Yoga osteochondrosis and back pain

Yoga osteochondrosis is one of the most effective treatments for the disease. Modern medicine it is not perceived as a spiritual practice and as a kind of physiotherapy. Yoga osteochondrosis often helps those who are not able to get result using other methods of treatment.Йога при остеохондрозе и болях в пояснице

To engage in such physical practices useful in rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of the knee. Such exercise can relieve severe pain symptoms with the defeat of the hip joints. But you need to remember that yoga classes have contraindications. Yoga for pain, wearing intense, and in the process of exacerbation of osteochondrosis contraindicated. When the hip joints or your back stop hurting, you can start to exercise.

Beneficial effects of yoga

This practice is able to restore the function of tissues not only of the lumbosacral spine, but the entire back. In yoga, there is a special relationship to the affected organs and areas of the body. If back pain, the exercise should strengthen the muscles, joints, cartilage, minimally loading them. After class, the person gradually begins to feel better, pain attacks osteochondrosis weaken, back pain in the period of exacerbation of the disease already not such a protracted and strong.

Йога при остеохондрозе и болях в пояснице

Effective posture against back pain and neck

The regenerative processes affect not only the lumbar but also the entire body. However, you must remember that yoga in rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments is not the main, but auxiliary means. Classes do not exclude the admission of medicinal drugs, physiotherapy, surgery.

When back pain through yoga, you can strengthen the muscle muscle. Classes gradually reduce the degree of stress between the vertebrae. This strain is one of the causes of degenerative disc disease. Can and should be combined with yoga, massage, then the pain spreading across the lower back, will retreat faster. Through exercise you can improve blood circulation in the affected area. Osteochondrosis often there is a malfunction of the blood vessels located in the lower back. Yoga will help to overcome it. The elasticity and mobility of the ligaments — a special issue in osteochondrosis. As soon as it is lost, people in the movement feel pain in the lower back.

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You can do yoga to regain former mobility and elasticity of ligaments? Fans of the practice claim that Yes. Official medicine adheres to a slightly different perspective: yoga in osteochondrosis is able to return elasticity and mobility of the ligaments is only partial. The same applies to the correction of the spine osteochondrosis.

You must remember that yoga will return back and back to normal, if the right to distribute load. It really helps to adjust the spine in osteochondrosis, if the exercises are performed regularly.

Recommendations and contraindications

Yoga for pain — not only fitness training, but a way of life. These classes should be combined with proper nutrition. By doing exercises, you need to correctly adjust the load on the back, hips, legs. The first task of yoga is to raise the tone of the body, mobilizing its forces on the fight against disease.

The optimal set of exercises you can pick up for a person of almost any age. There is even yoga for kids, contribute to the strengthening of the lumbosacral correcting spin which is an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease and other ailments.

So after class there was some improvement, it is necessary to choose the right set of exercises, given the specificity of the disease. Yoga osteochondrosis it is necessary either outdoors or in a specially prepared and well-ventilated area. Fresh air is a sine qua non of effective lessons, which always include a set of breathing exercises. This practice operates smoothly, sparing, improvement comes gradually. When pain in the lower back of the human need for relaxation and rest.

Йога при остеохондрозе и болях в поясницеIt should be remembered that there are a number of contraindications for yoga. Before you begin any of the exercises, you should consult with your physician. For the treatment of osteoarthritis and other ailments of the body burden need to increase gradually.

Contraindications for yoga:

  • sharp pain in the lower back;
  • the postoperative period;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • chronic diseases of the respiratory system;
  • the presence of anomalies in the lumbar region.

If you start treatment of osteoarthritis with the help of yoga, ignoring contraindications, the consequences can be very sad.

Working correctly

Exercises are chosen depending on the type of degenerative disc disease. If the disease progresses in the lower back, the treatment will include a relaxing massage. You can combine yoga with acupuncture. During the procedure, a special needle have not only in the lower back and along the spine, but also on certain points of feet and hands.

There are also psychological guidelines for exercise. People experiencing lower back pain and impending immobility of the limbs. In this case, it is advisable to practice yoga independently and in a group.

Exercises can be aimed at improving only one area or to work in several directions. Most yoga poses represent the position of the body of animals, thus a number of asanas that are recommended in osteochondrosis, runs on all fours when the load on the spine is minimal. For example, cat pose involves tightening the pelvic floor muscles. This exercise has a beneficial effect on the hip joints. In parallel, you can perform an action aimed at strengthening eye muscles: people with breath looking at the tip of his nose.

The pose of the tiger restores the spine and function of the musculoskeletal system. First bend the right leg and pull your right knee up so that the toe was closer to the buttocks. Then this exercise is repeated for the left foot. Experts recommend at first to do yoga once a week, then gradually move on to lessons every 3 days, and then to the daily training.

Learning new postures and exercises are fairly long process. It must be done under the guidance of coach, coordinating new load type with your doctor.