания, упражненияIn the blood of patients have antibodies that destroy the body. There comes a disorder of the immune system. Damaged connective tissue does not allow the joints to function properly. Occurs rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms resemble as aches, like the flu. Fatigue, stiffness, cold feet and fingers, anemia, weight loss cause a person to seek help from professionals. Very often people out of indifference to yourself and your body start symptoms which leads to disability. Yoga exercises not only help to get rid of the excruciating pain, but will remove the reasons which originated the disease.

    The yoga instructor is advised to perform the following asanas:

    • cantalamessa (improves blood circulation, muscle flexibility, relieves pain);
    • trikonasana (aimed at the treatment of the shoulder girdle, neck, hip joints);
    • Virasana (restores muscles after prolonged exertion);
    • gomukhasana (treats large and small joints, stimulating the activity and promote mobility);
    • Vrikshasana (increases flexibility and endurance of the joints);
    • setubandhan (eliminates the pain in the shoulder joints);
    • Siddhasana (restores the synovial fluid in the hip joints);
    • natarajasana (posture, known as the «dance of God» are fully able to bring people out of depression, infuse it with energy).

    Very effective and complex Sukhasana, which is a simple variant of the Lotus posture. No need to take expensive drugs. While positive dynamics can increase the load.

    Performing exercises for 30 minutes each day, you can not only get rid of arthritis and other diseases.

    Asanas for osteoarthritis of the hip joint

    A disease such as osteoarthritis of the hip joint is dangerous because destroys and binds human movement during walking. This leads to loss of capacity, prolonged depression and even death. Miraculous effect on the joints of the pelvis have yoga exercises. This kind of diagnosis of the disease, because each asana will show the location of strong pain and eliminate it.

    Hatha yoga in osteoarthritis of the hip offers the following exercises:

  • Lying on his stomach, alternately lift right and left leg. Try to keep them 20-30 seconds. If the pain will not allow you to perform the asana, try to shake leg in different directions.
  • Lying on your back, raise your right foot and left hand bend in the knee. Alternate movements for a few seconds.
  • Sit on the Mat and straighten your legs. One leg bend at the knee and put it to one side so that the foot rested on the thigh of the other leg. Do the same with the other leg.
  • Continue to sit on the Mat, legs dissolve in hand as much as possible. Gradually bend down and touch finger-tips of feet.
  • Йога при артрозе коленного сустава: показания, упражненияDo the exercises for 20 minutes a day with a break of 10 minutes. Treatment of diseases of the joints should be comprehensive and include physical therapy, swimming and dieting. All methods require an individual approach and control specialist. Commissioned tests and x-rays will show the real picture of the disease.

    Only then can we decide whether to do yoga or not. Can completely destroy the joint, if you do burden uncontrolled or, conversely, to be afraid to do any exercise. The Golden middle.

    By practicing asanas, you will be able to normalize their condition. It will improve every year, and the body is completely freed from stress and begin to rejuvenate.

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