Yoga in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: the effect of class

Low back pain is one of the most common diseases which affects people of all ages and on all continents. Mainly suffers from neck and thoracic spine. The causes of disease quite a lot.

Low back pain can be treated with medication method, manual therapy, electrical stimulation and therapeutic exercise. One way to forget about this disease is yoga in osteochondrosis of the cervical. A variety of exercises on the yoga system can significantly reduce pain and increase mobility of the neck.

Йога при остеохондрозе шейного отдела: эффект от занятия

Curvature of the spine causes nerve compression and severe pain

The causes of osteoarthritis

The emergence of degenerative disc disease may contribute to many causes.

  • A sedentary lifestyle. When the person moves a little, deteriorating metabolism, reduces the nutrition of the intervertebral cartilage, decreases muscle mass.
  • An improper diet. Habit there are many leads to extra weight. This leads to excessive load on the spine and the appearance of cervical degenerative disc disease. If the body does not come foods rich in calcium, it causes the weakening and destruction of bone and cartilage material.
  • Bad habits. Alcoholism, Smoking and drug use have a negative impact on the immune system and can significantly slow metabolism.
  • Injury. Strong blows to the head or neck can cause displacement of the vertebrae. An unnatural position of the intervertebral discs leads to their rapid wear and the occurrence of osteochondrosis.
  • Age. This is the main reason of occurrence of an osteochondrosis of cervical Department. The spine is a movable body. From the friction of the cartilage wear out and is pinched nerves.
  • Osteochondrosis is a disease of chronic. Cure it does not exist as deformed bones and cartilage in their original condition will not return. However, with the help of certain measures of treatment and prevention can significantly reduce the impact of this disease. Yoga for acute cervical degenerative disc disease is one such measure.

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    The benefits of yoga in osteochondrosis

    During exacerbation of osteochondrosis first need to remove the pain. To apply this medication relieves pain and inflammation. Manual exposure will allow tense muscles to relax and reduce pressure on the spine.

    When pain is resolved, you can switch to the basic treatment. It is to strengthen the muscles that are in the area of the spine, the return of their mobility and elasticity. Yoga for cervical degenerative disc disease will allow you to achieve this relatively easily, quickly and painlessly.

    This system perfected thousands of years. Yoga for chronic cervical degenerative disc disease not only strengthens muscles, but also has a positive effect on the entire body. Gymnastics according to the system of yoga is a complex of special exercises in which there are no sudden movements and the load increases gradually.

    Gymnastics in osteochondrosis of yoga allows you to achieve this effect:Йога при остеохондрозе шейного отдела: эффект от занятия

    • strengthen your back muscles, causing the spine is well supported;
    • increases the mobility of the spine, which prevents the displacement of its individual fragments under heavy loads;
    • improves blood circulation in the body and, therefore, the damaged area gets more nutrients;
    • the spine is stretched, resulting in decreased and pressure is removed the vertebrae cartilage and nerves;
    • adjusted and is in the correct position posture;
    • strengthened and become more elastic ligaments and tendons.

    Exercises on the yoga system have on the body’s full impact, including soothing, disappear anxiety and irritability, improve mood and sleep.

    Who can practice yoga

    Practice shows that to engage in this specific therapeutic exercises. Age restrictions do not exist here. This system is so designed that with the right approach, just not able to harm.

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    Constraint is the worsening of a chronic illness or high fever. You should not start exercising immediately after eating or drinking. Don’t need to do and when there is a strong feeling of hunger.

    However, the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease Indian gymnastics can be carried out only after inspection and consultation with a specialist. In each case prescribed certain exercises and number of repetitions. Complex gymnastics can be an integral part of the overall treatment.

    The first few sessions are conducted under the supervision of the attending physician or yoga instructor. This is necessary in order to show the correct execution of the exercises and taught the patient. You also need to assess pain when making movements. In case of severe pain, the exercise is changed to another. It is necessary to check the ability of the patient to perform exercises and to evaluate their effectiveness. Follow the doctor’s recommendations will help to stop the development and progression of the disease.

    Prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease

    To mitigate the negative effects on the body effects of spinal deformity, you need to follow a few rules. It’s a pretty simple recommendations:

  • Proper nutrition. When cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis chronic need to eat foods rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins. Thus it is necessary not to gain weight.
  • A healthy way of life. You must give up all bad habits. Immune system strengthening will make it easier and more efficient to fight against any disease.
  • Mobility and physical activity. When breast osteochondrosis useful exercises and exercise in the fresh air, Hiking and swimming.
  • Continuous monitoring of posture. Follow straight back position needs to constantly — while walking, standing and sitting. The purchase of an orthopedic mattress will ensure the correct position of the back and neck while relaxing.
  • Careful attitude to their own health. To avoid hypothermia, stay at the drafts and the rain. In the winter you need to wear clothes with fur collar wrap neck scarf.
  • By following simple to follow guidelines for healthy lifestyle, it is possible to feel good and not suffer from pain.