Yoga for scoliosis: effective asanas and exercises

Йога при сколиозе: эффективные асаны и упражнения

How effective is yoga for scoliosis? The question for today can be considered open, because the official medicine is not engaged in the study of this method of treatment. So just to be sure of its benefits or harm impossible.

To make a conclusion by examining the responses of those people who have already applied this technique in the treatment of scoliosis and can advise on the most effective asanas. You need to understand what constitutes scoliosis and yoga, is it possible to combine them and to consider popular asanas shown in the training video.

Basic concepts of yoga

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, requiring the use of a systematic complex treatment over a long period. In this disease one of the main components of treatment is physiotherapy. It was the introduction of the dosed physical activity allows patients with scoliosis in the early stages to completely get rid of the disease, if the disease is neglected — at least to improve health and to prevent disease progression.

Lately ill try to make the treatment of your contribution, in particular, using this Wellness methods like yoga. The majority of orthopedists-traumatologists can boast of experience in this field, so do not prescribe yoga for scoliosis. However, there are clinical data showing that yoga exercises are chosen taking into account individual peculiarities of the patient and of his disease, can contribute to the healing of scoliosis.

Йога при сколиозе: эффективные асаны и упражнения

Basic posture exercises for the back

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on improving the person both spiritually and physically. One of its main directions — Hatha yoga is a system of physical training of the body for the advanced level of meditation. The exercises in this direction are called asanas. Each exercise deliberately affects a certain part of the body, which makes them effective and useful for the treatment of various diseases.

Treatment yoga for scoliosis practice. Before you start training, it would be correct to consult with experts. Note that this curative method is recommended to use in the initial stages of the disease, since significant distortions yoga for the spine can give the opposite of the desired result.

Principles of treatment

Scoliosis of the last stage is the frontal displacement of the vertebral axis, the angle of curvature of which amounts to 25-50°.

Йога при сколиозе: эффективные асаны и упражнения

Cat pose helps back pain

Such strain, conventional medicine treats the operational ways: set design in metal, which allows the spine kept in correct position.

Yoga in Oriental medicine is considered an effective method for treating curvature of 3 degrees. The basis of this technique is the assumption of the existence in the human body in a number of energy centers related to the functioning of specific organs. Thus, scoliosis relaxation and other manipulations allow to achieve positive results.

The spinal canal is a powerful chakra in pathology which disrupted the work of many other anatomical structures of the body. There are certain practical principles of yoga if you have back problems.

  • Taking any position, one must do it correctly to all the anatomical structures were located symmetrically relative to the vertical axis of the torso and spine. Performing the asana standing, lower abdomen and buttocks should be drawn, and the chest to expand, while the head is held in a vertical position. You must always sit straight, with straight back and neck. At the beginning of the following video illustrates the basics of exercise.
  • Movement should be done smoothly and without stress, the muscles must be completely relaxed. Otherwise, they can create a resistance to the removal of which is necessary to carry out breathing exercises.
  • After the exercises, the spine must slowly pull along the vertical axis.

  • Which asanas are useful for the treatment of scoliosis

    If you answered positively to the question about whether to do yoga for scoliosis, you need to choose the right asanas and exercises. They should gently stretch the muscle and ligaments and thus to ensure gradual alignment of the curve. Consider a few examples of effective exercises (video — yoga).

  • Adopt the prone position and put your feet up on a chair, the knees should be at a distance so as not to create discomfort. Loosen the Phillips-plantar muscles and ligaments.
  • In scoliosis it is necessary to periodically give the body a little rest. In this case, respiratory treatments stomach. Slowly lift your abdomen up on the inhale and on the exhale, return it to its original position.
  • Cross-foot relaxation exercises will help reduce pain and respiratory — improve delivery of nutrients to the spine.
  • After a few lessons you can start stretching. For this exercise of item No. 1 makes it worse by raising the support leg from the chair and moves it to the side at the greatest possible angle.
  • In the lying position, pull legs in opposite directions, at the same time try to maximize stretch the body diagonally. This exercise can be performed on the abdomen.
  • Йога при сколиозе: эффективные асаны и упражнения

    The Position Of Sasangasana

    Correctly selected asanas for scoliosis — is the key to successful treatment. But classes should begin when the pain receded. Different asanas will not only help to get rid of the disease, but also to spend time.

    Scoliosis in the early stages can be treated on twisting asanas, but it should be noted that such technique in the later stages of the disease may contribute to its progression. Therefore it is better to choose a posture for yourself with a specialist. For example, in the schools of the East before studying Hatha yoga instructor analyzes the student and on this basis is a program of exercises and asanas.

    Basic Hatha postures for the spine in the standing position:

    • arrow;
    • mountain;
    • Crescent;
    • child;
    • cat;
    • zigzag pose.

    Hatha postures for the spine in the supine position:

    • snake;
    • Cobra;
    • locusts;
    • boat;
    • Superman.

    These and other asanas you can see on the video that was presented earlier.

    To summarize

    To yoga every patient comes your way: someone on the advice of friends, and someone — on their own, sometimes as the last method in the seemingly hopeless position. Classes help adults and children to cure the disease in its early stages, and the later — to improve health.

    Yoga for scoliosis requires careful application, every new exercise and posture must be introduced gradually, observing their condition, preventing the onset of pain. The first therapeutic classes should be with a coach who will be able to choose the most appropriate asanas (you can see them in this video).

    Like any physical activity, yoga can bring positive results, but only when chosen correctly, given the course of the disease, degree of curvature and presence or absence of disorders in the other organs.

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