Yoga therapy: a healthy spine, exercise for beginners

Yoga exercises from Eastern exotics become for many Russians into something almost everyday. Particularly active in the yoga asanas used to treat diseases of the back and musculoskeletal system. Yoga increase vitality of the body, improve the functioning of the muscles and joints, strengthen the immune system and restore the activity of the cardiovascular system.Йогатерапия: здоровый позвоночник, упражнения для начинающих

The phenomenon of yoga

Yoga therapy of the spine was one of the areas in the treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system. The body’s resistance inflammatory and destructive processes increases yogoterapiya of the spine, which begins not with exercises, but with the right relationship of man to himself.

The spine is a complex construction that includes the following elements:

  • the vertebrae that make up the skeleton of the spine;
  • ligaments for fixation of the vertebrae;
  • the articular apparatus providing mobility of all the vertebrae;
  • the muscles that surround the spine and affect it.

Capabilities of the human body is limitless — they only limit our consciousness. Something like this in modern language from Sanskrit can be translated one of the tenets of yoga. Yoga classes help people to discover their potential.

Yoga therapy is widely used in our days to struggle with various ailments. It is especially effective in treating various chronic diseases of the back and musculoskeletal system. Yoga therapy brings such amazing results that they surprise even the doctors. Psychologists explain the phenomenon is much simpler: yoga gives the person a chance to believe in themselves. She teaches us to understand that nothing is impossible, and this is the first step to victory over diseases of the back and spine, which yoga heals.

Complex biomechanical process

Йогатерапия: здоровый позвоночник, упражнения для начинающих The impact of yoga on human science calls complex biomechanical process. When a patient suffering from diseases of the spine, begins to practice yoga, it without any surgical intervention change three aspects of its neurophysiology. Let’s consider them in detail.

A healthy spine is an indicator of the human body. If this body is affected, the destructive changes may cover the whole body. Eastern therapy, acting on the physical plane, strengthens muscles and develops flexibility of the body. This is the first aspect of changes in neurophysiology.

The second of this therapy is the physiological aspect. According to yoga, the movement of blood is also very important for the health of the body. Therefore, the series of asanas are aimed at improving the circulation of blood. This therapy promotes better oxygenation of tissues and improve their functioning. All this is also reflected in the condition of the spine. The physiological aspect includes, in addition to improving blood circulation and restoring metabolism, regulation of the endocrine system, the normalization of enzymatic processes.

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The third aspect of neurophysiology, which was to reverse yoga is emotional. The state of the brain and cervical spine are closely interlinked. The malfunction of one affects the other and Vice versa. Using yoga, a person increases the potential of the brain, which constantly sends impulses to the spine. Yoga therapy involves a focus that not only increases mental alertness, but also causes an increase in blood levels of neurotransmitters.

Yoga therapy treats the physical human activity as a necessary way of dealing with any ailments. It opposes the yoga sedentary lifestyle, indicating that only physical activity, the human body is able to function properly.

Where to start yoga

Yoga for back in the first place is recommended for people who suffer from osteochondrosis and scoliosis. It is believed that in the early stages of these diseases more amenable to treatment. This is because the vertebrae have not yet made the final fixed unnatural position.

Йогатерапия: здоровый позвоночник, упражнения для начинающихIn some cases, patients are advised to start with the standing poses and gradually exercises for the spine to increase. This increases the flexibility of the joints. Yoga therapy struggle with bad backs begins with strengthening the muscles and joints of the lower spine. In a special complex includes exercises that eliminates disturbances in coordination, which entails low back pain.

The next step is the development of forward bends to strengthen and improve the functioning of the lumbosacral spine. The asanas of this complex is not only aimed at stretching the muscles of the back. They promote change to better the work of the ligaments and muscles of the lower extremities. And only in the third stage, patients begin to explore yoga postures in a sitting position.

Then yogoterapiya provides exercises on twisting of the spine. You must know that in the early stages of backbends is also not executed. Includes yoga and exercises to strengthen the front of the body, a condition which affects the functioning of the back. No less important in the alignment of posture of a person playing and inverted postures of yoga, intended primarily to improve the functioning of the endocrine glands.

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Yoga, like any other system on the strengthening of the spiritual and physical health, based on the rule about the attainment of science, from simple to complex. Yoga for beginners includes a few asanas, the development of which takes months. Doctors recommend to start a yoga practice with one lesson a week, then gradually move to three, two and only then do workout daily. You must remember that yoga is not denied by the official medicine, asanas and exercises do not rule out medication, physical therapy, physiotherapy.

What asanas will help to strengthen the spine

Йогатерапия: здоровый позвоночник, упражнения для начинающих

The basic package for health back

Yoga for beginners is at the first stage of small duration classes, most of which are breathing exercises. This approach is associated with what yoga believe that in the ambient space man poured the healing energy of prana. If it correctly send to the parts of the body, he will start the mechanisms of self-healing.

Official medicine the effectiveness of breathing exercises of yoga explains from his point of view. Proper breathing improves blood circulation, stimulates activity of the cardiovascular system, because yoga and reduces pain symptoms in diseases of the spine.

Yoga includes various asanas to strengthen the spine. Before you begin to study them it is necessary to consult with your doctor. To strengthen the cervical spine often recommend the exercise «the Rotation of the head of an eagle.»

This asana performed in sitting posture in Turkish. First, the head maximally rotated to the right. The shoulders and body do not make any movements. As soon as the head maximally rotated to the right, right hand is applied to the upper side of the chin and sharply tap on him 10 times. The same exercise for the cervical spine performed and on the left side. Back in the performance of asana should be smooth. The rules of yoga class indicate the need for continuously maintaining it in this position.

To restore the function of the cervical spine helps a complex of yoga is based on slow movements and postures including «the Raising of stone on the mountain» and «Seeing his shadow».

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The animals ‘ postures and their benefits

Science believes that problems with the spine in humans began with the moment he ceased to be a representative of the animal world, and yoga does not deny the proximity of people to animals. To strengthen back muscles yoga involves postures 12 sacred animals, including the cat position. It looks really reminiscent of stretching cats.

To bring order to the thoracic spine, do exercises for stretching the back in the supine position. The man lies on his back, bends knees and rolls back forward and backward. This yoga exercise should be done 5 times to stimulate the thoracic spine. Between every action aimed at strengthening the thoracic spine, should be no more than 30 seconds. Back during such yoga exercises should be as rounded.

In addition, doctors like yoga, it is recommended to perform a number of exercises to improve the functioning of the back in position on all fours. It is important to note that yoga is not only for the treatment of diseases of the thoracic spine. The impact of yoga is universal and is used to treat a variety of diseases of the back. Yoga offers to perform the exercises so that was not a one-time large load on the spine.

Between the yoga exercises and physical therapy there is a fundamental difference. Physical therapy is mainly aimed at improving the physical well-being, yoga is also on the strengthening of the spirit, which helps a person to learn control of his own body.